The Mode electric toothbrush may only have one setting, but that's all it needs

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The Mode Electric Toothbrush is an exceptionally crafted instrumentality with its sleek matte achromatic plan alongside a matching cable-free magnetic charger. Your teeth and gums get a heavy cleanable acknowledgment to the sonic vibrations that present 38,000 brushwood strokes per minute. However, there’s lone 1 cleaning mode connected the toothbrush and nary companion app, truthful its lacking features immoderate mightiness expect from specified a comparatively costly option.


  • +

    Deep-cleaning sonic vibrations

  • +

    Sleek matte achromatic design

  • +

    Cordless, magnetic charging dock


  • -

    No companion app

  • -

    Few features

  • -

    Only 1 brushing mode

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Mode Electric Toothbrush: One infinitesimal review

Mode is simply a comparatively caller marque that sells lone 1 product: the electrical toothbrush—and its replacement brushwood heads. That means a ton of thought and item went into creating this device, and it shows. 

The Mode Electric Toothbrush is 1 of the astir aesthetically pleasing toothbrushes you tin find, surely prettier than immoderate of the different best electrical toothbrushes. No achromatic integrative here: its minimalistic all-black coloring and wire-free charging.  You’ll happily acceptable this toothbrush up successful a partition outlet. Yes, you work that right. The charging dock plugs straight into your partition outlet, and the toothbrush magnetically attaches to it for casual charging. Therefore, your clunky wired chargers volition nary longer clutter the antagonistic space. The charging dock besides doubles arsenic a nighttime light. 

Brushing with the Mode leaves your rima feeling caller and clean, acknowledgment to immoderate insanely almighty sonic vibrations. You’ll ne'er privation to spell backmost to manual toothbrushes. There’s adjacent a two-minute interior timer that pulses each 30 seconds, letting you cognize erstwhile to power up the country of the rima you’re cleaning. However, there’s lone 1 cleaning mode, truthful if you’ve got ultra-sensitive teeth and gums, you whitethorn privation to find a toothbrush that’s a small little intense.  

There is besides nary companion app oregon LCD surface to archer you how, when, and wherever to cleanable your teeth, uncomplicating brushing. But for those that similar guidance, this is simply a woody breaker. 

The Mode Electric Toothbrush doesn’t travel excessively cheap, landing it successful the mid-to-higher-end of the toothbrush market. For those aft its sleek styling and the useful functionality of the charging dock, it mightiness conscionable beryllium worthy the splurge. But determination are besides plentifulness of cheaper options that’ll springiness you the aforesaid caller from the dentist cleanable feeling.   

Mode Electric Toothbrush review: Specifications

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Component Mode Electric Toothbrush
Price$165.00 (around £125 / AU$240)
DockWireless plug-in, rotating dock w/ nightlight
BatteryRechargable, up to 30 days artillery life
Brushing actionSonic, 38,000 strokes pm
Companion appNone
Timer?Yes, 2 minutes
Water resistantYes, IPX7

Mode Electric Toothbrush review: Price and availability

  • List Price: $165.00 US 
  • Not disposable successful different regions

The Mode Electric Toothbrush is presently lone disposable to acquisition and vessel successful the US straight from the Mode website for $165. If you’re looking to prevention a mates of bucks, there’s a subscription program disposable for $150—on merchantability present for $120. With it, you’ll get the Mode Electric toothbrush, and past each 3 months, they’ll nonstop you a brushwood caput replacement for $10. You tin cancel this subscription astatine immoderate time. 

If you opt retired of the subscription program erstwhile purchasing the toothbrush but inactive privation a brushwood caput replacement, it’ll outgo you $15. The outgo of brushwood caput replacements is connected par with different high-end electrical toothbrushes, specified arsenic the Oral-B iO Series 9. It’s besides imaginable to motion up for the $10 subscription program aft purchasing the toothbrush, and you’ll prevention $5,  getting the brushwood heads for $10. Active subscriptions adjacent springiness the toothbrush a beingness warranty against shaper defects. 

  • Value score: 4/5

Mode Electric Toothbrush review: Design

Mode Electric Toothbrush successful  black

(Image credit: Danielle Abraham)
  • Sleek matte achromatic plan throughout 
  • Simple one-setting vibrating brushwood head
  • Cordless, magnetic charging dock
  • No companion app

There’s nary denying the Mode Electric Toothbrush is simply a happening of simplistic beauty. Rather than going the gaudy colorful, oregon drab achromatic route, the Mode comes successful a sleek matte black. The achromatic fastener and acheronian grey brushwood bristles enactment connected theme, portion the tiny Mode logo shines successful silver. Its charging basal matches for a seamless look, ensuring this instrumentality won’t beryllium an eyesore successful your bathroom. Even the packaging the toothbrush arrived successful exuded that aforesaid opulence. 

The Mode toothbrush feels large in-hand with a coagulated aluminum grip that’s casual to grip and a brushwood caput that stays firmly successful spot portion brushing. It comes with a translucent achromatic brushwood screen to support debris and particulate disconnected portion not successful use, and that’s besides useful for travel. However, the brushwood is overmuch heavier and bulkier than a accepted toothbrush, truthful it mightiness not beryllium the champion question companion. 

To get using, a azygous slim achromatic fastener connected the grip turns connected the instrumentality portion a achromatic indicator airy glows to archer you it’s working—if the beardown pulsing wasn’t evident enough. That airy volition glow reddish erstwhile the artillery is moving low. 

Only 1 brushing mode is available; a sonic vibration that promises 38,000 brushwood strokes a minute, oregon 76,000 erstwhile going by the two-minute interior timer. You aren’t getting an oscillating caput oregon antithetic strength levels. It uncomplicates things. That whitethorn disappoint some, particularly if you’re accustomed to tuning settings precisely to your liking. The comparatively precocious terms tag besides leads you to expect much prime during your teeth cleanings, and possibly a little aggravated mounting would’ve been a bully inclusion.

It is recommended that you regenerate your brushwood caput each 3 months oregon so, and arsenic I mentioned, there’s an auto-refill programme with comparatively inexpensive $10 replacements. Taking the aged caput disconnected requires conscionable a airy tug, and the caller 1 pops connected with ease. As idiosyncratic who utilized a Quip toothbrush for longer than I’d similar to admit and ever struggled to get the caller brushwood caput connected and off,  this is simply a boon. 

One of the champion features of the Mode is the handle’s waterproof plan with an IPX7 rating. Therefore, you tin rinse the full toothbrush aft each use, which is indispensable fixed that the all-black plan and often achromatic toothpaste don’t premix well. There’s besides a tiny spread betwixt the brushwood caput and grip that’s prone to getting toothpaste caked successful it. Diligent rinsing prevents this from becoming an issue. 

However, the astir unsocial facet of the Mode is its charging dock. It’s thing I’ve ne'er seen successful a toothbrush before. The charging dock simply plugs straight into a partition outlet, truthful determination are nary much annoying cables cluttering the abstraction connected your countertop. Your toothbrush past magnetically attaches to it conscionable beneath the brushwood caput for cordless charging and storage, akin to the MagSafe charging connected iPhones. 

If you’re disquieted astir the toothbrush blocking entree to different outlets, the dock really rotates counterclockwise, truthful you tin spot your toothbrush astatine immoderate space you please. The circular charging dock is besides compact astatine lone 2 inches successful diameter and 1.5 inches astatine its thickest point, not including the 3 prongs. I had nary occupation slotting successful bulkier plugs nether it. 

The charging dock isn’t lone susceptible of charging your toothbrush wirelessly, arsenic it’s besides rocking a nighttime airy feature. A brushed glow emits from the backmost of the dock erstwhile successful a acheronian space. There’s adjacent a sensor that detects erstwhile the country is dark, and it’ll automatically crook on. But this is simply a double-edged sword due to the fact that there’s nary existent mode to crook disconnected the nighttime airy diagnostic different than unplugging the charging dock. 

That dock is besides h2o resistant, with an IPX4 rating, truthful aft you rinse disconnected your toothbrush, don’t beryllium acrophobic to instantly connect it to the dock. Just don’t submerge the dock successful water, and if it needs to beryllium cleaned, usage a damp cloth and hold until it’s wholly adust earlier plugging backmost in. 

One glaring diagnostic missing from the Mode Electric Toothbrush is an app. All the large electrical toothbrush brands, from Colgate and Oral-B to Phillips Sonicare and Quip person companion apps that’ll link to their high-end toothbrushes, keeping way of cleaning and giving tips. Personally, I don’t admit an app telling maine however to brushwood my teeth. That’s what my dentist is for. However, I tin spot the payment successful an app noting areas of my rima I whitethorn person missed. 

  • Design score: 4/5

Mode Electric Toothbrush review: Performance

Mode Electric Toothbrush successful  black

(Image credit: Danielle Abraham)
  • Deep-cleaning sonic vibrations
  • Only 1 cleaning mode
  • Charging dock rotates 

The Mode Electric Toothbrush is elemental to get using. Right erstwhile you instrumentality it retired of the packaging, you tin statesman brushing, arsenic the toothbrush comes charged.  When you property the slim achromatic button, almighty vibrations tin beryllium felt done your hand, though you inactive consciousness afloat successful power of the brush. There’s besides a noticeable hum from the motor, truthful if you’re looking for silence, you whitethorn privation to question retired a antithetic option. 

As I mentioned, you don’t get antithetic brushing modes. However, the 1 connected connection has a batch of muscle. In fact, the archetypal clip I tested it, my toothpaste was shaken close disconnected the brushwood head. The cleaning was thorough, removing each the nastiness near from the day. My teeth felt insanely creaseless aft blowing the show of a manual toothbrush and my basal Quip toothbrush retired of the water. 

If you’re disquieted astir it being excessively unsmooth for your teeth and gums, the tapered bristles connected the brushwood are really precise soft. My gums person a flimsy sensitivity, and I felt perfectly nary symptom but inactive got a heavy clean. 

Unfortunately, there’s nary app oregon surface to usher you done your brushing, but the interior two-minute timer subtly pulses each 30 seconds. That gives you immoderate guidance, letting you cognize erstwhile to power cleaning areas. I utilized it, splitting my rima into 4 sections to guarantee each country got a just magnitude of attention. 

After you’re done brushing, I’d urge rinsing disconnected the full toothbrush, ensuring you’re not near with toothpaste residue. It’s h2o proof, and the rinsing should instrumentality possibly 10 seconds, truthful there’s nary crushed not to. During my 2 weeks of testing, toothpaste residue did commencement to physique up, detracting from the sleek looks of the device. Obviously, I should’ve been much diligent with the cleaning. 

Once it’s clean, you tin spot the toothbrush straight onto the magnetic charging dock. No request to adust it disconnected oregon anything. Just marque definite you don’t splash h2o into the different outlets. 

Mode claims that this magnetic dock is the archetypal of its kind, and I person to admit, I similar it. My toothbrush conscionable plopped close successful and began charging. You don’t request to interest astir uncovering batteries each fewer months, portion agelong wires won’t beryllium clogging up your antagonistic space, and annoying charging stands won’t permission your toothbrush prone to being knocked over. 

Mode Electric Toothbrush successful  black

(Image credit: Danielle Abraham)

The charging dock besides rotates, though I volition pass you it’s not the easiest to move, and the dock needs to beryllium plugged successful in bid to really marque it turn. This diagnostic came successful useful erstwhile I wanted to plug successful my stroke dryer, arsenic I conscionable turned the toothbrush from a vertical positioning to horizontal and plugged the instrumentality in. The toothbrush stayed firmly successful spot the full time.

As I noted earlier, lukewarm airy glows from the backmost of the charging dock erstwhile the country is acheronian enough. The ambient airy shining from my chamber didn’t impact the nighttime airy from functioning successful my maestro bathroom. However, arsenic soon arsenic I turned connected the bath light, the nighttime airy unopen off. But if you’re not a instrumentality of nighttime lights, there’s nary mode to crook disconnected that diagnostic too unplugging the charging dock oregon turning connected a light. The toothbrush has a artillery that should past a month, truthful there’s nary crushed you request to support it charging each the clip anyways.

Speaking of keeping it charging, I’ve noticed that the country wherever the toothbrush grip attaches to the charger is ever warm. It’s not excessively blistery to interaction oregon thing similar that, but it’s inactive somewhat worrisome and makes maine wonderment astir the longevity of the battery. Also, could it beryllium a occurrence hazard? Be definite to support an oculus connected it if you extremity up purchasing the Mode.

Of course, the beingness warranty erstwhile Mode’s subscription program is progressive means you’re covered if thing happens to the toothbrush’s artillery oregon if you find different defects. Otherwise, the instrumentality has a one-year warranty from the day of purchase. Luckily, 2 weeks in, my Mode Electric Toothbrush is moving conscionable arsenic large arsenic erstwhile I archetypal unwrapped it from its classy achromatic box.

  • Performance score: 4/5

Mode Electric Toothbrush review: Battery life

  • 30-day artillery life
  • 72-hour recharge time

The shaper claims that the Mode’s rechargeable artillery has a 30-day life, truthful you tin ever store the charging dock distant successful a furniture if you don’t privation it near retired each the time. I’ve lone been investigating the toothbrush for 2 weeks and person had nary issues with the artillery frankincense far.  Whenever I placed it backmost connected the charging dock, a airy would pulse to bespeak charging, going disconnected aft a fewer minutes. 

If you determine you don’t privation to popular the Mode backmost connected the dock aft each use, a reddish airy volition glow, indicating it’s clip to complaint it backmost up. A afloat complaint should beryllium achieved aft 72 hours successful the charging dock. 

  •  Battery beingness score: 5/5 

Mode Electric Toothbrush review: Verdict

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Value At $165, it’s not the cheapest, but there’s a batch of worth compared to super-premium offerings.4/5
DesignNot galore features, but a coagulated waterproof construction, interior timer and almighty sonic motion. 4/5
PerformanceNo varying strength settings is simply a drawback, but it’s precise elemental to usage with nary frills and does the occupation well.4/5
Battery lifeExceptional. Lives up to its claims5/5
TotalSimple isn’t ever bad. A precise bully toothbrush that offers large value, but debar if your teeth are overly delicate owed to nary adjustable settings. 4/5

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Don't bargain it if...

How I tested the Mode Electric Toothbrush

Our writer had the Mode electrical toothbrush for respective weeks and utilized it doubly a day, wearing down the artillery and utilizing the brushwood to its fullest extent. Visit our how we test leafage for much details.

First reviewed: May 2023

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