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⚡ Welcome to The Weekly Authority, the Android Authority newsletter that breaks down the apical Android and tech quality from the week. The 194th variation here, with a Google I/O catchup, Sony Xperia 1 IV launch, a archetypal look astatine Samsung’s next-gen foldables, and more.

🥚 This week I’ve discovered a caller favourite breakfast: miso food with eggs connected toast. Did idiosyncratic accidental yum?

Popular quality this week

Google Pixel 7 bid    colorways Google


  • A packed two-hour keynote astatine Google I/O connected Wednesday shared tons of breathtaking stuff, but I’ll effort to instrumentality to the main news:
  • Pixel 6a launched: A 6.1-inch screen, Google Tensor spot (same arsenic the Pixel 6 series), 128GB storage, 6GB RAM, 4,410mAh battery, but disappointing 18W wired charging and lone a 60Hz refresh rate — pre-orders unfastened July 21, connected merchantability July 28 for $449.
  • And Google confirmed controversial Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor is not wrong the Pixel 6a.
  • We got a preview of the Pixel Watch: The company’s archetypal flagship wearable arrives this autumn alongside the Pixel 7, with a sleek, circular ticker lawsuit and rotating integer crown (no rectangular option), positive customizable bands, with enactment for Google Assistant, relaunched Google Wallet, and the Google Home app, positive “deep integration with Fitbit” — oh, and it’s not compatible with iPhones.
  • Plus a glimpse of the Pixel tablet: Google’s archetypal Android tablet successful astir 7 years, moving Google’s Tensor silicon, apt the second-generation mentation which we’ll spot wrong the Pixel 7 this fall. We cognize it’ll beryllium connected the “larger side” according to Rick Osterloh, Google SVP of Devices and Services, with a camera centered successful the mediate of the scenery bezel, a azygous rear camera, and USB-C larboard flanked by 2 speakers. No connection connected terms yet, and we’ll spot a afloat uncover and merchandise successful 2023.
  • And a sneak peek astatine the Pixel 7, coming successful fall, with a next-generation Tensor SoC and Android 13, positive we got immoderate glimpses of the telephone — and Google said it would person soft-touch glass, past changed its mind.
  • We besides saw the Pixel Buds Pro, Google’s archetypal Pixel buds with ANC, positive a much almighty chipset, disposable July 28 for $199.
  • Plus, immoderate beauteous chill AR glasses, and no, they’re not Google Glass 3, but they bash person a unrecorded translation diagnostic that overlays real-time subtitles erstwhile speaking to idiosyncratic look to face.
  • And determination was loads of bundle news, including Immersive View successful Google Maps, which lets you cookware astir fashionable tourer destinations and adjacent look wrong buildings, the relaunch of Google Wallet, and a clump of Wear OS news.
  • Also this week: Android 13 beta 2 dropped for Pixel phones, starting with the Pixel 4 series.
  • And Google announced Health Connect, its bid to amended wellness information sharing betwixt apps connected Android.
  • Plus, almost 900,000 abandoned Android apps could get removed from the Play Store soon.


  • The Sony Xperia 1 IV launch connected Wednesday was airy connected details, heavy focused connected interviewing creatives crossed imaging and audio, but here’s what we bash know: Packing a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, 256GB storage, 5,000mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack, 4K 120fps video recording, caller front-facing camera with bigger sensor for amended low-light performance, and a caller mode for audio recording.
  • Plus, you’ll beryllium capable to livestream mobile games from the built-in crippled enhancer app, remap controls, and nonstop video straight to streaming apps
  • Gaming peripherals for the telephone are besides seemingly successful the works, launching aboriginal this year.
  • Pre-orders are unfastened now, with the telephone connected wide merchantability September 1, but it’ll acceptable you backmost $1,600, positive pre-order present and you’ll get Sony’s WF-1000XM4 existent wireless noise-cancelling earbuds for free.
  • We besides saw the Sony Xperia 10 IV, tiny and airy with a 6-inch show and 5,000mAh battery, supposedly the lightest 5G telephone ever.
  • Surprisingly, we didn’t spot the Xperia 5 IV — possibly Sony isn’t doing it, oregon possibly it’s conscionable delayed.
  • This week Sony besides launched its WH-1000XM5 headphones, disposable to pre-order present for $399.








Edgar Wright wears a encephalon  scanning instrumentality  successful  Westworld - shows similar  severance


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google pixel 6a
sony AIBO robot canine  ERS-210 with a ball.

A look backmost successful tech past this week, to May 11, 1999. On this date, Sony introduced AIBO to the world. Some of you (myself included) are aged capable to retrieve the small robotic dogs beauteous well, immoderate of you were fortunate capable to person one, and immoderate are astir apt wondering what I’m going connected about. So, let’s reminisce a spot astir AIBO…

  • AIBO was the instauration of Dr. Toshitada Doi, who believed robots would beryllium commonplace successful our homes by 2010 — though the closest we look to person travel truthful acold is robot vacuum cleaners.
  • The sanction “AIBO” comes from the Japanese connection aibō, meaning “pal” oregon “partner.”
  • The archetypal user model, ERS-110 was disposable for merchantability connected May 11, 1999, costing $2,500.
  • New models were released yearly until Sony announced it was discontinuing the robot successful 2006, past an 11-year-hiatus followed, earlier AIBO returned successful 2017.
  • In 2006, AIBO besides earned its spot successful the Carnegie Mellon University Robot Hall of Fame.

You tin dive heavy into each model’s tech specs, spot the original AIBO commercial, find retired much astir what we could larn from robot pets, oregon transportation connected speechmaking to find retired wherever AIBO appeared successful fashionable culture…

AIBO successful fashionable culture

AIBO appeared successful its just stock of TV shows, euphony videos, and adjacent video games implicit the years, but present are immoderate of the much memorable appearances:

  • In an occurrence of Frasier, Frasier gives an AIBO to his dada to support him institution and we spot Eddie playing with the robot (above).
  • AIBO appeared successful Janet Jackson’s euphony video for “Doesn’t Really Matter.”
  • The Futurama occurrence “Jurassic Bark” saw Bender with a robotic canine that resembled AIBO.
  • And you tin spot the ERS-210 exemplary successful the rubric series of the 2017 TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Tech Calendar

  • May 19: OnePlus Nord 2T launch
  • June 6-10: Apple WWDC 2022
  • June 10: The Quarry released connected PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One
  • June 12: Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase @ 12 PM CT
  • June 26-July 3: Summer Games Done Quick

Tech Tweet of the Week

You mightiness request to beryllium from the UK to admit this:

Pyramid Head mightiness beryllium making the trek up northbound to Gateshead, oregon possibly he’ll popular down southbound to spot Big Ben and each the different sights.

Enjoy the weekend!

Paula Beaton, Copy Editor.

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