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Now you tin get unrecorded views of weirdos trying to messiness with your car.

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Tesla has offered a Sentry mode -- aka its mentation of a dash cam -- for a portion now, and it's proven to beryllium beauteous fashionable with Tesla owners. More recently, the institution promised that owners would beryllium capable to get a unrecorded presumption of their vehicle's cameras successful Sentry Mode via the Tesla app, and now, according to a report Wednesday by Electrek, that's happening -- lone there's a catch.

There's ever a catch, right? In this case, this caller Sentry Mode Live Camera Access diagnostic is being offered arsenic portion of the Premium Connectivity package for a $10-per-month subscription fee. Premium Connectivity debuted backmost successful 2018 and gives entree to utile features similar unrecorded postulation view, outer presumption maps and euphony and video streaming. It besides provides entree to little utile things similar "Caraoke."

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The motorboat of Sentry Mode Live Camera Access comes arsenic portion of a bundle update to mentation 2021.36.8. Tesla says the video provender is secured via end-to-end encryption and that Tesla itself can't entree the footage.

As of publication, this diagnostic is lone disposable to iOS users of the Tesla app, but we powerfully fishy that you Android users won't beryllium near retired successful the acold for long.

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