Tesla will NOT be accepting DOGE.... that's the reality and to pretend that being able to buy some toys or a belt buckle (835 DOGE) in the Tesla Store is the same thing as actual adoption is disingenuous at best. True adoption = being able to buy a Model S or a Cybertruck using DOGE.

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So arsenic accustomed the DOGE satellite boys are ecstatic that Messiah Elon posted 1 of his pointless tweets... to denote that Telsa would efficaciously NOT beryllium accepting DOGE arsenic outgo for immoderate Tesla vehicles.

Here's what Tesla will beryllium accepting DOGE for:

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) volition judge meme-based cryptocurrency dogecoin arsenic outgo for its merchandise specified arsenic the "Giga Texas" loop buckle and mini models of electrical vehicles, Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said successful a tweet connected Friday.

In different words, you tin bargain a fewer Tesla toys and a loop buckle similar this 1 (835 DOGE):


DOGE had a predictable and humble 20% summation pursuing the non quality 'news', which astir apt enabled Elon to lighten his bags yet again.


To spot that this truly is becoming a joke, the EXACT SAME quality was reported connected the EXACT SAME DAY past period (14th December): https://www.reuters.com/markets/us/musk-says-tesla-will-accept-dogecoin-merchandise-2021-12-14/

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