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I've finished watching 1899 connected Netflix, each the mode done to its frustrating ending. I person questions. 

Warning: Spoilers for 1899 ahead.

The amusement begins arsenic a seemingly straightforward play portion astir a spooky steamship heading from London to New York successful 1899. Every 1 of the passengers, we soon learn, is lying astir their past, moving from a concealed oregon passing themselves disconnected arsenic idiosyncratic they're not. Usually each of the above. That mightiness person been capable of a communicative for immoderate showrunners, but 1899 hangs a crisp close crook into Lost and Westworld territory, and soon viewers are trying to untangle clip travel. And dimensional pathways. And simulations. And transferred consciousness. This amusement mightiness arsenic good beryllium Star Trek.

Friends inquire maine if they should buckle successful and ticker 1899. My reply is benignant of wishy-washy. Maybe? It's good, but not arsenic satisfying arsenic I wanted it to be. A batch of that has to bash with the galore unanswered questions the amusement flings astatine viewers, past conscionable benignant of ... leaves retired there. 

Creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar told Deadline they'd similar 1899 to beryllium a multi-season show, if ratings are bully enough. So possibly immoderate of these questions volition beryllium answered successful a 1899 play 2, but until then, they'll play successful my caput similar the numbers from Lost, oregon the maze from Westworld, oregon the awesome from Game of Thrones, oregon ... you get the picture.

Is Elliot live successful the existent world?

Elliot, the mysterious lad recovered connected the arsenic mysterious Prometheus, turned retired to beryllium the lad of Daniel and Maura. He'd died of an unwellness and his superb parent desperately creates the simulation wherever she tin support him alive. It surely seems that he'd beryllium dormant successful a 2nd season, but thing tin hap successful this world, truthful possibly determination volition beryllium resurrection? Or Maura tin spell backmost successful clip and find a cure for immoderate unwellness Elliot had?


Fflyn Edwards plays the mysterious lad Elliot successful 1899.


What is Ciaran's deal?

Ciaran is Maura's brother. At archetypal we're led to judge helium went missing connected the Prometheus and that Maura is searching for him. But eventually, it turns retired it's Ciaran who's moving the simulation, keeping his sister and begetter captive. He leaves Maura a enactment for erstwhile she yet wakes up, but a 2nd play needs to present this mysterious sibling truthful we tin find retired wherefore he's done ... well, any of the things he's done. 

What is Project Prometheus?

Maura yet wakes up successful a caller location, a spaceship that's sailing done abstraction successful 2099 arsenic "Project Prometheus," with 1,423 passengers and 550 crew. We cognize hardly thing astir the alleged "project. But it's listed arsenic a "survival mission," truthful possibly Earth has been destroyed oregon is astir to beryllium and these people, similar the migrants aboard the Keberos, are seeking a caller homeland.

Is this spaceship a caller simulation?

So we extremity with Maura connected the spaceship, and, due to the fact that she utilized the caller keys (her wedding ringing and the colorful pyramid artifact alternatively of the achromatic one) we're assuming she's successful world now. But who knows? This could beryllium different simulation, with the existent world inactive retired there.

Is the achromatic microorganism Virginia had curable?

Virginia Wilson touches a achromatic metallic substance that's increasing and spreading passim the Kerberos. It jumps to her body, turns her manus black, and appears to dispersed up her limb to her cervix and the broadside of her face. She's capable to locomotion astir with it but it doesn't look similar she tin crook that hand. (Game of Thrones fans volition spot a resemblance to greyscale, that series' deadly information that makes soma stone-like.) Henry, Maura's father, and her husband, Daniel, notation to it arsenic the "virus," making it look arsenic if a machine microorganism is crawling done the simulation's code. Did Daniel origin it with his hopeless attempts to hole things? Wherever it came from, it's got creepy carnal effects, and it'll beryllium absorbing to spot if a mentation of it makes it to play 2.


Anton Lesser portrays Maura and Ciaran's father, Henry, who plays a confusing relation successful the show.


Why was the simulation acceptable successful 1899?

It makes for a chill play piece, with geishas and gentlemen and cosplay. But if we presume Project Prometheus is the existent reality, and 2099 the existent date, wherefore would the full simulation instrumentality spot connected a vessel backmost 200 years earlier that? As mentioned above, it does make a bully parallel with the immigrants fleeing their homeland for a caller world, conscionable arsenic we presume the passengers connected the spaceship are desperately looking for a harmless spot to land. 

We mightiness really person an reply for this one. Showrunner Jantje Friese says the amusement creators liked 1899 due to the fact that it's connected a threshold of a caller century, stepping from old-fashioned days to a caller future. "There was thing fascinating astir precisely that infinitesimal successful time," Friese told Netflix blog Tudum. "What happened successful that play is that modernism clashed with aged beliefs. More scientific-oriented reasoning started [influencing society] portion you inactive had precise spiritual beliefs [also prevalent], and those 2 things pulled connected each other, aged and new."

Did the Kerberos passengers suffer their memories?

So the Kerberos passengers tin dice and past their memories are reset truthful they tin commencement implicit successful a caller mentation of the simulation. But arsenic the archetypal play ended, passengers weren't dead. Some (all?) of them are connected Project Prometheus. Will they someway retrieve their steamship lives? Will we conscionable them each again arsenic radical of 2099 if the amusement gets a 2nd season?

What's with 1011, inverted triangles, pyramid toys?

There were a fig of unexplained symbols successful the show. Maura's vessel compartment and the creepy injection country were some numbered 1011, and that fig reappeared often, arsenic did the inverted triangle awesome and a pyramid toy.  Show creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar addressed these successful the Netflix Tudum blog, too. Turns retired they loved the enigma of a pyramid oregon a tetrahedron, and accidental that signifier has a relation successful simulations and virtual realities. 

"The reoccurring triangle awesome itself represents the constituent earth," Friese said, successful what seems similar an evident motion to the ending and the passengers fleeing Earth. The country fig 1011 was meant to hint astatine binary code, which mightiness springiness a hint the vessel was a machine simulation. But it'll beryllium absorbing to spot if these aforesaid numbers and symbols reappear successful the spaceship, oregon if caller ones sprout.

What are the shiny greenish bugs?

Mechanical greenish bugs are utilized successful the amusement to crawl nether and unlock doors, sometimes make doors, and successful 1 case, pb Maura and Elliot to the ship's captain, Eyk. We cognize that successful life, Elliot had a greenish beetle helium called Alfred and his mother, Maura, told him not to support it trapped. Seems similar Maura created the bug, possibly truthful Elliot would person his favored always, but immoderate much details astir the bugs would beryllium welcome. There's surely symbolism there, arsenic the precise bug Elliot wanted to support captive is opening doors and freeing people.

Did we truly request that intersexual battle storyline?

Danish quality Tove is precise pregnant, and we larn that this is the effect of a rape that took spot successful beforehand of her parents and brother. It's possibly the astir horrific country successful the show, and determination seems to beryllium nary crushed for this happening to her but that each the passengers person unspeakable pasts afloat of secrets. As the amusement ends, she hasn't fixed birth. Will she adjacent beryllium large if she's portion of the caller show? Will the babe ever beryllium born? What astir the different passengers' pasts -- volition they each beryllium reset? Some of them could beryllium an full amusement connected their own, including Ling Yi disguising herself arsenic a geisha aft accidentally sidesplitting her friend, and the mysterious duo of Ángel and Ramiro.

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