The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories of 2023

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Nintendo Switch laying connected  a array  adjacent  to a keyboard, Samsung earbuds, and an Xbox controllerCorbin Davenport / How-To Geek
Update, 05/25/2023: Based connected our testing, we’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our prime for the best Nintendo Switch representation card.

Which Switch Accessories Are Worth It successful 2023?

Nintendo provides the bare essentials to get you started gaming connected the Switch. This includes 1 brace of Joy-Con controllers, a dock for playing connected the TV, and a charging cable. But for comfort, convenience, and adjacent an borderline successful immoderate games, you volition privation to put successful further accessories.

A full-sized controller is 1 concern you’ll privation to marque if you play successful TV mode. Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers tread the enactment betwixt portability and functionality, but they’re not the astir comfy mode of playing implicit agelong sessions, and they’ve been plagued with instrumentality drift problems since the console deed the market.

If you’ve sprung for a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you’ll besides get entree to older games from the NES and SNES era, positive Genesis and N64 titles if you opt for the much costly tier. You tin play these titles with Joy-Con, but if you privation to relive them arsenic they were intended you mightiness privation to put successful much period-appropriate hardware.

In addition, 1 of the champion things astir the Switch is its portability, and galore are drawn to the console to usage it portion traveling. Some accessories tin marque the clip you walk connected the determination much comfortable, some successful presumption of consciousness and reducing the fig of things you person to carry.

Protecting your Switch connected the determination and moving retired of powerfulness are 2 hurdles astir owners volition privation to overcome, and if you privation to marque definite you tin load up connected games earlier a agelong travel past you’ll privation much than the paltry 32GB of interior retention (or 64GB connected the OLED model).

Even if you’re comparatively blessed with your Switch, a fewer of these accessories volition marque your wide acquisition adjacent better, each for the terms of a caller cartridge oregon two. If you’re connected a choky budget, saving immoderate wealth connected Switch titles to walk connected hardware mightiness sweeten the deal.

Best Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerCorbin Davenport / How-To Geek


  • The astir comfy mode to play Switch games
  • USB-C charging and immense artillery life
  • Includes HD rumble, gyro for question controls, and Amiibo functionality


  • No infrared scanner

The authoritative Nintendo Switch Pro Controller isn’t conscionable the astir comfy mode to play Switch titles, it mightiness conscionable beryllium the astir comfy controller connected the full market. It’s indispensable if you privation to play first-person shooters and different fast-paced games connected your Switch successful TV mode, and it makes agelong play sessions overmuch much comfy if you person larger hands.

The controller has 2 full-sized analog sticks that let for much considered movement, whether that’s your on-screen quality oregon a crosshair. This makes aiming a limb oregon traversing tricky platforming sections easier and much comfortable, and the full-sized look buttons person much question and a amended wide consciousness than those connected the Joy-Con.

The Pro Controller includes gyro functionality for question aiming, amended HD rumble, and built-in Amiibo functionality conscionable similar the Joy-Con. The ZL and ZR triggers aren’t analog, and there’s nary infrared scanner, but you won’t attraction erstwhile you consciousness the controller successful your hand. It charges implicit USB-C and the artillery lasts a whopping 40 hours.

Best Retro Nintendo Switch Controller: 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

The 8Bitdo Pro 2 wireless controllerJordan Gloor / How-To Geek


  • Eye-catching design
  • Also works connected PC and mobile
  • Customizable vibration settings


  • Only a fewer customizable buttons

8Bitdo churns retired immoderate of the champion third-party controllers connected the market, truthful it should beryllium nary astonishment that the Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller is astatine the apical of its class. Based connected the Nintendo controller layouts of yesteryear, the sleek gamepad brings a modern flair to an different decidedly retro design.

Although it looks old-school, the 8Bitdo Pro 2 offers Bluetooth connectivity, Switch, PC, and mobile support, and adjacent lets you acceptable up customized profiles. You’ll besides person entree to 2 customizable backmost buttons—which is simply a spot airy for a “pro” controller, but is simply a bully interaction connected this retro design.

Aside from customizable backmost buttons, you tin modify the Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller’s vibration settings. There’s adjacent a six-axis question sensor for question controls and adjustable hairsbreadth triggers that travel successful useful during fast-paced multiplayer games.

Most players volition find this retro gamepad a invited summation to their collection, particularly considering its terms tag (which clocks successful good beneath the wireless Switch Pro Controller mentioned above).

Best Retro Nintendo Switch Controller

8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

The 8Bitdo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller successfully merges old-school plan with modern conveniences, making it the champion mode to acquisition your aged favourite games each implicit again.

Best Nintendo Switch Controller Accessory: Fixture S1

Fixture S1 connected  pinkish  and yellowish  backgroundFixture


  • Play your Switch successful portable mode utilizing the Nintendo Switch Controller
  • Reposition the Switch to get comfortable
  • Much amended than Joy-Con adapters for agelong play sessions


  • Can consciousness a small unwieldy, similar different controller mounts
  • Might beryllium a symptom to connect and detach for travel

The Fixture S1 makes it imaginable to clip your archetypal Nintendo Switch (though not the Switch Lite oregon OLED) to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and bask a comfy Switch gaming experience wherever you are.

You tin past presumption the equine truthful it’s astir comfy for you, portion inactive having entree to the charging and headphone ports. If you bash a batch of portable gaming, you whitethorn person utilized akin clips to secure your smartphone onto an Xbox oregon PlayStation controller for a much comfy mobile gaming experience. The Fixture S1 is the aforesaid concept, conscionable with the Switch console alternatively of a smartphone.

The Fixture S1 is simply a coagulated spot of kit that volition clasp your console securely successful spot portion you play, utilizing the rails connected either broadside of the Switch portion conscionable similar the Joy-Con. Of course, similar each of these mounts, the But, owed to the value of the mount, Fixture S1 tin consciousness a spot dense and unwieldy. If you person nary occupation with smartphone controller mounts, you volition beryllium good with this one.

Basically, this equine is cleanable if you find the Joy-Con controllers uncomfortable for agelong periods of play, oregon if you similar the consciousness of the Pro Controller and privation to get much usage retired of it. The Fixture S1 tin besides beryllium collapsed to beryllium straight implicit the Pro Controller erstwhile not successful use, truthful you don’t needfully person to region it whenever you’re done gaming.

Best Controller Accessory

Fixture S1

Play your Nintendo Switch successful handheld mode with the Pro controller easy acknowledgment to the Fixture S1.

Best Portable Nintendo Switch Dock: Human Things GENKI Global Covert Dock

Human Things Switch Dock connected  grey backgroundHuman Things


  • A tiny Switch dock that fits successful your pocket
  • Includes a USB-C cablegram for docking
  • Means you tin permission your full-size Nintendo dock astatine home


  • Nowhere to remainder your Switch portion successful use
  • Requires the powerfulness outlet to beryllium adjacent capable to your display

If you question with your Switch a batch and privation the quality to play successful TV mode astatine your destination, it mightiness beryllium worthy investing successful a portable dock similar the GENKI Global Covert Dock from Human Things. This dock is astir the aforesaid size arsenic Nintendo’s authoritative powerfulness adapter, and each you request to bargain to spell with it is an HDMI cable.

To usage the Covert Dock, you plug the dock into the partition and past link your Switch utilizing the supplied USB-C cable. From determination link it to the TV oregon show you privation to use, and you’re acceptable to play successful TV mode without the bulkiness of the authoritative dock. The Covert Dock adjacent has a spare USB-A port—just similar Nintendo’s authoritative dock—so you tin link compatible accessories oregon complaint your Pro Controller portion you play.

Unlike the authoritative dock, there’s obscurity to remainder your Switch portion you play. You’ll request to permission your Switch successful a presumption that allows it to get plentifulness of airflow since TV mode ever uses much power, which causes the console to get hot.

Best Portable Dock

GENKI Global Covert Dock

The Human Things GENKI Global Covert Dock is astir the size of a partition charger and comes with the USB-C cablegram required to dock your Switch positive question adapters for charging each implicit the world.

Best Nintendo Switch Battery Pack: Nyko Power Pack

Nyko Battery Pack connected  orangish  backgroundNyko


  • Clip-on design
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Large 5000 mAH battery


  • Lacking a "premium" finish

While you tin surely get distant with utilizing immoderate portable charger to widen the beingness of your Switch, the Nyko Power Pak is simply a much elegant solution. Instead of awkwardly moving a cablegram from the artillery to your Switch, the Nyko Power Pack clips onto your device, letting you proceed gaming without changing your setup.

Depending connected your Switch’s software, the Nyko Power Pack tin supply up to treble the artillery life. That’s an awesome feat, and it lone gets much awesome erstwhile you see its tiny footprint and terms tag. After clipping the artillery battalion successful place, you’ll beryllium capable to easy crook the artillery connected and commencement charging your Switch.

Nyko designed the powerfulness Pak to let afloat entree to each of the Switch’s modular buttons, ports, and vents, meaning you shouldn’t spot immoderate interaction connected however you crippled portion successful handheld mode. It besides comes with a built-in kickstand.

The wide decorativeness of the artillery isn’t arsenic premium arsenic immoderate different products connected the market, but that’s a insignificant ailment for an different almighty (and affordable) device.

Best Battery Pack

Nyko Power Pak

With a superb clip-on plan and the powerfulness to treble your artillery life, the Nyko Power Pak is simply a large mode to widen your gaming sessions.

Best Nintendo Switch Memory Card: SanDisk Extreme PLUS microSDXC

Sandisk Extreme Plus paper  connected  pinkish  and yellowish  backgroundSanDisk


  • 200MB/s work and 140MB/s constitute speed
  • Available successful capacities from 128Gb to 1TB
  • Includes an SD paper adapter
  • A2-rated for businesslike entree of stored apps


  • Expensive compared to akin size A1 cards

The SanDisk Extreme PLUS MicroSDXC is 1 of the fastest cards that volition enactment with the representation strategy of the Nintendo Switch. While it’s not inexpensive and mightiness look similar overkill to some, this A2-rated representation paper is apt to present noticeable show improvements implicit older MicroSD cards.

With a maximum work velocity of 200MB/s and a constitute velocity of 140MB/s, the Extreme PLUS is doubly arsenic accelerated arsenic galore A1 cards. Yet Nintendo recommends utilizing a MicroSD paper with work speeds of betwixt 60 and 95MB/s, truthful it’s casual to presume that utilizing a faster paper won’t interaction loading times and different memory-dependant processes.

With an A2-rated card, optimized for speechmaking and penning to stored applications, it isn’t conscionable astir earthy speed. How efficiently it tin bash those things makes a large difference. In our caller tests against an older A1 card, crippled loading times were importantly amended with the Extreme PLUS, astir connected par with the interior Switch storage.

Considering the comparatively precocious price, the Extreme PLUS mightiness not beryllium a cost-effective upgrade if you already person a reasonably quick, high-capacity paper successful your Switch. But if considering an summation successful retention capableness anyway, this is simply a large mode to get a show boost alongside the other space.

Best Nintendo Switch Memory Card

SanDisk Extreme PLUS MicroSDXC

Although not the cheapest MicroSDXC paper around, the A2-rated Extreme PLUS is highly accelerated astatine some speechmaking and writing, and arsenic reliable arsenic you would expect from SanDisk storage.

Best Nintendo Switch Case: Game Traveler Case

Game Travel Case connected  orangish  backgroundGame Traveler


  • Cheap and cheerful pugnacious lawsuit for each Switch models
  • Doubles up arsenic a basal with country for 8 crippled cards
  • Bares Nintendo's authoritative seal of approval


  • Tougher, premium cases exist
  • Some Amazon reviews kick of a beardown integrative smell

A lawsuit is indispensable if you privation to support your Switch successful bully information portion traveling. We don’t deliberation you request to walk overmuch wealth connected a case, which is wherefore the Game Traveler Nintendo Switch Case gets our pick. It’s tough, fits each models of Nintendo Switch, and comes successful astatine little than $20.

The sturdy cloth outer ammunition should support your Switch from bumps and drops, with a transportation grip and brushed interior lining to forestall the surface from getting scuffed successful transit. There’s country for the Switch and up to 8 games inside, truthful you’ll request to transportation your powerfulness adapter, controllers, and dock separately if you’re taking it with you.

The Game Traveler lawsuit volition support your Switch against astir drops and halt your console from getting scratched up successful a bag, but there’s a bounds to the extortion it provides. It’s a airy lawsuit astatine a debased terms point, but tougher cases beryllium (particularly if you’re disquieted astir crushing damage). A few Amazon reviewers person noted a beardown integrative odor coming from the case, with galore noting that this dissipates implicit time.

If you privation thing a small much expansive (and consenting to wage more), springiness the Zadii Hard Carrying Case a look instead.

Best Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Game Traveler Switch Case

The Game Traveler Nintendo Switch Case bears the Nintendo seal of support and is pugnacious capable to support your Switch console connected the move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Nintendo Switch supports Bluetooth devices.

The mean mode to link your Switch to the TV is to spot it successful its dock, which has an HDMI input. When docked, your Switch's built-in show volition crook black, and the representation volition beryllium translated to your TV.

There are respective reasons your Switch mightiness not beryllium turning on---but the astir communal culprit is simply a drained battery. Try plugging your console successful for astir a fractional hour, letting it charge, past effort turning it connected again. If that doesn't work, you whitethorn request to bash immoderate much in-depth troubleshooting.

No. However, support successful caput that the Switch eShop is location to dozens of free-to-play titles, meaning anyone with net entree tin play dozens of titles without spending other cash.

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