The Fitbit Luxe is a terrific deal at its lowest-ever sale price

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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

Fitbit has go a household name, and a immense crushed for that popularity is its fitness trackers. In April past year, the institution rolled retired a caller enactment of trackers known arsenic Luxe. This is simply a small, fashion-first tracker that has immoderate decent features — but astatine a precise precocious price. Thankfully, we person a Fitbit Luxe woody contiguous that brings it down to a overmuch much tenable cost!

Today, and for a constricted time, Amazon has the Luxe for conscionable $89.99. This is the lowest-ever terms for the tracker. Its motorboat terms was $149.99 and Fitbit subsequently dropped that to $129.99. So, depending connected however you look astatine it, this terms is either 40% disconnected its archetypal terms oregon 31% disconnected its existent price. Either way, it’s a bargain!

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Honestly, this tracker should person launched with a sub-$100 price. It has immoderate high-end features, specified arsenic a full-color OLED display. But it’s missing a ton of others, specified arsenic onboard GPS, Alexa and Google Assistant support, and tegument somesthesia tracking. It looks great, but it doesn’t bash capable to warrant a terms supra $100.

With each that successful mind, today’s Fitbit Luxe woody makes the tracker a overmuch much worthwhile purchase. At $90, this is simply a terrific enactment for radical who privation a tracker that does the basics, looks good, and tin spell for days without charging.

This woody won’t last, though, truthful beryllium definite to get it portion you can!

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