Tears of the Kingdom’s latest update patches multiple duplication glitches

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Okay, fess up: I can’t person been the lone 1 to usage 1 of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s known duplication glitches to marque a full clump of diamonds for casual Rupees. It wasn’t hard to do! Unfortunately, the wealth good mightiness beryllium moving adust because, acknowledgment to the game’s new mentation 1.1.2 update, it appears that galore of the known duplication glitches person been patched out.

The spot notes don’t specifically spell this out:

Audio Bug Fixes

Fixed an contented wherever the dependable would play astatine an highly precocious measurement successful definite conditions.

Additional Fixes

Fixed an contented successful the main quest, “Camera Work successful the Depths”, wherever players could not advancement beyond a definite point. Downloading the update volition let players to proceed past that point.

Several issues person been addressed to amended the gameplay experience.

But erstwhile I updated my crippled and tried retired the glitch I had been utilizing — I’d jump, instrumentality retired my paraglider, spell to the intermission menu, clasp 5 of immoderate point I’d privation to duplicate, property Y and B astatine the aforesaid time, ticker my duped items autumn to the ground, scoop them up, and bash it each again — the glitch didn’t enactment anymore. Polygon reports that other glitches stopped moving arsenic well.

Sadly, this means I’m erstwhile much stuck mining for diamonds successful rocks similar a chump alternatively of magically duplicating them. But I’m not excessively fussed astir it; the crippled absolutely rules, adjacent without having 50 diamonds connected hand. And I person a hunch that immoderate intrepid players volition find much duplication glitches successful the aboriginal — players inactive person ways to dupe items in the years-old Breath of the Wild, aft all.

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