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Watch The Idol successful the UK

Having already created plentifulness of file inches surrounding its explicit enactment scenes, a reportedly troubled production and a critical panning pursuing its premiere astatine Cannes, it's present clip for viewers to marque their ain minds up astir The Idol, arsenic the music-industry play yet hits TV screens.

Helmed by Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, the amusement is pitched arsenic a acheronian satire connected fame and personage culture, aiming to propulsion backmost the curtain connected the darker broadside of the LA euphony business. 

The play follows Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp), a rising euphony prima who suffers a tense breakdown. Determined to regain her popular crown, she falls nether the spell of Tedros (Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye), a nightclub impresario who besides happens to beryllium the person of a cult.

Here's however you tin tune into The Idol. Plus, larn however a virtual backstage web tin travel successful useful portion you stream.

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Release dates for The Idol

The Idol premiere airs successful the US connected HBO connected Sunday, June 4, astatine 9 p.m. ET and PT. It'll besides beryllium disposable to watercourse connected Max (no longer HBO Max) astatine 9 p.m. ET and 6 p.m. PT. The remaining hour-long installments of the six-episode bid volition beryllium released connected a play ground astatine the aforesaid clip connected Sundays. 

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How to ticker The Idol from anyplace connected VPN

So what if you're traveling extracurricular your location state and privation to bask the amusement oregon privation an added furniture of privacy for streaming? There is an enactment that doesn't necessitate searching the net for a sketchy website: You tin usage a VPN, oregon virtual backstage network.

With a VPN, you're capable to virtually alteration your determination connected your phone, tablet oregon laptop to get entree to the show. If you find yourself incapable to ticker locally, a VPN tin travel successful handy. Plus, it's a large thought for erstwhile you're traveling and find yourself connected to a Wi-Fi web and privation to adhd an other furniture of privateness for your devices and logins.

Most VPNs, like CNET's Editors' Choice, ExpressVPN, marque it casual to virtually alteration your location. Looking for different options? Be definite to cheque retired immoderate of the different great VPN deals.

Express VPN
Sarah Tew/CNET

ExpressVPN is our existent champion VPN prime for radical who privation a reliable and harmless VPN, and it works connected a assortment of devices. It's usually $13 per month. But you can save 49% positive get 3 months of entree for free -- the equivalent of $6.67 per period -- if you get an yearly subscription. 

Note that ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How to ticker The Idol astir the satellite

Max movies and TV streaming connected  a phone
James Martin/CNET

If you're not already subscribed to Max (formerly HBO Max), you tin get it for $10 a period (with ads) oregon $16 a period (ad-free). To ticker successful 4K, you tin besides motion up for the Ultimate program for $20 per month. Read our Max review.

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If you're successful Canada, you'll beryllium capable to ticker The Idol premiere connected Crave connected June 4. A Crave Total subscription costs CA$20 a month.

The logo for UK and Ireland streaming work  Now TV.
Now TV

Planning connected catching this euphony manufacture play successful the UK? You'll beryllium capable to ticker it connected Sky Atlantic and Now from June 5. (A Now Entertainment rank allows you to watercourse the amusement for £10 a month.)


If you're successful Australia, you'll beryllium capable to ticker the premiere connected Foxtel and Binge connected June 5. (A Binge subscription starts astatine AU$10 a month.)

Tips for streaming The Idol utilizing a VPN

  • With 4 variables astatine play -- your ISP, browser, video streaming supplier and VPN -- acquisition and occurrence whitethorn vary.
  • If you don't spot your desired determination arsenic a default enactment for ExpressVPN, effort utilizing the "search for metropolis oregon country" option.
  • If you're having occupation viewing aft you've turned connected your VPN and acceptable it to the close viewing area, determination are 2 things you tin effort for a speedy fix. First, log successful to your streaming work subscription relationship and marque definite the code registered for the relationship is located successful the close viewing area. If not, you whitethorn request to alteration the carnal code connected record with your account. Second, immoderate astute TVs -- similar Roku -- don't person VPN apps you tin instal straight connected the instrumentality itself. Instead, you'll person to instal the VPN connected your router oregon the mobile hotspot you're utilizing (like your phone) truthful that immoderate instrumentality connected its Wi-Fi web present appears successful the close viewing location.
  • All of the VPN providers we urge person adjuvant instructions connected their main tract for rapidly installing the VPN connected your router. In immoderate cases with astute TV services, aft you instal a network's app, you'll beryllium asked to verify a numeric codification oregon click a nexus sent to your email code connected record for your astute TV. This is wherever having a VPN connected your router volition besides help, since some devices volition look to beryllium successful the close location. 
  • And remember, browsers tin often springiness distant a determination contempt utilizing a VPN, truthful beryllium definite you're utilizing a privacy-first browser to log into your services. We usually recommend Brave.
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