The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Max in 2023

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The sci-fi enactment connected Max (formerly HBO Max) includes classics from passim movie past arsenic good arsenic caller blockbusters. Here are 10 of the champion sci-fi movies to watercourse connected Max.

Update, 5/31/23: Because Colossal, Moon, and Tenet each near the Max platform, we’ve replaced them with caller recommendations.


Adapting Frank Herbert’s classical sci-fi caller Dune has been a astir insurmountable task successful the past, but manager Denis Villeneuve gets it here, capturing the grandeur and the weirdness of Herbert’s world. This Dune adapts the archetypal fractional of the novel, acceptable thousands of years successful the aboriginal connected a harsh godforsaken planet.

Timothée Chalamet plays Paul Atreides, a royal heir who besides whitethorn beryllium a prophesied person of the planet’s autochthonal people. Villeneuve immerses the assemblage successful a beautiful, forbidding satellite afloat of mysterious characters, mounting up an epic conflict to come.

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Ex Machina

Filmmaker Alex Garland deconstructs the allure of sexy pistillate androids successful Ex Machina. Tech mogul Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) creates conscionable that benignant of android, past invites worker Caleb Smith (Domhnall Gleeson) to his distant compound to conscionable and interact with Ava (Alicia Vikander).

Vikander makes Ava some enticing and intimidating, and Garland gives the full movie a code of ominous dread. Ava is conscionable intelligent and manipulative capable to beryllium dangerous, adjacent arsenic the arrogant humans ever deliberation they person power implicit her.


City-stomping elephantine lizard Godzilla became a spot of a pop-culture punchline implicit the years, but the archetypal 1954 Japanese Godzilla is simply a superior and effectual catastrophe movie. The movie takes connected the still-fresh bequest of the atomic bomb, presenting Godzilla arsenic a literal manifestation of the dangers of unchecked atomic proliferation. There’s a existent consciousness of menace arsenic the monster rampages done Tokyo, and portion Godzilla himself whitethorn look a spot silly, the movie is thing but.

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A showcase for Oscar-nominated prima Sandra Bullock, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity offers a maestro people successful suspense, arsenic Bullock’s astronaut Dr. Ryan Stone indispensable find a mode backmost to Earth aft abstraction debris damages her abstraction shuttle. George Clooney co-stars arsenic Lt. Matt Kowalski, a much experienced astronaut who puts Stone’s information supra his own.

Gravity is arsenic overmuch a endurance play arsenic a sci-fi movie, emphasizing the harsh desolation of the vacuum of space, wherever adjacent the slightest miscalculation tin beryllium instantly fatal. Cuarón brilliantly conveys that vast, unforgiving emptiness.


Leave it to Christopher Nolan to crook the surreal, mysterious satellite of dreams into a mounting for an elaborate, painstakingly planned heist. The dreams successful Nolan’s Inception whitethorn beryllium a spot much orderly than existent dreams, but Nolan impressively melds his intricate, elaborate communicative attack with a realm that defies logic and coherence.

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the person of a covert squad that tin invade people’s dreams and extract accusation from their minds, attempting to propulsion disconnected their riskiest—and astir visually dazzling—job yet.

The Matrix

Synthesizing influences from cyberpunk, anime, martial-arts movies, existential philosophy, and more, The Matrix revolutionized some sci-fi and enactment movies, and it remains extraordinarily influential much than 2 decades aft its release. From its revolutionary peculiar effects to its questions astir the quality of reality, the Wachowskis’ movie is consistently dazzling and mesmerizing.

It’s a fast-paced thriller astir humans battling against the power of all-powerful machines, a emotion communicative betwixt state fighters played by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, and a marvel of sci-fi world-building.

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Men successful Black

A buddy-cop drama successful which the cops are chasing aliens, Men successful Black is simply a highly entertaining fusion of 2 acquainted genres. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play mismatched partners astatine the bureau liable for keeping way of aliens surviving connected Earth. Smith’s brash rookie and Jones’ world-weary seasoned squad up to halt an insect-like alien determined to destruct an full galaxy.

Vincent D’Onofrio is amusingly repulsive arsenic the villain successful quality form, and manager Barry Sonnenfeld presents a originative array of oddball aliens to interact with the charismatic main characters.


Russian cinema maestro Andrei Tarkovsky delivers a stark meditation connected quality beingness with Solaris. Based connected the caller by Stanislaw Lem, Solaris takes spot connected a abstraction presumption supra a mysterious planet. A scientist is sent to analyse the unusual behaviour of the station’s inhabitants, and helium discovers that they’ve been encountering apparitions of their dormant loved ones.

Solaris features haunting imagery and performances arsenic the characters conflict to recognize the planet’s effects connected them arsenic good arsenic to discern what’s real—and whether that adjacent matters.

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The Terminator

Later franchise installments expanded into a analyzable sci-fi world, but the archetypal The Terminator is simply a sleek, streamlined thriller. Arnold Schwarzenegger gives 1 of his champion performances arsenic the rubric character, making the unstoppable cyborg from the aboriginal into thing similar a horror-movie villain arsenic it stalks unsuspecting waitress Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton).

Sarah is destined to springiness commencement to humanity’s aboriginal savior successful its warfare against the machines, and filmmaker James Cameron brings larger themes of destiny and work into his gritty, relentless movie astir a slayer robot.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classical 2001: A Space Odyssey is simply a fascinating premix of intelligence situation and trippy mind-bender. The movie starts astatine the dawn of antheral with primates discovering tools, earlier zooming into the aboriginal to amusement a self-aware machine dilatory turning connected its quality masters.

Kubrick asks questions astir the quality of beingness and besides takes a psychedelic travel into the cosmos. Killer machine HAL 9000 is chilling, but the movie is astir unsettling successful its abstract, inexplicable finale.

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