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When Ford's engineers get to fto escaped connected an unregulated project, things happen. In 1971 Ford unveiled the SuperVan, which blended the chassis and midmounted 400-horsepower V8 motor with the assemblage of a first-generation Transit van, resulting successful silly looks and a apical velocity of 150 mph. It was followed successful 1984 by the SuperVan 2, which had a much customized fiberglass assemblage based connected the Mark 2 Transit face-lift placed connected apical of the monocoque and 582-hp V8 from the Cosworth C100 -- it deed 174 mph. Then determination was the SuperVan 3 successful 1994, featuring the looks of the second-gen Transit (called the Mark 3) and an absurd 641-hp Cosworth V8 shared with Formula 1 cars.

All 3 SuperVans person been paraded astir the UK and different countries arsenic fantabulous promotional tools for the Ford marque and its racing partners, but contempt 2 much generations of Transit van coming retired since then, determination hasn't been different SuperVan. Well, astatine slightest not until now, arsenic the marque unveiled the caller Ford Pro Electric SuperVan astatine the Goodwood Festival of Speed this week, and it's the craziest SuperVan yet.

The rear dorsal fin is insane.


As you mightiness expect from its name, the caller SuperVan has a afloat electrical powertrain and is loosely based connected the recently unveiled E-Transit Custom, making this the archetypal SuperVan to beryllium based connected 1 of Ford's smaller van offerings. The SuperVan has a 50-kilowatt-hour artillery battalion and 4 electrical motors, giving it all-wheel thrust and 1,973 horsepower. That's much than triple what the SuperVan 3 made, and it's astir 400 hp much than a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. Ford says the SuperVan tin deed 60 mph successful nether 2 seconds, and the artillery tin beryllium afloat recharged successful 45 minutes.

The caller SuperVan uses the floorplan from the accumulation E-Transit Custom combined with a customized alloy spaceframe and composite assemblage panels. It uses a treble wishbone suspension setup astatine each 4 corners, and the SuperVan has racing-spec subframes and brakes. There are 5 selectable thrust modes -- Drag, Drift, Rally, Road and Track -- and the regenerative brakes person 3 antithetic adjustable settings. The SuperVan adjacent has a "tire cleaning mode" that engages the brakes connected 1 axle portion spinning the other, resulting successful a immense burnout that helps to cleanable and lukewarm up the tires.

It adjacent has Bluetooth!


But possibly adjacent crazier than the SuperVan's show is however it looks. While it is recognizable arsenic a van, benignant of, the SuperVan has superwide fenders, immense aerial intakes, an aggravated rear spoiler and diffuser, caller wheels fitted with racing slicks and angular headlights connected by a lightbar. The astir striking plan constituent is the rear dorsal fin, which is created by what would beryllium the broadside model panels flowing inward, creating a V signifier wherever the bodywork meets the rear wing. But the rearmost pillar remains intact, which gives the SuperVan the astir absurd flying buttress effect I've ever seen, reminiscent of what's connected the Ford GT hypercar.

The interior is astir wholly stripped out, with a rotation cage filling the full cabin, FIA-spec bucket seats, a ample e-brake grip for casual drifting and a analyzable steering wheel. But the SuperVan has the aforesaid ample vertical touchscreen arsenic the Mustang Mach-E, which successful summation to performing regular infotainment functions tin power the SuperVan's powertrain and different show features. It tin besides instantly nonstop real-time telemetry information to squad members successful the pits, akin to however fleet managers tin show their accumulation vans. Best of all, the SuperVan inactive has cargo abstraction down the operator accessed done a broadside doorway with an electromagnetic release.

Ford debuted the SuperVan astatine the Goodwood Festival of Speed (check retired the video above, it's wild). The SuperVan is being driven passim the play by Romain Dumas, who successful summation to mounting records astatine Goodwood and Pikes Peak has won the 24 Hours of Nürburgring 4 times, competed successful the 24 Hours of Le Mans and adjacent won a people triumph astatine the Monte Carlo rally. Here's hoping that Ford volition proceed to showcase the SuperVan astatine events and connected tracks for years to come.

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