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The Last of Us occurrence 4 came to HBO and HBO Max connected Sunday, with Ellie and Joel (Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal) backmost connected the roadworthy aft past week's heartbreaking diversion. They're connected way to link Ellie to the Fireflies, since the rebel radical wants to replicate her immunity to the fungal infection that transformed billions of radical into monsters.

This occurrence besides features a large deviation from the crippled by introducing an unthinkable caller villain. Let's spot however that goes down by diving into occurrence 4 SPOILERS.

spoiler alert

A ruthless leader

The marauders successful this occurrence are arsenic terrifying arsenic they are successful the PlayStation game, with the archetypal confrontation with them playing retired similarly to the root material. (Bill is besides live successful the game, but parts ways with Joel and Ellie earlier this goes down.) The incidental takes spot successful Kansas City, but it happened successful Pittsburgh successful the game.

The HBO adaptation besides gives these marauders a person -- the softly menacing Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey from Showtime's unthinkable Yellowjackets). This caller quality is connected a bloody quest for vengeance aft her member was beaten to decease by FEDRA (Federal Disaster Response Agency), which ran quarantine zones with the remnants of the US military. It's fundamentally 1 of the past remnants of the government, but its powerfulness isn't implicit -- guerilla groups similar Kathleen's person overthrown them successful immoderate cities.  

Having dealt with Fedra, her radical is hunting down radical who collaborated with Fedra -- the names Henry and Sam volition apt disturbance memories if you've played the game. Kathleen is shown a loft they'd been hiding in, and it's filled with a kid's creation of Superman. (HBO genitor institution Warner Bros Discovery besides owns DC Comics, hurray for marque synergy.)

Melanie Lynskey's Kathleen looks down   astatine  idiosyncratic    unseen successful  a shipping instrumentality  successful  The Last of Us

Melanie Lynskey's Kathleen makes her debut successful The Last of Us occurrence 4, and she's a quality that wasn't seen successful the game.


The horrors created by the rhythm of revenge volition beryllium acquainted to anyone who's played The Last of Us games and is peculiarly evident successful Part 2. It's similar the Kathleen storyline was added to the amusement truthful vengeance is simply a clearer thematic through-line of vengeance betwixt this play and the second.

Kathleen's bearded goon Perry is played by Jeffrey Pierce, who voiced Joel's member Tommy successful the games (he's played by Gabriel Luna successful the show). How about: He warns her astir a sinkhole being created by infected nether a building, but she conscionable orders him to seal it off. Seems similar Kathleen is letting her grudge distract her from a much contiguous problem. 

Ellie get your gun

Joel is wracked with guilt implicit Ellie being forced to sprout Bryan, but she reveals that it wasn't her archetypal clip doing so. Accepting that there's nary anticipation of preserving his teenage ally's innocence successful this hellish world, helium teaches her to usage a weapon properly. 

Joel and Ellie speech   successful  an abandoned store   with paper-covered windows successful  The Last of Us

Joel accepts that Ellie volition request to prosecute successful unit to survive.


It mirrors a concern successful the game successful which Joel gives Ellie a handgun aft she proves her capableness with a firearm by covering Joel with a firearm arsenic helium kills a clump of bandits. It's a subtly defining infinitesimal successful their communicative successful that mean and volition beryllium akin successful the show. 

Blasts from the past

They get immoderate retro popular civilization connected their roadworthy trip, successful the signifier of a Hank Williams cassette tape. The opus is 1955's Alone and Forsaken, which is utilized successful a akin mode successful the game.

As they're driving done the Kansas City streets, we besides drawback a glimpse of an abandoned movie theatre that was playing 2 artifacts of 2003 cinema -- Kate Beckinsale vampire-werewolf phantasy Underworld and Nicholas Cage acheronian drama Matchstick Men -- erstwhile the outbreak occurred.

The opus that plays implicit the credits is Lotte Keshner's screen of 1987 New Order opus True Faith, which was featured successful The Last of Us Part 2. The instrumentalist was initially uncredited for this use, but crippled manager Neil Druckmann acknowledged this and apologized successful a tweet. Keshner was subsequently credited accordingly, Polygon reported successful 2020.

Big publication of puns

On a lighter note, Ellie finds a publication of puns that she uses to lighten the grim temper of their journey. In lawsuit you consciousness similar breaking them retired successful your mundane life, present are the jokes she hits Joel with:

  • It doesn't substance however overmuch you propulsion the envelope. It'll inactive beryllium stationary.
  • What did the mermaid deterioration to her mathematics class? An algae-bra.
  • I stayed up each night, wondering wherever the prima went. And past it dawned connected me.
  • Why did the scarecrow get an award? Because helium was retired lasting successful his field.
  • Did you cognize diarrhea is hereditary? It runs successful your jeans.

Joel knows the reply to the scarecrow 1 and laughs astatine the diarrhea one, hinting that the brace are bonding. Seems unsafe to go excessively fond of your "cargo" Joel.

After evading Kathleen's group, they spell to slumber successful the evident information of a country connected the 33rd level of a building. Despite Joel's information measures, they aftermath up to find guns pointed successful their faces -- they've been discovered by Henry and Sam (Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Woodard).

Episode 5 of The Last of Us hits HBO Max next Sunday, Feb. 12.

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