The HONOR V Purse is now a commercial phone, but you should wait for the V2

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honor V Purse camera and display

Ryan Haines / Android Authority


  • HONOR has launched the V Purse arsenic a commercialized instrumentality successful China.
  • The caller foldable telephone packs immoderate mid-range specifications, specified arsenic a Snapdragon 778G chip.
  • The V Purse has a starting terms of ~$823.

HONOR revealed the V Purse foldable phone astatine IFA 2023, claiming it was a conception phone. Well, the institution has present launched the instrumentality successful China arsenic a commercialized product.

The HONOR V Purse so brings to caput devices similar the HUAWEI Mate XS, packing an out-folding plan alternatively of the much accepted in-folding signifier factor. This instrumentality measures 8.6mm bladed erstwhile folded and 4.3mm erstwhile unfurled, according to the company. It besides weighs successful astatine 214 grams.

HONOR says you tin besides expect a 7.71-inch 90Hz folding OLED surface present (2,348 x 2,016). This translates into a 6.45-inch smartphone screen. We bash wonderment astir durability implicit clip owing to the exposed folding display. But the institution says the surface has achieved a five-star standing for interaction absorption from the SGS body.

Mid-range horsepower for a foldable

Honor Magic V Purse conception  being modeled by a exemplary  connected  stage

Kris Carlon / Android Authority

Oddly enough, HONOR’s foldable uses a mid-range Snapdragon 778G processor alternatively of flagship-level silicon. For what it’s worth, the Snapdragon 778G archetypal launched mode backmost successful 2021. It’s unclear wherefore the smartphone marque chose this chipset but we’re guessing this determination was owed to outgo and heating concerns successful the slim body.

Other noteworthy specs see a 4,500mAh artillery with ~35W wired charging, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB oregon 512GB of storage. The V Purse besides packs a dual rear camera system, consisting of a 50MP main camera and a 12MP ultrawide lens (no telephoto lens here). Otherwise, an 8MP camera is disposable connected the folding surface for selfies.

HONOR is so leaning into wearing the telephone arsenic a purse, touting a assortment of optional carnal straps truthful you tin transportation the telephone astir arsenic a manner accessory. This is successful summation to wallpapers and unrecorded wallpapers that connection purse-like patterns.

HONOR V Purse pricing and availability

honor V Purse with sanction  badge

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The HONOR V Purse goes connected merchantability successful China connected September 26. The instrumentality starts astatine 5,999 yuan (~$823) for the 16GB/256GB variant, portion the 16GB/512GB exemplary volition acceptable you backmost 6,599 yuan (~$905).

We’ve asked HONOR astir planetary availability and a typical suggested to Android Authority that the instrumentality volition onshore successful Europe adjacent year. We nevertheless anticipation the institution prioritizes the Magic V2’s planetary merchandise arsenic that looks similar the much well-rounded foldable phone. The V2 brings a much almighty processor, a much flexible camera system, faster charging, and a bigger battery.

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