The 'Skyrim' Prequel Is Here, and It's a Board Game

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Nov 25, 2021, 2:00 p.m. EST | 1 min read

The caller   Skyrim committee  crippled  and each  of its componentsBethesda, Modiphius Entertainment

If you didn’t go the Dovahkiin BFF to each azygous cool-as-hell dragon successful Skyrim, it’s okay. I committedness I’m not mad. In fact, you person different accidental to beryllium your mettle, but this clip you’ll request to equip your champion tabletop skills. That’s right—it’s becoming a committee game!

The 2011 Bethesda RPG volition find its prequel successful The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—The Adventure Game, which is being made by Modiphius Entertainment (which made the Fallout tabletop RPG, the 007 Spectre committee game, and the Dune tabletop RPG). In fact, it’s acceptable 25 years earlier the Skyrim video game

In the narrative-driven game, you’ll play a wily subordinate of the Imperial Blades and get to revisit Tamriel’s frozen north. It ships with 2 campaigns, each with 3 chapters, and you tin play solo oregon with up to 3 different people. Each section is expected to instrumentality anyplace from astir 90-120 minutes a popular (though we can’t relationship for immoderate side-quests you mightiness find yourself on), and your archetypal playthrough volition apt instrumentality astir 12 hours.

The crippled besides includes astir 600 cards (or arsenic galore arsenic 700, if you outpouring for 1 of the enlargement options). It contains quests and different crippled elements that interaction the narrative. By design, it’s besides semi-permanent; you’ll regularly beryllium reshuffling, adding, and removing cards from the platform to guarantee each league you play volition beryllium antithetic than the last. The choices you marque volition besides interaction the game, from tiny one-off events to the consequences you’ll person to woody with during the full remainder of the campaign.

If you’ve got a mates hours of escaped time, here’s a peek astatine a playthrough of the crippled from the folks astatine Modiphius:

Players volition person six quality roles to take from, and each relation is based connected 1 of the phantasy races successful The Elder Scrolls series: Khajit, Dunmer, Nord, Imperial, Orsimer, and Altmer. As you’d expect from specified a game, each relation has its ain blend of affinities and powers to support things absorbing and diverse. What’s astir exciting, though, is that the much you play, the much you’ll larn astir the game’s immense lore.

Want a much in-depth look astatine the game? Polygon has an exclusive elaborate preview. Otherwise, you tin pre-order The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—The Adventure Game present via Gamefound. You tin bargain the basal tier for £68 (that’s astir $91) oregon outpouring for the Deluxe tier for £140 ($189), oregon the Deluxe tier for £220 ($297) depending connected however galore expansions and different accessories you want. Fus-ro-dah!

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