The best Nintendo Switch cases you can buy

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Let’s look it: protective carrying cases for the Nintendo Switch are a dime a dozen. A speedy Google hunt volition output nary shortage of options that mostly enactment arsenic intended, however, astir cases connected the marketplace whitethorn not bash good against drops and different blunt unit trauma, adjacent if they tin support your console from much superficial damage.

Then there’s the question of space. Most lone connection capable country for your console and a mates of Joy-Con controllers, forcing you to relegate the lawsuit to different container entirely. This level of inconvenience tin marque you rethink utilizing a lawsuit for your Switch astatine all, which is wherefore you mightiness privation to find an enactment that not lone protects your beloved console but has capable country for your stowing regular essentials arsenic well. C’mon, it’s 2022, and you’re amended than owning an accessory that does conscionable 1 thing.

We tested a assortment of Nintendo Switch cases and person chosen a fistful that we deliberation basal supra the competition. We tested them against impacts and mundane wear, and successful immoderate cases, we adjacent utilized them arsenic our time bag. Our existent favourite is the PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar — a lawsuit that offers fantabulous extortion and retention — but we’ve besides compiled premium options similar WaterField’s CitySlicker Case, travel-friendly picks similar Timbuk2’s Crossbody Sling, and a budget-conscious solution that’s good suited for anyone who wants to support their instrumentality harmless without spending a mint. We adjacent person an honorable notation for the fashionista wrong each of us.

PowerA’s apt-titled Protection Case has ample country for accessories and carnal cartridges. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

1. PowerA Protection Case with Kevlar

The champion Nintendo Switch cases of 2022

Sometimes you conscionable request a basal lawsuit that gets the occupation done, and the Kevlar Switch lawsuit from PowerA is precisely that. While it isn’t rather arsenic bulletproof arsenic the sanction mightiness suggest, the rugged Switch lawsuit is amazingly tough, peculiarly for the price.

The extracurricular of the lawsuit features a single, rubberized carrying handle. Due to a deficiency of other loops for a enarthrosis strap, however, PowerA’s durable offering is decidedly much astatine location erstwhile secured wrong different bag. Nonetheless, the hardened integrative exterior is amazingly firm, yet offers capable flex to assistance sorb impacts. The broadside of the lawsuit meant to clasp your Switch adjacent has immoderate antagonistic abstraction buffering the lawsuit and your Switch, providing adjacent further extortion from drops and spills.

Inside, you’ll find a form-fitting compartment with divots for the triggers connected some Joy-Cons. The lawsuit besides features a foam insert for stowing the smaller Switch Lite, denying it immoderate wiggle room, arsenic good arsenic 2 compartments with felted dividers that tin holster up to 19 cartridges successful total. There’s a zippered mesh pouch connected the interior arsenic well, which tin assistance support Joy-Cons and different accessories from jostling astir during transit.

Tough and compact, the PowerA Kevlar lawsuit tin grip conscionable astir thing you propulsion astatine it. While it whitethorn not person the built-in kickstand offered by immoderate different models connected our list, the hardened ammunition and interaction buffer does a fantastic occupation of keeping your Switch protected without weighing a ton.

The felted screen connected the Deluxe Travel Case secures your Switch successful spot and tin prop it up, too. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

2. Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

The champion fund Nintendo Switch case

If you’re looking for a Switch lawsuit that covers each the bases without costing a grip, Game Traveler’s Deluxe Travel Case is our preferred prime for keeping your console unafraid portion successful transit. The Game Traveler lawsuit looks and feels akin to PowerA’s aforementioned Switch case, but is somewhat slimmer owed to the deficiency of buffer abstraction connected either broadside of the case. The Deluxe Travel Case is inactive compatible with each existent models of the Nintendo Switch, however, and has plentifulness of padding connected either broadside to support your console safe.

It’s similar a Russian doll... but for video games. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

The soft, felted interior of the lawsuit has grooves built into some sides to support the unit disconnected the Switch’s Joy-Con triggers portion stowed, arsenic good arsenic a brace of recessed areas for storing the 2 cartridge cases that travel packaged with the case. Each clamshell lawsuit holds up to 4 cartridges successful total, and comes with an adjacent smaller lawsuit for SD cards. These areas grip the cases snugly erstwhile your Switch is stowed connected top, however, the cartridge cases are apt to shingle escaped erstwhile traveling unless you besides person a Switch wrong to support them successful place.

The cartridge cases aren’t the lone nicety, though. The lawsuit besides has a felted flip screen connected the insides that features a velcro tab, which does a bully occupation keeping your console successful spot and covers the Switch’s show erstwhile stowed. This built-in screen besides doubles arsenic a kickstand that tin prop up your console if you mean to stock your surface with a 2nd player.

Finding an inexpensive Switch lawsuit is comparatively simple, but uncovering 1 that doesn’t marque excessively galore compromises tin beryllium a spot much difficult. However, Game Traveler’s Deluxe Travel Case manages to cheque a astonishing fig of boxes, without sacrificing overmuch to support its approachable price.

The CitySlicker Case is an astir cleanable compromise betwixt manner and function. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

3. WaterField CitySlicker Case

The champion premium Nintendo Switch case

If the “best smelling Switch case” was a class connected this list, WaterField’s CitySlicker Case would beryllium the winner, hands-down. The San Francisco-based accessory shaper makes a fig of sleeves, bags, and carrying cases, each of which usage a operation of ballistic nylon oregon waxed canvas with perfectly distressed leather that smells perfectly amazing.

Smells aside, the CitySlicker Case is simply a sling container that's built specifically to clasp the Nintendo Switch, with an adjustable nylon strap and antithetic size variations disposable depending connected which exemplary you have. The institution adjacent makes bags that relationship specifically for the further abstraction indispensable for the Switch if you’ve enactment a ammunition lawsuit connected your console.

The interior of the CitySlicker Case is lined with brushed felt to forestall unwanted scratches and abrasions. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

The CitySlicker Case is astir arsenic classy arsenic you tin get portion toting astir a handheld console. The supple screen is disposable with a fig of leather finishes successful summation to achromatic and brown, and Waterfield supplies blue, white, and red-stained leather arsenic well. Whether you opt for waxed canvas oregon nylon, however, some connection a humble magnitude of h2o resistance. This isn’t support to flip your container successful the dunk tank, but you shouldn’t person to interest if you get caught successful a abrupt downpour.

Inside the case, you’ll find a brace of smaller pockets successful summation to a larger felted area, which offers a snug acceptable for your Switch and a fistful of accessories. If you request to tote immoderate different essentials, the container besides has a zippered pouch connected the broadside other the leather enclosure, which is cleanable for stowing a slim wallet. The leather screen is held successful spot with a brace of remarkably beardown magnetized buttons arsenic well, and flips up to uncover 5 slots that are designed to clasp carnal Switch games oregon SD cards.

The WaterField CitySlicker lawsuit costs a spot much than you mightiness beryllium consenting to walk connected a container built specifically for the Nintendo Switch. But, if wealth is nary object, you’ll person a hard clip uncovering a lawsuit with amended prime successful presumption of physique oregon materials.

Waterfield CitySlicker Case

Perhaps the classiest carrying lawsuit ever made for the Nintendo Switch, the City Slicker lawsuit by Waterfield is disposable with a assortment of leather finishes. The assemblage tin beryllium made of waxed canvas oregon ballistic nylon with a felted interior to forestall scratches.

The mesh pouch connected the extracurricular of the container is utilized to clasp the artillery battalion successful place. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

4. Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag

The champion Nintendo Switch charging case

There’s thing worse than moving retired of powerfulness midway done a gaming session. While the USB-C larboard connected the Nintendo Switch makes charging easy, uncovering a slim artillery battalion with the close capableness and output tin beryllium tough. Thankfully, the Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag addresses some of these problems by combining a clamshell lawsuit with a slim, 10,000mAh artillery battalion that's designed to complaint your Switch arsenic good arsenic support it.

The built-in Micro USB cablegram ensures you’re ne'er without a charging cablegram erstwhile you request one. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

In presumption of design, the lawsuit features a brace of secure, zippered compartments. The archetypal is for lodging your console, portion the different is reserved for games and different accessories. The second compartment includes 18 smaller pockets for stowing carnal cartridges, arsenic good arsenic a divider for the artillery pack. A spread successful the divider allows your Switch to person powerfulness portion stowed, providing entree to capable foodstuff to complaint a dormant Switch 1 and a fractional times over. The container adjacent has a zippered flap connected the back, which allows you to connect the lawsuit to a backpack strap oregon different grip if you don’t consciousness inclined to usage the included strap.

As for the artillery pack, it’s stored connected the extracurricular of the container wrong a mesh pocket. The USB-C cablegram that's utilized for charging the artillery and different devices is besides built straight into the artillery battalion — which ensures you’re ne'er without a charging cablegram erstwhile you request 1 — and there’s a built-in LED airy that showcases the presumption of the charge. You tin complaint the artillery via USB-C oregon Micro USB, too, and it has a USB-A larboard to apical disconnected different devices.

Backup powerfulness is practically a necessity portion traveling, and with the Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag, you get a sizeable artillery battalion that tin complaint different devices successful summation to your Switch. The container besides does a large occupation of keeping each of your accessories secure, too, and tin rapidly connect to a backpack oregon a rolling suitcase for casual transport.

The CSO3 is afloat of zippers and magnetized pockets that are designed to support your belongings secure. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

5. Timbuk2 Astro Gaming CS03 Crossbody Sling

The champion Nintendo Switch question case

If you’re taking your Switch connected the road, you’ll request much than conscionable your console. Luckily, the Astro Gaming Crossbody Sling is simply a collaboration with Timbuk2 that doesn’t disappoint. The versatile, nylon container is covered with zippers, pockets, and buttons, which volition delight anyone who is simply a instrumentality of the “techwear” aesthetic. The all-black plan with glossy highlights whitethorn not entreaty to everyone, sure, but I personally similar it (it’s called fashion, honey).

The Sling is truly each astir space, though. The bag’s arsenal of pockets is much than capable to clasp your Nintendo Switch and a fistful of accessories, not to notation your mundane carry. The container features a full of 3 zippered pockets that are divided into smaller sections to support things organized, arsenic good arsenic a bandolier of 14 pockets that tin beryllium utilized for stowing carnal cartridges oregon SD cards. The slimmest pouch besides lays flush against your assemblage portion wearing it, making it a bully spot to stash valuables.

What’s more, each of the interior pockets are felt-lined to forestall scratches and are secured with rubberized zippers to forestall leaks. This being the case, the Sling is easy the astir waterproof of each of our lawsuit recommendations. I thoroughly rinsed the extracurricular of the container during investigating and was amazed to find the wrong of the container to beryllium bony dry. I wouldn’t effort to interval it downstream, but you tin transportation it with assurance done stormy weather.

One further pouch connected the extracurricular uses a magnetic clasp that I recovered to beryllium remarkably strong. In fact, adjacent with the pouch afloat of immoderate of the weightier things from my mundane carry, it refused to unfastened without my permission.

The Crossbody Sling is conscionable a well-built container successful general. The spacious and protective interior is large for keeping delicate devices intact, arsenic good arsenic for toting immoderate different essentials you mightiness request passim the day. While 1 of the much costly options connected our list, we consciousness that the higher terms tag is justified fixed the bag’s versatility and durability.

Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

6. PowerA Clutch Bag

Honorable mention

The PowerA Clutch Bag projects an aerial of maturity. The plan is meant to look similar thing you could fell successful a lineup of bags from Coach oregon Louis Vuitton, implicit with a brass zipper propulsion and lining that uses the Nintendo Switch logo to large effect.

This zipper propulsion is practically worthy the terms of admittance alone. Photo by Alice Newcome-Beill / The Verge

Despite its luxe appearance, however, the chocolate-colored container is comprised mostly of nylon, with imitation leather accents and brass hardware. Being 1 of the smaller bags connected our list, the Clutch Bag offers capable abstraction for a Nintendo Switch, but small else. It does connection a azygous zippered pouch connected the outside, though, on with holsters nether the clasp for storing up to 5 carnal cartridges. The container besides comes with a leatherette strap, truthful you tin support your hands escaped portion keeping the clutch connected your person.

On the closure front, a brace of beardown magnetic buttons clasp the apical screen successful spot portion a single-buttoned strap connected the main compartment keeps your Switch from falling retired successful the lawsuit the container is held upside down. One different unsocial facet of the clutch that helps it basal retired from different cases connected our database is its flattened base, which lets you spot it upright alternatively of connected its side.

While it whitethorn beryllium a spot tiny to service arsenic an mundane bag, the PowerA Clutch Bag is simply a elemental and cost-effective mode to support your Switch unafraid — 1 that besides happens to look great.

PowerA Clutch Bag

The Clutch Bag from PowerA emulates the look and consciousness of a decorator handbag. The brownish nylon and leatherette lawsuit uses a magnetic clasp enclosure, and sandwiches your Switch betwixt a brace of pads built into the bag.

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