The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leaps guardant connected what was offered successful 2017’s Breath of the Wild, filling retired the world’s sandbox with innovative caller tools and abilities, letting you attack challenges successful inventive caller ways.


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    Powerful caller abilities

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    Massive, affluent unfastened world

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    Stuffed with puzzles


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    Complex battles origin debased framerates

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Review information

Time played: 70 hours
Platform: Nintendo Switch

In the entity supra Hyrule, a dragon is turning successful large graceful loops. Its lion-like yellowish mane flutters and trails successful the upwind arsenic it threads a way done clouds, drafting my oculus from the greenish plains to the floating islands that dot the aerial above. I basal and ticker from a region until the carnal dives groundward, and I suffer show of it; possibly it flies debased into a canyon oregon done 1 of the chasms that pockmark the landscape, acting arsenic entrances to the acheronian cavernous underworld beneath the crust of the earth. 

I hold for a infinitesimal to spot if the dragon volition look again. When it doesn’t, I proceed my agelong locomotion to Kakariko village, the adjacent halt successful my hunt for Princess Zelda. The dragon isn’t thing to dwell on; it’s conscionable different of the galore wondrous sights successful The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Following successful the footsteps of 2017’s Breath of the Wild, the open-world crippled that some launched the Nintendo Switch and acted arsenic a swansong to the Wii U, Tears of the Kingdom continues the communicative of Zelda’s loyal swordsman Link, bringing a immense satellite to explore, caller abilities to master, and a important improvement of the physics and chemistry-driven sandbox astatine the bosom of the Switch motorboat title. 

One up, 1 down

 Tears of the Kingdom

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Tears of the Kingdom opens with Link and Zelda exploring the undercroft beneath Hyrule Castle. While Calamity Ganon whitethorn person been defeated astatine the extremity of Breath of the Wild, the kingdom isn’t yet astatine peace, and the brace are investigating reports of a toxic unreality seeping up done the palace.

They travel crossed a mural successful a hidden enclosure that tells the communicative of the Zonai, an precocious contention descended from the gods who arrived successful Hyrule millennia before, wherever 1 of their number, Raaru, became the land’s archetypal king. Raaru fought idiosyncratic called The Demon King successful The Imprisoning War, but the communicative cuts disconnected due to the fact that a rockpile obscures the past panels of the mural. 

Link and Zelda instrumentality a staircase inactive deeper and find a ample cavern containing the root of the toxic gloom: a mummified corpse hanging successful the air, impaled with a magical greenish gauntlet. As the brace approach, the mummy awakens and attacks. The monster wraps itself astir Link’s blade, the Master Sword, shattering it into fragments earlier incinerating the hero’s arm. Zelda falls into the chasm below, and Link loses way of her. Before the monster tin termination him, the gauntlet teleports him away.

Link awakens to find the satellite helium knows torn apart. Hyrule castle present floats implicit a large chasm successful the earth, and mysterious islands interval ominously successful the sky. Holes person opened up successful the ground, starring down to a immense darkness-wrapped onshore beneath Hyrule filled with toxic gloom and unusual creatures.

Not each is lost, though; the gauntlet that saved Link begins to talk and leads him connected a quest to find Princess Zelda, starring him to the 4 corners of Hyrule, wherever he’ll observe past elemental temples and allies successful the combat against the past evil.

Out with the old

 Tears of the Kingdom

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Breath of the Wild’s developers threw retired and changed thing they felt wasn’t indispensable to a Zelda game. In the process, they made the 30-year-old bid into a physics and chemistry-driven open-world sandbox, 1 wherever you could airy an arrow connected a stove, sprout it into agelong writer and commencement a occurrence that would dispersed and make an updraft of blistery aerial that you could thrust skyward connected your paraglider. That aforesaid motor powers Tears of the Kingdom, but you person a full caller improvement of tools to disturbance the sandbox's sands.

You tin nary longer usage your Sheikah Slate to summon clip bombs oregon make crystal blocks from pools of water. Instead, you person a caller scope of abilities, specified arsenic traveling vertically done coagulated materials, similar a salmon up a waterfall. You tin besides intermission clip and prime an entity to reverse. You tin usage the powerfulness to rewind the motions of a cog successful a machine, switching the absorption of an elevator, say, oregon sending the boulder an force has thrown astatine you close backmost to wherever it came from.

But the implications of those powers are insignificant compared to Fuse and Ultrahand. With Fuse, you tin weld objects and items to your weapons and shields, grafting the item's attributes onto your gear. While seemingly straightforward, this quality harnesses the chemistry motor underpinning Tears of the Kingdom. Fuse the horn of a fire-breathing Lizalfos to your spear, and present you won’t conscionable impale your enemies; you’ll airy them connected fire, too.

 Tears of the Kingdom

(Image credit: Nintendo)

With a spot of experimentation, you tin make an arsenal of weapons that burn, zap, and frost your foes. You tin fuse items to your arrows, too, turning them into homing arrows, weaponry arrows or, with the assistance of a angiosperm recovered successful the caverns nether Hyrule, an arrow that volition crook your enemies against each other.

You tin fuse armor plating to your shield to fortify them oregon adhd a briar of thorns that harm enemies arsenic you artifact their assaults. Though, my favourite fusion is possibly the simplest: if you weld a Zonai rocket to a shield and artifact with the ZL button, the rocket launches you into the air, acting similar 1 of NASA’s boosters.

Ultrahand allows you to levitate objects successful the world, lifting large chromatic blocks similar they were balls of paper, and weld them unneurotic to make analyzable entities. Loose wheels and planks travel unneurotic to marque a cart you tin thrust down a hill, woody boards go a agelong span to transverse a canyon, and shipping crates stack to make a ladder to ascent retired to the extortion of a building. While a small fiddly to power astatine first, the powerfulness becomes an indispensable instrumentality for mastering your environment.

Ultrahand brings Tears of the Kingdom to beingness erstwhile you commencement discovering Zonai devices. They tin beryllium elemental components, similar a glider wing, artillery pack, oregon sledge oregon much complicated, similar a fan, occurrence emitter, oregon spring-loaded cannon. In your (ultra) hands, you tin weld a instrumentality to a plank and crook it into a makeshift hovercraft, instrumentality a balloon connected a occurrence emitter onto a woody committee and physique a blistery aerial balloon, oregon strap rockets to a sledge and make, well, I’m not definite what you’d telephone it but it’s a batch of amusive to ride. 

Breaking and entering

 Tears of the Kingdom

(Image credit: Nintendo)

In temples and shrines, you usage Zonai devices to physique machines that lick circumstantial problems, learning however the objects interact with the physics of the sandbox. Completing the acceptable of puzzles threaded done each of Tears of the Kingdom’s 5 temples near maine walking astir my level believing I had the astir elephantine encephalon successful the satellite and that I should person been an engineer. It’s similar making the cardinal to acceptable a circumstantial lock. Out successful Hyrule, however, you tin usage Zonai machines much similar a crowbar.

I needed to scope an land floating successful the skies precocious supra Rito Village. It was acold excessively precocious for maine to climb, and adjacent if I could get to the top, an overhang would forestall maine from reaching the top. I’d simply autumn backmost down to the upland below. I knew determination indispensable beryllium a way I was meant to usage to get to the island; I conscionable couldn’t spot what it was. Rather than effort and puzzle it out, though, I went done my inventory and recovered the Zonai devices I needed.

I aboriginal realized I could conscionable person utilized my Ascend quality to question up to the island, but I wasn’t adjacent annoyed with myself...

I didn’t person a occurrence emitter, but I had a balloon and a woody committee to usage arsenic a basket. I had a flint and a heap of wood successful my knapsack, truthful I dropped those connected the committee and struck the flint with my sword, which lit the wood, which inflated the balloon, which floated maine astir each the mode up to the island. Never missing an opportunity, I strapped a rocket to my shield and launched myself from the jury-rigged blistery aerial balloon, giving maine the tallness to glide down to the island.

I aboriginal realized I could conscionable person utilized my Ascend quality to question up to the island, but I wasn’t adjacent annoyed with myself due to the fact that Nintendo had fixed maine the tools to interruption its satellite unfastened and play however I wished.

Much similar the satellite of Hyrule, the powers successful Tears of the Kingdom are reminiscent of Breath of the Wild but present person galore much layers and overmuch greater depth.

One drawback of this caller exertion is that it puts the Nintendo Switch nether a batch of pressure. In particular, erstwhile facing Yiga clan camps successful the depths beneath Hyrule. Those pesky ninjas conflict you with analyzable Zonai vehicles, and each of the simultaneous calculations tin origin terrible framerate drops. I didn’t caput these occasional drops and saw them much arsenic a hint of the conflict to come, but you whitethorn disagree if a unsmooth framerate volition interruption your immersion.

Battle with the elements

 Tears of the Kingdom

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Tears of the Kingdom’s caller tools organically physique connected Breath of the Wild’s combat. Your basal moves stay the same, onslaught with Y, clasp the fastener down to complaint your attack; fastener onto your people and shield yourself with ZL; sidestep and backflip with X; and well-timed dodges are rewarded with a accidental to antagonistic your enemies’ attacks. But now, each those moves are twinned with weapons you tin fuse with elemental attributes.

You tin brute unit your mode done combat encounters, arming yourself with the biggest sword successful your arsenal and swinging it until each force astir you is dead, but you tin bring a combat to a overmuch swifter extremity by pairing your limb with the weakness of your enemy. Hit occurrence enemies with crystal weapons, unarmored enemies with lightning weapons, and sentient rocks with a chromatic hammer to smash them into dust.

The combat successful Tears of the Kingdom is emblematic of the sequel’s improvements implicit Breath of the Wild. The bones of the games are the same, but everything has much nutrient to it than before. The satellite of Hyrule, the combat, and the powers astatine your disposal each commencement from wherever Breath of the Wild near off, but Nintendo has leapt them guardant with clever enrichments. 

The multi-leveled satellite wouldn’t beryllium arsenic enjoyable to research without the caller vehicles you tin build, the combat would consciousness stale if not for the elemental fusions you tin present play with, and the powers we mastered successful the past crippled wouldn’t lucifer the standard of the caller Hyrule Nintendo has built, but what we person successful Tears of the Kingdom is recognizably akin to the Sheikah Slate’s abilities.

As Majora’s Mask was to Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is simply a masterful improvement of the Nintendo Switch’s motorboat rubric and, if it does extremity up being the past large merchandise for the console, a fitting bookend for Nintendo’s top strategy to date. 

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