The step-up model of one of our favorite mechanical keyboards is down to just $71.99

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It’s hard to bushed the tactile consciousness and durability of a bully ol’ fashioned mechanical keyboard. Fortunately, if you’re idiosyncratic who’s looking to footwear their membrane keyboard to the curb, Epomaker’s TH80 Pro represents a large entry-level model, 1 that’s on merchantability astatine Amazon for $71.99 ($18 off) and comes with your prime of linear, clicky, oregon tactile switches.

The Epomaker TH80 Pro, similar the modular exemplary featured successful our usher to the best mechanical keyboards, is simply a 75 percent mechanical keyboard with a measurement knob and hot-swappable switches that fto you easy set the keyboard’s look and feel. It besides offers the aforesaid integrative lawsuit and alloy power plate, the aforesaid PBT keycaps and per-key RGB lighting, and the aforesaid large typing experience. The Pro model, however, comes with a bigger 4,000mAh artillery and a fewer different notable improvements — including the quality to automatically observe whether you’re utilizing a Mac oregon Windows instrumentality — making it a flimsy upgrade implicit the basal model.

Epomaker’s compact TH80 Pro is simply a higher-end mentation of 1 of our favourite wireless models, 1 that comes with a larger artillery and a fewer functionality improvements.

If there’s 1 happening gamers tin each hold on, it’s that instrumentality drift is simply a scourge of controllers everywhere. Luckily, determination are drift-free solutions similar 8BitDo’s Ulitmate Bluetooth Controller, which is presently on merchantability astatine Amazon successful black oregon white for $62.99 (about $7 off) erstwhile you clip the on-page coupon for 10 percent off. Prime members tin besides prime up either colour for somewhat little done a third-party retailer, though, successful each case, Amazon inactive fulfills the order.

Unlike immoderate of 8BitDo’s controllers, the wireless Bluetooth Ultimate is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and Windows PCs. Its biggest gully is its drift-resistant, magnetic Hall effect sticks, which aren’t prone to the aforesaid mendacious inputs you mightiness acquisition implicit clip with thing similar Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers. They besides diagnostic 2 backmost paddles and a fig of pro-grade bundle features, including fastener mapping and customized profiles, some of which you tin fine-tune successful the companion app. The controller adjacent comes with its ain charging dock that you tin usage to stow the included 2.4GHz dongle erstwhile it’s not successful usage — conscionable different crushed it’s 1 of the best Nintendo Switch controllers available.

A manus  picking up   the achromatic  8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller from its charging cradle.A manus  picking up   the achromatic  8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller from its charging cradle.

The 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller comes with its ain charging dock, features remappable controls, and is compatible with the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and Windows PCs acknowledgment to its Bluetooth and 2.4GHz connectivity. Unlike the 2.4GHz-only version, it features Hall effect sticks.

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  • The EcoFlow Delta Pro is on merchantability astatine Wellbots for $2,449 ($800 off), an all-time low. While a 100-pound, 3.6kWh artillery connected wheels is astir surely overkill for astir people, it’s a large powerfulness presumption with a wide scope of ports and charging options that let you to support your cogwheel moving portion you’re disconnected the grid. Read our review.
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