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Beijing Winter Olympics IOC

US athletes heading to the Winter Olympics adjacent period successful Beijing person reportedly been told to leave their idiosyncratic phones behind amid information concerns. 

Team USA has encouraged Americans competing successful the games to alternatively instrumentality burner phones to forestall imaginable surveillance, according to a Friday study from The Wall Street Journal.

Team USA and the International Olympic Committee didn't instantly respond to a petition for comment.

The study comes aft the Biden medication successful December confirmed that no US officials volition be the 2022 Winter Olympics successful Beijing, staging a diplomatic boycott against China's quality rights violations.

"The Biden medication volition not nonstop immoderate diplomatic oregon authoritative practice to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, fixed the PRC's ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity successful Xinjiang and different quality rights abuses," property secretary Jen Psaki said during a property briefing successful December. "The athletes connected Team USA person our afloat support."

The Winter Olympic Games footwear disconnected connected Feb. 4 and see 7 caller sports similar monobob -- a women- lone bobsled competition.

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