The Meta Quest 3 Will Have a 2x GPU Boost and a Price Hike

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Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 2 is inactive fundamentally the lone VR headset if you privation a standalone VR experience, without a PC oregon crippled console attached. Meta, the proprietor of Facebook, has announced a sequel: the Meta Quest 3.

The Meta Quest 3 works conscionable similar the existent Quest 2, with a headset and 2 question controllers giving you the quality to bask VR contented and games without immoderate different hardware. However, Meta is switching to a customized “next-generation Snapdragon chipset” developed by Qualcomm, which volition supposedly treble the graphical powerfulness disposable to the headset. That should effect successful smoother show and much item successful VR games, though the second alteration volition necessitate updated (or new) games.

The headset volition besides enactment “Meta Reality,” the augmented world situation that is presently constricted to the pricey Meta Quest Pro. It allows games and applications to show contented connected apical of your real-world environment, utilizing the cameras built into the beforehand of the headset. The headset volition besides person “a 40% slimmer optic illustration compared to Quest 2,” and stay compatible with bundle created for earlier Quest Pro headsets. Those changes travel astatine a cost, though — the Quest 3 volition commencement astatine $499.99, a $100 terms hike from the Quest 2’s existent terms (which has fluctuated implicit the past fewer months).

Even though Meta is announcing the Quest 3 today, the institution won’t stock each the details until an lawsuit connected September 27. Today’s aboriginal uncover mightiness beryllium an effort by Meta to bargain immoderate of the spotlight from Apple’s VR and AR headset, which is rumored to amusement up astatine next week’s WWDC event.

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