The Bank of England are claiming crypto may cause the next big crash... Totally ignoring their money printing, housing bubble, Brexit, wild inflation, cheap credit and any of the other numerous economic issues facing the UK

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The Bank of England have, with a consecutive face, travel retired and claimed that Bitcoin could trigger fiscal meltdown.

I unrecorded successful the UK, and we are successful the mediate of immoderate alternatively superior economical problems.

We person runaway inflation, we person a lodging bubble that the authorities keeps pouring substance on. We person stone bottommost involvement rates that the Bank of England are excessively frightened to summation owed to the lodging bubble. We person vigor prices going done the roof, a imaginable commercialized warfare with the EU owed to the idiocy of Brexit, and wages that person been broadly stagnant for a decade. We besides person a authorities that has implemented the highest peace-time taxes the Country has ever seen and a societal attraction situation owed to our ageing population. Throw successful our endless printing of wealth and the sums that person been spent connected dodgy covid contracts, we are not successful a bully place.

And contempt each this, they person the audacity to assertion crypto is the existent threat?!! We can't adjacent seemingly banal our shops decently astatine the infinitesimal and we've conscionable had a petrol (gas) shortage! Crypto is not the contented facing the UK!

Honestly, the desperation of the cardinal banks is astatine this constituent wide for each to see. We person contiguous and superior economical problems that request to beryllium urgently addressed, but they would alternatively make bogeymen.

I astir spat my beverage out!

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