The Kindle Scribe is finally a good note-taking tablet and comic book reader

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Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

When the Amazon Kindle Scribe archetypal launched, it got a mitigated reappraisal from america due to the fact that the bundle acquisition wasn’t connected par with the promising hardware. After a fewer updates, it is yet surviving up to its potential. The Kindle Scribe is nary longer a ample e-ink tablet with precise basal note-taking capabilities; instead, it has go a much almighty enactment and sketching tablet arsenic good arsenic a amended PDF — and specifically comic publication — reader.

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The Kindle Scribe is present amended astatine note-taking

amazon kindle scribe lasso prime   transcript  paste instrumentality   3

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

My most-wanted Kindle Scribe diagnostic has been a lasso instrumentality to prime and determination substance around. I usage the Scribe arsenic my nonfiction planner for Android Authority, but I’m an unorganized writer. Too often ideas and words volition jumble up successful my caput and past travel retired earthy and messy connected paper, truthful I utilized to discarded a batch of clip erasing and re-writing arsenic I structured my notes connected the Scribe.

amazon kindle scribe lasso prime   transcript  paste instrumentality   2

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The caller lasso instrumentality has fixed that. Now, I conscionable power to it, prime immoderate needs to beryllium moved, and determination it. Inserting a enactment to constitute more, reorganizing slug points, aligning ideas, each of it is easier. Better yet, I tin resize, copy, and paste these selections crossed notes, which I find useful specifically for sketches. Random duplicates oregon quadruplicates similar the 1 supra go overmuch easier with the lasso.

The lasso instrumentality has made it easier than ever to signifier my messy thoughts.

I inactive privation Amazon to instrumentality speedy iPad-like gestures to insert a enactment oregon adhd a abstraction betwixt words, but for now, this does the job. Oh and letting maine prime the lasso instrumentality arsenic the default enactment for the Premium Pen’s fastener would beryllium large too.

In summation to the pen and highlighter, determination are present caller pen types (a fountain pen, a marker, and a pencil) successful 5 antithetic sizes. The second 2 are tilt and unit delicate too, for a much realistic sketching experience. See the changeable changes successful the representation above, arsenic I started light, enactment much pressure, past tilted.

Handwriting to substance conversion with the Kindle Scribe

Like immoderate bully note-taking work oregon device, the Kindle Scribe precocious added the enactment to person handwritten notes to substance erstwhile exporting them. You tin either rapidly email them to yourself oregon preview and edit the converted substance past email it to immoderate different address.

Handwriting to substance conversion is yet disposable connected the Kindle Scribe and works good successful my experience.

In my tests, the Kindle Scribe didn’t person immoderate occupation converting my handwriting and adjacent recognizing symbols similar ①, →, ↳, ❤, and emojis similar 🙁. It handles each caps, capitals, and lowercase good but misses enactment breaks and immoderate of my stylized exclamation marks and badly-placed arrows. It besides doesn’t look to similar the mode I constitute “&.”

I’d similar to spot this conversion arsenic an in-note option, without having to export it first, but hey, this is simply a bully archetypal step.

Improved enactment management

amazon kindle scribe enactment      overview

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

At first, it baffled maine that I couldn’t preview the pages of my ain notebooks arsenic I tin with a regular Kindle book, but that diagnostic is present available. The enactment overview is precise utile erstwhile I privation to leap to a circumstantial leafage successful my notes, but it besides lets maine insert a caller leafage wherever I request it oregon determination pages around.

Amazon has besides added subfolder enactment for notes and a “go to page” relation (which is redundant present that the overview is present and does it better). We’re inactive a fewer steps distant from my perfect note-management acquisition — I’d similar the enactment to determination a leafage to different enactment for illustration — but I’d accidental that determination are nary large deal-breakers anymore. The Scribe does what I request astir for my notes and lets maine enactment connected apical of my nonfiction readying and random sketching.

Elevated PDF and comic publication viewing experience

amazon kindle scribe comic publication  pdf predisposition  margins contrast

Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Given the 10.2-inch show and PDF support, I had primitively thought that the Scribe would beryllium perfect for speechmaking comic books. It turned retired to beryllium amended than my Kindle Paperwhite, but the show was inactive smaller than astir comic books and my eyesight isn’t what it utilized to be. Zooming successful and moving astir the leafage was choppy too. That connected apical of the achromatic and achromatic e-ink show made maine rethink my comic publication usage connected the Scribe.

Things person changed with the past updates, though. A opposition picker present lets maine amended the readability of immoderate precise bladed comic publication drawings and substance bubbles. A caller borderline picker tin region unnecessary margins astir PDFs to grow contented a bit. Zooming successful and retired and moving astir a PDF leafage has go arsenic creaseless arsenic it tin beryllium connected a slow-refresh e-ink display. And, astir importantly, a scenery presumption is present available, truthful I tin spot comic books connected a leafage width that’s akin to A4 paper. Yes, I person to scroll vertically, but that’s amended than perpetually zooming successful and out.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Amazon Kindle Scribe
AA Recommended

Amazon Kindle Scribe

E-ink penning • Included stylus • Incredible artillery life

The Kindle Scribe is Amazon's biggest e-reader yet, with pen enactment and note-taking capabilities.

The Kindle Scribe offers Amazon's champion e-reader features successful a larger signifier origin with pen support. The large 10.2-inch show is cleanable for note-taking and PDF annotation.

Over 3 consecutive updates, Amazon has improved a batch of the Kindle Scribe’s experience. I’d accidental that the Scribe has yet reached the authorities it should’ve been successful connected merchandise time — each the indispensable features are determination and the full acquisition from speechmaking to penning to annotating has been drastically elevated. I’m looking guardant to seeing what other Amazon adds; there’s inactive a batch of country to turn with this enactment of Kindles.

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