TCL’s new wireless soundbar gives Roku TVs better audio for $179.99

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If you request to elevate the audio acquisition for your 2nd impermanent bedroom’s Roku TV, TCL’s caller soundbar whitethorn beryllium the 1 for you. The Roku TV Wireless Soundbar (announced astatine CES 2021 arsenic the Alto R1) is TCL’s imaginativeness of a elemental and casual audio drop-in solution for $179.99 that lone works with Roku TVs but not immoderate different Roku streaming box.

As acold arsenic soundbars go, the portion is bare bones with nary HDMI oregon audio ports. TCL is saying this is by plan for a clutter-free amusement halfway wherever the lone cablegram you request to way is the powerfulness cablegram — each different functions are wireless utilizing Wi-Fi 802.11ac. A portion of the “Roku TV Ready” lineup of products the institution is putting out, this soundbar uses the existing Roku TV distant and lets you brace the soundbar wirelessly done the Roku TV setup menus.

Rear of the TCL Roku TV wireless soundbar with 1  powerfulness  port, a reset button, and nary  different   ports No ports means little cables, but besides little options. Image: TCL

In presumption of features, the Roku TV Wireless Soundbar is 2.0 transmission pumping retired what the institution calls “studio quality” audio with a max output of 120W. Multiple EQ settings are disposable successful the TV dependable settings menu, and the soundbar is susceptible of bundle updates. Expandability includes adding the Roku Wireless Subwoofer for 2.1 audio, but unfortunately, Roku’s own wireless speakers can’t travel to play. The soundbar besides has Bluetooth 5.0 to watercourse from smartphones and includes partition equine hardware for immoderate DIY frills.

TCL does merchantability different “Roku TV Ready” soundbars with subwoofers and HDMI, specified arsenic the Alto 6+ for $129.99, and those tin adjacent use the wireless talker acceptable for afloat situation sound. If you tin fig retired however to plug successful 1 HDMI cable, past this astir apt isn’t made for you. But if your TV setup is unusually complicated, oregon you conscionable privation to conscionable the bare minimum requirements for upgraded audio without taking other steps, this is simply a budget-friendly lucifer for your Roku TV set. Available present for $179.99 from Best Buy and Amazon.

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