The best MagSafe accessories you can buy for your iPhone or Android phone

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 Anker MagGo 622, 610, 623, and Moment (M) tripod mount

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Say what you privation astir Apple’s propensity for putting retired questionable proprietary standards, the institution intelligibly has a victor connected its hands with MagSafe. The convenient small magnetic ringing modular archetypal introduced with the iPhone 12 has spawned a assortment of fantabulous MagSafe accessories, and with a fewer tricks you don’t adjacent request the latest iPhones to usage them!

To assistance you abstracted the wheat from the chaff, we’ve picked retired the champion MagSafe accessories you tin bargain successful a assortment of categories. Whether you’re looking for a elemental wireless charger oregon a niche gaming device, we’ve got you covered. Not sold connected MagSafe yet? Here’s wherefore you should be.

Editor’s note: We’ll beryllium updating this database arsenic much MagSafe accessories deed the market.

Best MagSafe wireless charger: Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station

anker 637 magnetic charging station

Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station

Anker's eventual charging presumption is acceptable for your phone, headphones, and more. The 637 Magnetic Charging Station packs 3 AC outlets, 2 USB-A ports, and 2 USB-C ports with a MagGo wireless pad connected the front.


  • Lots of ports
  • 65W USB-C charger
  • Small and inconspicuous


  • Slow 7.5W wireless charging speed
  • Somewhat pricey

The astir evident (and arguably useful) MagSafe accessory you tin bargain is simply a magnetic charger, and the Anker 637 gets our apical pick. It not lone serves arsenic a susceptible MagSafe charger for your iPhone oregon Android phone, but it besides features 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, and 3 AC outlets connected the back. The ingenious plan hides each the messiness down the softball-sized device, truthful you tin plop it down connected your table without a messiness of cables everywhere. As an added bonus, there’s a built-in surge protector to forestall immoderate electrical harm to your devices.

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Looking for much MagSafe wireless chargers? We besides recommend:

Anker 613 wireless car   charger

Looking for a MagSafe wireless charger for your car? Look nary further than the Anker 613. It’s small, convenient, and has a flimsy glow to assistance you connect your telephone astatine nighttime time.

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Belkin MagSafe 3 successful  1 Wireless Charger

If you tin spend to walk a spot more, this Belkin MagSafe charger truly does it all. It has 3 chargers successful total: 1 for your phone, 1 for your Apple Watch, and 1 for your AirPods. Unlike astir options, it supports up to 15W of juice, though it whitethorn conflict to clasp dense cases.

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Best MagSafe portable battery: Anker 622 MagGo battery

Anker 622 MagSafe artillery  pack

Anker 622 MagGo artillery pack

5,000mAh of foodstuff and a convenient kickstand marque this the cleanable MagSafe accessory for conscionable astir anyone.


  • 5,000mAh battery
  • Kickstand
  • Thin and light


  • Stand won’t clasp larger phones
  • Uncomfortable to clasp portion charging

Need a small other foodstuff connected the go? Then this is the MagSafe accessory for you. It offers the aforesaid ease-of-use arsenic MagSafe wireless chargers, but without the plug. Our favourite is the Anker 622, which packs a hefty 5,000mAh artillery wrong a slim magnetic package. It besides features a foldable kickstand to prop up your telephone portion it’s charging. If you privation a much sturdy stand, the Anker 633 ditches the foldable kickstand successful favour of a fixed basal that’s susceptible of charging your wireless headphones astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic your phone/battery pack.

Looking for much MagSafe artillery accessories? We besides recommend:

Mophie Snap foodstuff  battalion  mini

Want a MagSafe artillery battalion with a spot much style? Mophie’s Snap+ lineup offers premium MagSafe backup powerfulness from 5,000mAh to 10,000mAh of juice. All models see an adhesive ringing for Android devices, and the 10,000mAh model besides doubles arsenic a tripod mount.

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Apple iPhone MagsSafe Battery Pack connected  phones

Apple’s first-party artillery battalion is inactive hugely convenient, but features a smaller artillery size and a higher terms constituent that marque it a somewhat little charismatic enactment for most.

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Best MagSafe grip: PopSockets PopGrip

MagSafe PopSockets PopGrip

PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip

Get the classical PopSockets plan with MagSafe compatibility for added convenience. Available successful a wide assortment of charismatic colorways.


  • Tried-and-true design
  • Great colour options
  • Replaceable tops


  • Not perfect for non-MagSafe devices
  • Top presumption cannot beryllium adjusted
  • Somewhat pricey

Popsocket grips person been astir for years now, and are present disposable arsenic a MagSafe accessory for adjacent much convenience. Although not recommended for non-MagSafe phones, they drawback rapidly and easy onto your phone, with tons of colour options and replaceable tops. There’s besides a wallet version with a pouch for 3 cards.

Looking for much MagSafe grip accessories? We besides recommend:

Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

Looking for thing with a slimmer profile? This elemental but charismatic grip from Anker is simply a large pick. It comes successful a assortment of colors, and is 1 of the astir affordable MagSafe accessories connected our list.

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STM MagLoop MagSafe digit  loop

Like beer? This MagSafe accessory is precise akin to the finger-loop enactment above, but with the summation of a kickstand and vessel opener. That said, there’s thing to halt the ringing from spinning connected your phone, truthful you won’t get rather arsenic overmuch grip arsenic different options.

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OhSnap Grip 2

In summation to being a large grip and kickstand, this peculiar enactment is besides an entryway into a wider ecosystem of MagSafe accessories. Even better, it works connected immoderate phones, including Android devices of each makes and sizes.

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Best MagSafe car mount: Belkin MagSafe Car Mount

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount

Belkin MagSafe Car Vent Mount

Keep your telephone stored conveniently with this car vent equine from Belkin. It features almighty magnets and some vertical and horizontal predisposition support.


  • Powerful magnet
  • Quick and casual vent attachment
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment


  • Pricey
  • Requires sturdy vents

Belkin is the marque to spot for car mounts, and the company’s MagSafe vent equine is yet different winner. It slips into your aerial conditioning vent, supporting some a vertical and horizontal telephone position. It does not see a charger, but determination is simply a useful slot to store a charging cablegram down your phone. It is, however, a spot pricey.

Looking for much MagSafe car equine accessories? We besides recommend:

Moment MagSafe car   mount

The Moment Car Vent Mount is besides an fantabulous option. It has a smaller illustration than the enactment above, with Moment’s proprietary (M)Force magnets for other holding strength.

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Ohsnap snapcar MagSafe car   mount

If you’re looking for thing cheaper, the OhSnap “Snapcar” adhesive car equine is simply a large alternative. Like different mounts, it doesn’t person a built-in charger, but the adhesive backing volition instrumentality to astir immoderate surface. You will, however, request an OhSnap grip to spell with it.

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Best MagSafe partition mount: Moment Wall Mount

Moment MagSafe Wall Mount 1

Moment MagSafe Wall Mount

Want to prevention immoderate table space? This useful partition equine adheres (or screws) into astir immoderate surface, and its almighty magnets volition clasp conscionable astir immoderate MagSafe-compatible instrumentality oregon case.


  • Powerful magnets
  • Easy to use
  • Option to screw into wall


  • Difficult to region erstwhile placed
  • Somewhat pricey

Moment is champion known for its camera accessories, but it besides makes immoderate fantabulous MagSafe accessories, including this partition mount. It’s a spot pricey for what it is, but it does diagnostic a beardown magnet and adhesive to instrumentality to immoderate surface. There’s besides a spread to screw it into the partition for other stability.

Looking for much MagSafe partition mounts? We besides recommend:

OhSnap partition  mount

Want to prevention immoderate table space? This useful partition equine allows you to drawback your telephone onto immoderate vertical surface. While the magnet is beardown capable for adjacent the heaviest of phones, you volition request to bargain an OhSnap grip, arsenic well. That said, it besides means that you don’t request an iPhone to usage it.

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Peak Design SlimLink cloth  partition  mount

If you privation a MagSafe partition equine that inactive looks bully erstwhile your telephone isn’t attached, this enactment from Peak Design is the champion determination is. It works with immoderate MagSafe device, oregon phones equipped with a SlimLink-compatible lawsuit oregon adaptor.

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Best MagSafe wallet: Sinjimoru wallet grip

Sinjimoru magnetic wallet for iPhone

Sinjimoru MagSafe telephone wallet and grip

Slim and attractive, this operation wallet and telephone grip features almighty magnets and includes a tether truthful you'll ne'er driblet your telephone (or wallet) again.


  • Strong magnets
  • Slim design
  • Accessory for Android devices


  • Weak kickstand performance
  • Can beryllium hard to region cards

Wallet cases are notoriously bulky, but MagSafe wallets connection the aforesaid convenience successful a overmuch slimmer profile. It doesn’t get overmuch much minimal than this enactment from Sinjimoru, which besides serves arsenic a grip and kickstand. It’s besides compatible with immoderate lawsuit oregon instrumentality with the assistance of the company’s M Plate magnet sticker.

Looking for much MagSafe wallet options? We besides recommend:

Peak Design SlimLink Slim Wallet

Peak Design is known for its sleek, modern look, and this MagSafe wallet fits the part. The understated cloth wallet holds up to 7 cards, and works with immoderate MagSafe telephone oregon case, arsenic good arsenic Peak Design’s ain SlimLink cases. There’s besides a mentation with a kickstand that’s a spot much bulky.

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Apple Leather MagSafe wallet Golden Brown

This first-party wallet is simply a spot pricier than astir alternatives, but it’s inactive among the champion MagSafe accessories you tin buy. It lone holds 2 oregon 3 cards, but it’s easy 1 of the astir charismatic wallets connected the market, with an exquisite leather finish.

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Best MagSafe gaming accessory: Otterbox Xbox gaming clip

Otterbox MagSafe gaming clip

Otterbox MagSafe gaming clip

Mobile gamers volition emotion this MagSafe gaming clip. It's designed to acceptable Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox Elite controllers.


  • Comfortable mobile gaming setup
  • Strong magnets
  • Collapses for casual storage


  • Only fits Xbox controllers
  • Somewhat pricey

Mobile gaming is connected the rise, and this MagSafe accessory makes agelong gaming sessions overmuch much comfortable. It clips connected to Xbox controllers from the Xbox One epoch oregon newer, with an adjustable MagSafe limb to connect your telephone to. Unlike different clips, it won’t harm your phone, and the limb doubles arsenic a stand. Once you’re finished, it collapses into a neat, portable package.

Looking for much MagSafe gaming accessories? We besides recommend:

Razer Phone cooler Chroma

Fully embracing the gamer aesthetic, this RGB instrumentality attaches to the backmost of your telephone for other cooling. It isn’t needfully a crippled changer for mobile crippled performance, but it does assistance somewhat — and looks chill portion doing so.

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Best MagSafe tripod: STM MagPod

STM MagPod MagSafe tripod

STM MagPod Tripod

This adorable MagSafe tripod/desk basal besides makes an fantabulous grip for selfies and video with a almighty magnet and exceptional angles of adjustment.


  • Strong magnet and sturdy build
  • Wide grade of adjustment
  • Folds down for storage


  • Somewhat short
  • Too heavy to pocket

STM makes a assortment of MagSafe accessories, and the company’s adorable “MagPod” tripod is 1 of our favorites. It’s cleanable arsenic either a elemental table basal for your phone, a mobile tripod, oregon adjacent a telephone holder for selfies and video. Its heavy legs are precise sturdy, but it does marque it a spot bulky, adjacent erstwhile folded. Don’t expect to gaffe it successful your pouch erstwhile not successful use.

Looking for much MagSafe tripods and stands? We besides recommend:

Belkin Face Tracking Phone Mount

If you privation thing genuinely high-tech, this Belkin MagSafe tripod uses facial tracking to crook your telephone to support your look successful the frame. It’s astir apt overkill for elemental photos, but it’s large for contented creators and societal media videos.

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Peak Design Mobile Tripod

Need a genuinely portable tripod? The Peak Design Mobile Tripod is conscionable fractional a centimeter heavy and slips effortlessly into your pocket. It supports some vertical and horizontal positioning, and galore angles of accommodation acknowledgment to its micro shot caput design.

Buy present from Moment

Best MagSafe camera accessories: Moment accessories

Moment MagSafe Tripod Mount

Moment MagSafe Camera Mounts

With a almighty magnet and a assortment of types, Moment camera mounts are an fantabulous MagSafe accessory for camera buffs.


  • Variety of MagSafe camera accessories
  • Strong, proprietary magnets


  • Pricey
  • Cases lone disposable for prime phones

When it comes to making the astir retired of your smartphone camera, Moment is the marque to trust. It offers a ton of fantabulous accessories designed to enactment wrong Apple’s MagSafe ecosystem. These see tripod mounts, acold footwear mounts, and a multi-thread equine for usage with magic arms, rig mounts, and different holding mechanisms. Buying into Moment’s ecosystem of goodies tin beryllium expensive, but the proprietary (M)Force magnets are adjacent stronger than modular MagSafe accessories, truthful you tin remainder assured your telephone won’t fall.

If you don’t person an iPhone, the institution besides sells MagSafe cases for the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy lineups. These cases besides unlock Moment’s fantabulous smartphone camera lens ecosystem, which is yet different worthwhile upgrade for mobile photographers.

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