The path moving forward for ex-Ethereum miners remains unclear

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It seems that immoderate GPU owners person resorted to selling powerfulness to non-crypto projects pursuing the Ethereum Merge.

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The way  moving guardant  for ex-Ethereum miners remains unclear

It’s been astir 2 weeks since Ethereum made its historical modulation from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, and immoderate ex-ETH miners accidental they stay clueless connected however to determination forward. 

Following the Merge, galore took to crypto Twitter to sermon what they judge volition hap to these erstwhile Ethereum miners. On the time of the merge, Twitter idiosyncratic hashoveride tweeted:

GPU #mining is dormant little than 24 hours aft the #merge.

Here are the 3 largest #GPU chains and existent regular profitability with a 3090 GPU and 6 us¢/kwh#ETC -7 ¢#XMR -37 ¢#RVN 2 ¢

The lone coins showing nett person nary marketcap oregon liquidity. The nett is not existent #btc

— Hashoveride (₿en Gagnon) (@hashoveride) September 15, 2022

Twitter idiosyncratic BakaMoriDesu suggested successful a tweet that ex-eth miners were conscionable going to determination connected to the adjacent profitable coin, adding, “As an RVN miner, I uncertainty it volition beryllium profitable aft the halving anymore.”

Ex-eth miners volition determination to immoderate coin is much profitable. As an RVN miner, I uncertainty it volition beryllium profitable aft the halving anymore

— Фронтендер Орды ❤️ (@BakaMoriDesu) January 11, 2022

Cointelegraph contacted a fewer ex-Ethereum miners to find retired what their plans were moving forward. However, the wide statement revealed that galore were inactive unclear connected their adjacent steps. Former miner Christian Ander shared with Cointelegraph:

“To beryllium honest, I don’t cognize myself yet. Selling GPU powerfulness to different computing aggravated services is acold from arsenic profitable arsenic eth was.”

“I americium doing probe myself and my partners are looking into options,” Ander added, noting “GPU owners are doing probe and selling powerfulness to non-crypto projects. And erstwhile the vigor prices are precise high, they unopen down and merchantability excessive powerfulness to the grid.” Ander said that he’s presently not mining immoderate crypto, and is conscionable evaluating the market.

Another ex-Ethereum miner, Kevin Aguirre, shared with Cointelegraph that helium had sold his hardware to his partner, who was present utilizing it to excavation different coins, noting:

“I bash person immoderate regret successful my result with my mining machine, but successful the end, it supported maine and my household done the pandemic.”

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