The First Pixel Smartwatch From Google Could Launch in 2022

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Dec 2, 2021, 3:50 p.m. EST | 1 min read

Three smartwatches moving  Wear OS 3.These are not photos of the rumored Pixel Watch. Google

After moving with Samsung to make a new, less-sucky mentation of Wear OS, it seems that Google is yet moving connected its archetypal Pixel Watch. The instrumentality apt features a rounded, bezel-less display, the Wear OS 3 operating system, and integration with Fitbit services.

According to interior documents reviewed by Business Insider, the Google Pixel hardware radical is processing this smartwatch separately from the Fitbit team. The specs are inactive unknown, but Insider claims that the Pixel Watch volition outgo much than a Fitbit and vie with flagship smartwatches, specified arsenic the Apple Watch.

As such, it should battalion immoderate high-end wellness and fittingness sensors (like an SpO2 sensor), positive quality-of-life smartwatch features, similar NFC contactless outgo support, Bluetooth streaming for Spotify and different euphony players, and (hopefully) cellular connectivity for times erstwhile you’re distant from your smartphone.

The unusual and absorbing happening present is Fitbit integration. We’re relieved to spot that Google is inactive treating Fitbit and Wear OS arsenic 2 abstracted products (combining them could ruin Fitbit), but it looks similar the bundle broadside of Fitbit could crook into a service.

It’s a weird idea, but it’s not a bad idea. Fitbit has immoderate of the astir compelling fitness, sleep, and wellness tracking bundle disposable today, to the constituent that it puts astir smartwatches and fittingness trackers to shame. Accessing the Fitbit app connected a third-party smartwatch would beryllium awesome, particularly if you don’t privation to deterioration the aforesaid ticker oregon fittingness tracker each day.

Not to mention, Google is already bringing Fitbit integration to the Nest Hub. We could soon find ourselves successful a concern wherever Fitbit tracking is disposable careless of what hardware you use, and that’s benignant of awesome—unless Google screws everything up, of course.

Our friends astatine Insider accidental the Pixel Watch should motorboat sometime adjacent year. Of course, Google could alteration its caput and ne'er merchandise this product. We besides person nary impervious that Google volition telephone its smartwatch the “Pixel Watch,” though Insider says that immoderate Google employees usage this moniker.

Source: Insider via The Verge

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