The Metaverse is a $1T opportunity after users increase 10X: Grayscale report

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According to a caller study from Grayscale, the complaint of progressive Metaverse users accrued by 10X betwixt the commencement of 2020 and June 2021.

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 Grayscale report

Crypto concern elephantine Grayscale has published a bullish study connected the Metaverse, estimating that the “market opportunity” for bringing the Metaverse to the mainstream whitethorn beryllium worthy implicit $1 trillion successful the adjacent fewer years.

The November study titled “The Metaverse, Web 3.0 Virtual Cloud Economies” was authored by Grayscale Head of probe David Grider and probe expert Matt Maximo. The duo explores the burgeoning assemblage chiefly from the position of open Metaverse worlds backed by an “interconnected crypto-economy” specified arsenic Decentraland.

The study highlights that Metaverse platforms integrated with crypto tokens, decentralized concern (DeFi) services specified arsenic staking and lending, NFTs, decentralized governance and decentralized unreality retention person “created a caller online experience” that’s rapidly attracting caller users.

Analyzing “global all-time progressive metaverse wallets” information since the commencement of 2020, it recovered the idiosyncratic basal has grown by 10X since that clip to beryllium astatine astir 50,000 arsenic of June 2021.

“Compared to different Web 3.0 and Web 2.0 segments, Metaverse virtual satellite users are inactive successful their aboriginal innings, but if existent maturation rates stay connected their existent trajectory, this emerging conception has the imaginable to go mainstream successful the coming years.”

The study highlights that there’s nary shortage of VCs taking a punt connected the sector’s potential. According to the report, fundraising totaled $1 cardinal for blockchain gaming successful Q3. That represented 12% of full fundraising for the full crypto assemblage successful the quarter, ranking it arsenic the “top sub-sector” wrong the Web 3.0 and NFT category.

Market opportunity

The researchers enactment a scope of cardinal dynamics that could importantly lend to the maturation of the Metaverse sector, including increasing mean leisure clip and wealth spent connected integer hobbies, a taste displacement from premium games to free-to-play gaming and Web 3.0 innovations specified arsenic play-to-earn (P2E).

Global gross from virtual satellite gaming totaled $180 cardinal successful 2020, with “premium spending" accounting for astir $40 billion, with estimates the assemblage could propulsion successful much than $400 cardinal by 2025, chiefly driven by the in-game spending model.

The study argues that this displacement is “accelerating further with the modulation from Web 2.0 closed firm Metaverses to Web 3.0 unfastened crypto Metaverse networks,” owed to the play-to-earn potential they represent.

“Web 3.0 Metaverse virtual worlds person benefited from accelerated innovation and productivity gains. Crypto virtual worlds person created a multi-million dollar superior and secondary marketplace for creators and plus owners by eliminating superior controls and opening their integer borders to free-market capitalism,” the study reads.

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