The Vivaldi Browser Is Coming to iPhone

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Safari is simply a bully browser, but if you’re utilizing an iPhone, you’ve astir apt been tempted by the galore choices that are contiguous connected the Apple App Store. Now, a caller 1 is joining the list, arsenic the Vivaldi browser is moving connected an iPhone version.

Vivaldi has cryptically unveiled that it’s processing a mentation of its browser for iOS. Aside from an obscure screenshot and a cryptic video, however, the browser isn’t showing disconnected overmuch more. Those funny successful giving it a changeable are prompted to motion up for Vivaldi’s newsletter to cognize much astir when, and how, it tin beryllium downloaded, arsenic according to the company, spots for downloading the app volition beryllium assigned connected a “first-come, first-serve” basis.


Third-party browsers connected iPhone and iPad are notably not truly replacements for Safari, arsenic Apple forces each browser developers to usage Safari’s motor if they privation to merchandise a third-party browser connected the App Store. This led to the lone mentation of Google Chrome retired determination that doesn’t usage the Chromium engine, and we’re truly not picturing Apple making an objection for Vivaldi. So functionally, it should inactive beryllium akin to Safari, but with immoderate improvements connected top. It looks similar Vivaldi is readying desktop-style tags, and perchance enactment for contented blockers.

We don’t cognize erstwhile Vivaldi for iOS volition really rotation out, different than “soon.”

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