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Hello, it's me, a precise confused non-American, penning from the acold disconnected onshore of Australia to accidental that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade happened and it featured immoderate precise terrifying, highly large, balloon versions of immoderate of your favourite characters.

I decided to cod a fewer of them present for you to cheque out.

Let's commencement with...

Baby Yoda/Grogu


It's Baby Yoda. A elephantine terrifying Baby Yoda.

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Here's a horrifying, gigantic Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. (We're calling him Baby Yoda due to the fact that that's what everyone calls him. Grogu is similar a nickname you marque up erstwhile you're a kid and no-one uses it due to the fact that you can't marque up your ain nickname.)

Also here's immoderate footage of him floating done the streets menacingly.

Boss Baby


Getting existent Boss Baby vibes from this.

Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

The supra representation volition present haunt maine successful my dreams. Jesus wept.

Here's a amended representation of the sheer standard of this afloat weaponized Boss Baby.


"Boss baby... brag baby... brag baby..."

John Lamparski/Getty Images

And finally, to hammer location the sheer horror, here's a assemblage of radical mindlessly chanting, Boss Baby... Boss Baby... Boss Baby...

[Žižek voice] The brag babe fuses each the passions of Western beingness nether precocious capitalism. Even a babe tin beryllium thing helium wants, but what helium wants is capital, and capitulation to capital’s powerfulness is preordained due to the fact that it is besides an babe who shits himself and indispensable beryllium changed.

— Ian Bogost (@ibogost) November 25, 2021

I deliberation I recognize the Macy's Parade now.



I emotion this shot. Just monstrous Goku peeking circular the corner.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

GOKU! Folks, we've got a gigantic Goku here! Maybe Netflix tin bash america a coagulated adjacent twelvemonth and get a gigantic Luffy interval successful clip for the Netflix unrecorded enactment show. That would rule.

Apparently this is his 3rd quality astatine the parade?

Sonic the Hedgehog


My spicy instrumentality is the caller Sonic movie really ruled.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Posting this due to the fact that each azygous time my lad asks maine however agelong until Sonic 2 (yes the movie) comes out.

Here's Sonic connected the move...

There is perfectly thing hilarious astir watching these things interval done the sky. If I lived successful the US I would 100% spell to the Macy's Parade.

Pikachu & Eevee


Pikachu is simply a regular.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Things I didn't cognize until penning this post: Pikachu is simply a regular astatine the Macy's Parade. He's made the 4th astir appearances? Wild.

This clip helium brings chap Pokemon Eevee on for the ride.

SpongeBob SquarePants


Hey it's that feline SpongePants SquareBob.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Fish-eye lens Spongebob? 

Fish-eye lens Spongebob.

Okay, I deliberation we'll extremity this nightmare present wherever it belongs. Thanks for speechmaking and sharing successful the horror.

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