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House of the Dragon delivered a bloody occurrence 5. But if you stayed aft the credits to drawback a preview of occurrence 6, you mightiness person felt confused. Suddenly, new actors are playing large roles and the crippled has leapfrogged years into the future. What successful the Westeros is going connected here?

Spoilers ahead, naturally.

How acold did the amusement leap successful time?

The preview starts with a dragon flying, and past a subordinate of the king's Small Council saying, "We should code the latest improvement successful the Stepstones." Wait, didn't Prince Daemon already handily bash that by cutting the Crabfeeder successful half? Ohhh, wait, this isn't a rerun. The Stepstones are giving Viserys ulcers erstwhile again. 

Queen Alicent, present played by Olivia Cooke, property 28, alternatively of Emily Carey, 19, helpfully tells america it's been a decennary since Daemon fought that battle, and he's since near the portion undefended. Was this ... expected to beryllium his imperishable occupation going forward? Doesn't permission a batch of clip for murdering wives and fooling astir with nieces. But what we instrumentality from this: It's astir 10 years successful the future, truthful get acceptable to spot your favourite and slightest favourite characters aged, and successful immoderate cases, recast.

New Rhaenyra and Alicent, aforesaid aged feud

The camera past cuts to Princess Rhaenyra, formerly played by Milly Alcock, 22, and present played by Emma D'Arcy, 30. From the mode Rhaenyra corrects her queen and erstwhile BFF, and the mode Alicent cocks her caput and gives Rhaenyra the decease stare, it seems similar they haven't mended their relationship implicit the past 10 years.

Long unrecorded the King

Hey! That's King Viserys astatine the table, right? Still played by Paddy Considine. And portion helium appears successful request of immoderate creme rinse, and is looking beauteous feeble, astatine slightest he's not dead, which is astonishing considering however scarred up helium was getting. How galore fingers americium I holding up, Your Highness? Those leeches indispensable cognize their business.

Aegon grows up

Then, Larys Strong, the antheral with the clubfoot who spilled the beverage astir the pregnancy-preventing satellite beverage in occurrence 5, is heard asking, "What are children but a weakness?" I already hatred this guy, Littlefinger-style.

Still, his enactment is the cleanable lead-in to our instauration to the adjacent procreation of Targaryens. We spot a younger Targaryen, astir apt Alicent's 2nd son, Aemond, encountering a dragon. Then we spot now-teenaged Aegon, archetypal lad of Viserys and Alicent, and the royal household subordinate overmuch of the kingdom wants to service arsenic Viserys' heir -- simply due to the fact that he's a antheral and Rhaenyra is not. (Aegon is present played by Tom Glynn-Carney, which shouldn't beryllium a immense accommodation since we hardly got to spot the kid histrion playing him earlier this.) He's being trained to combat (his hostile mightiness beryllium Rhaenyra's son?) and Aegon looks beauteous cocky. 

He's besides wearing green, the colour of his mother's house, arsenic we perceive her say, "You volition beryllium our king." Seems similar she's taken a cue from her father, Otto, and is present pushing her lad to the throne, not her aged person Rhaenyra.

Rhaenyra's a mother

Rhaenyra wed Laenor Velaryon successful occurrence 5, soon aft the the princess' protector, Ser Criston Cole, bushed the antheral Laenor genuinely loved to decease astatine a pre-marriage solemnisation gone bloody. The mates agreed they'd find enactment elsewhere, and it does look from the preview that galore radical successful the kingdom judge Rhaenyra's babies are not her husband's biologic offspring. 

What's more, she's seen holding a babe adjacent to a young boy. Her children don't person the shocking Targaryen blond hairsbreadth she and Laenor some have; they person brownish hairsbreadth instead. Seems similar that's what Queen Alicent is sputtering astir erstwhile she says, "To person 1 kid similar that is simply a mistake, to person 3 is an insult." 

So erstwhile you spot a dark-haired kid, it's astir apt Rhaenyra's, and the young blonds are Alicent's. One of Rhaenyra's sons utters the famed "Dracarys!" bid and his dragon lights idiosyncratic up. I deliberation it's a goat, not a person, but either mode ... ouch!

Marriage is each successful the family

We besides spot a parent and girl who look to beryllium a large Laena Velaryon and her child. Laena has been recast and aged too, and is present played by Nanna Blondell. And who's her husband, seen riding dragons with her? It definite looks to beryllium Prince Daemon (Matt Smith). Yes, they're related. Yes, they wed and had children anyway, similar astir everyone other connected this show. V.C. Andrews has thing connected George R.R. Martin. Also, don't get successful their way, due to the fact that this is 1 mates that'll halt astatine thing to get immoderate they want.

Ser Criston switches sides

Ser Criston Cole (Fabien Frankel) began arsenic Rhaenyra's protector, past killed her husband's person astatine her wedding, and present helium whitethorn beryllium connected the broadside of Queen Alicent, who talked him retired of sidesplitting himself successful the Godswood astatine the extremity of occurrence 5. He's seen warring Ser Harwin Strong (Ryan Corr), aka Harwin Breakbones, noted for his strength. If Ser Harwin is present Rhaenyra's protector, this could beryllium fundamentally an Alicent-Rhaenyra proxy combat close here. Stay tuned.

Episode 6 of House of the Dragon volition aerial connected Sept. 25 connected HBO Max.

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