The iPhone 14’s repairability issues are causing repair professionals to quit

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  • iFixit has announced they are dropping the iPhone 14’s repairability score.
  • Apple has reportedly made it hard for autarkic repair shops to repair the device.
  • The mode Apple has approached repairability is causing immoderate repair professionals to permission the concern entirely.

In 2022, the iPhone 14 received praise for being the astir repairable iPhone since the iPhone 7, according to iFixit‘s repairability score. However, that people is present being downgraded due to the fact that of the limitations Apple has placed connected repairs.

Today, iFixit announced it is revising the iPhone 14’s repairability score. The handset was initially fixed a recommended 7 retired of 10 people for its updated repair-friendly architecture. But the telephone volition present beryllium downgraded to a bash not urge 4 retired of 10.

The reasoning down the people alteration reportedly has to bash with Apple’s restrictive attack to however repairs are handled. According to the site, large repairs connected modern iPhones necessitate support from Apple. In addition, the repairer has to bargain parts done Apple’s strategy and person the repair validated utilizing Apple’s System Configuration instrumentality — a instrumentality that pings Apple’s servers to authenticate and brace the constituent with the remainder of your phone. If this process isn’t followed, the idiosyncratic could acquisition constricted oregon missing features.

In short, the iPhone 14’s hardware is casual to repair, but Apple’s required bundle validation adds an unnecessary complication to the mix. So you could regenerate thing with a genuine Apple part, but it won’t enactment without that bundle handshake.

To beryllium fair, this process could beryllium Apple’s mode to guarantee that fixes are done decently and customers aren’t inconvenienced. But it besides comes disconnected arsenic Apple wanting afloat power implicit the lawsuit acquisition from each facet.

All of this is simply a large headache for the telephone repair industry. As iFixit explains, repair shops enactment by harvesting parts from breached devices oregon getting aftermarket parts. Apple’s attack makes harvesting and recycling parts pointless, which is simply a large portion of an autarkic repair shop’s business. It would besides necessitate these shops to nonstop your idiosyncratic accusation to Apple oregon hold to 5 years of audits to beryllium allowed to bash their job.

As a result, the struggle betwixt these repair shops and Apple has reportedly gotten truthful atrocious that immoderate professionals person decided to permission the concern entirely. And this occupation apt won’t beryllium confined to the iPhone 14.

The Cupertino steadfast confirmed during the iPhone 15 uncover lawsuit that the telephone would besides person the iPhone 14’s repairable architecture. But if Apple doesn’t alteration its parts pairing practice, it won’t substance much.

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