The Galaxy S22 is the next in line to get the One UI 6 beta

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  • Samsung is opening up the One UI 6 beta programme to the Galaxy S22.
  • The Galaxy S22 bid is the 4th Galaxy instrumentality to get the beta.
  • The update brings a fewer caller features and improvements.

When Samsung’s One UI 6 beta programme — based connected Android 14 — began rolling out, it initially came to the Galaxy S23 series. Since then, 2 mid-tier Galaxy devices person been added to the list. But present the update is yet rolling retired to past year’s flagship — the Galaxy S22.

On Samsung’s Korean assemblage page, the institution announced that it is opening up the One UI 6 beta programme to the Galaxy S22. This includes each models successful the bid the S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra.

Galaxy S22 One UI 6 Beta

The Korean tech elephantine is encouraging anyone who installs the beta to nonstop successful their opinions connected the usability and prime of the update. If you’d similar to effort the beta for yourself, you tin instal the bundle by heading implicit to the Samsung Members app. When you unfastened the app, you’ll spot a banner for One UI 6 astatine the top. Just click connected that banner and travel the instructions.

The One UI 6 beta offers a fewer caller features, arsenic good arsenic improvements to existing idiosyncratic experiences. Some of these updates see caller widgets, fastener surface customizations, caller emoji styles, camera app improvements, and more. For a afloat database of what’s new, you tin cheque retired our hub that goes in-depth connected One UI 6’s features.

Right now, the update is disposable to Galaxy S22 owners successful South Korea. But it should gradually grow retired to the US, Germany, and different locations successful owed time. Given the signifier astatine which Samsung has released the beta, it’s unclear what Galaxy instrumentality volition beryllium the adjacent to get the update.

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