Tesla Corporate Data Allegedly Leaked by Former Employee

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May 26, 2023, 1:59 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

Hannah Stryker / Review Geek

A erstwhile work technician for Tesla has allegedly leaked 100GB of institution information to the German paper Handelsblatt. The information includes delicate idiosyncratic accusation astir Tesla employees, lawsuit data, complaints astir the company’s autonomous driving technology, and more.

Dubbed the “Tesla Files,” the monolithic leak was blamed connected a “disgruntled erstwhile employee” by institution lawyers who abused their presumption arsenic a work technician. Reuters reports that Tesla could look a good of up to 4% of its yearly income for failing to adequately support the information from customers, employees, and concern partners.

The 100GB of information contains much than 100,000 names of existent and erstwhile Tesla employees. Other accusation includes societal information numbers, backstage email addresses, telephone numbers, and adjacent salaries of employees. Tesla customers besides person thing to interest astir due to the fact that immoderate banking details were besides contained successful the leak.

Perhaps the astir embarrassing for Tesla is the disclosure of lawsuit complaints astir the company’s Full Self-Driving features. Handelsblatt reports that Tesla customers submitted much than 2,400 self-acceleration problems and 1,500 braking issues. The braking issues included 139 “unintentional exigency braking” reports and 383 “phantom stops” resulting from mendacious collision warnings. Handelsblatt’s header features the complaint, “My autopilot astir killed me” (translated from German).

When the work reached retired to Tesla for comment, the institution replied that the information beryllium deleted and “spoke of information theft,” according to a enactment from Handelsblatt editor-in-chief Sebastian Matthes arsenic reported by The Verge.

While the implicit communicative is down a paywall connected (and successful German) Handelsblatt’s website, determination is simply a precise elaborate roundup of everything successful the communicative successful the beneath Twitter thread.

🧵Big communicative successful 🇩🇪 Handelsblatt connected truthful called #Tesla files retired today

Leak of 100GB of interior #Tesla information to HB astatine the extremity of 2022. >23.000 files, partially backstage data

Tesla to instrumentality ineligible enactment & filed a notification w/ Dutch information extortion authorityhttps://t.co/rEVWR8gaX6 pic.twitter.com/GD88g2uBgP

— Berlinergy (@Berlinergy) May 25, 2023

Review Geek has reached retired to Tesla for comment.

Sources: Handelsblatt, The Verge, Reuters

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