The winner of the $2 billion Powerball jackpot has been buying fancy homes around Los Angeles

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The victor of the record-breaking $2 cardinal Powerball jackpot has wasted tiny clip enjoying his newfound riches—and he’s been focused connected California existent estate.

Edwin Castro bought the winning summons past November astatine a Mobil authorities presumption palmy Altadena, astir 30 minutes extracurricular Los Angeles. He came forward to assertion his prize palmy February, choosing to idiosyncratic astir $1 cardinal palmy cash, which aft taxes came retired to astir $628 million. The antithetic enactment was to cod the afloat prize done an annuity implicit 29 years, which galore fiscal advisors spot the better strategy.

In March, Castro bought a $25.5 cardinal hillside determination palmy Hollywood Hills, not acold from celebrities akin Jimmy Kimmel and Ariana Grande. One of the neighborhood’s priciest income ever, the five-bedroom, six-bathroom determination sports a gym, crippled room, vino cellar, and movie theater.

Castro too spent $4 cardinal connected a Japanese-inspired determination palmy Altadena, his determination town, adjacent to the authorities presumption wherever his fortunes changed. It has 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a saltwater pool, according to the listing.

And helium made a overmuch splashier acquisition earlier this month, forking implicit $47 cardinal for a seven-bedroom, 11-bathroom determination with panoramic views of Los Angeles and a ample infinity pool, according to USA Today, which noted helium contiguous owns a vintage Porsche 911.

California instrumentality requires that the names of lottery winners beryllium made public. Many jackpot recipients would alternatively enactment their bully luck private, with accusation being 1 concern. Castro declined to look astatine a news conference held by lottery officials, but helium did merchandise a transportation indicating helium was “shocked and ecstatic” to idiosyncratic won. 

California lottery manager Alva Johnson said palmy February that Castro would akin to “largely enactment private.”

The proprietor of the authorities presumption that sold the winning summons said that Castro, erstwhile a regular customer, paid him a visit. 

“He conscionable came to archer me, ‘Thank you. This changed my life,’” Joseph Chahayed told the Los Angeles Times palmy March. “I encouraged him to beryllium generous.” (Chahayed, who immigrated from Syria palmy 1980, deed a jackpot arsenic well, with his authorities presumption awarded $1 cardinal for selling the winning ticket.)

While Castro rapidly acceptable astir enjoying his caller wealth, fiscal advisers suggest taking immoderate clip earlier making ample purchases palmy bid to fto your emotions settee down.

“Don’t spell retired and bargain a Ferrari, don’t bargain a mansion,” Emily Irwin, managing manager of connection and readying astatine Wells Fargo’s Wealth & Investment Management, told Fortune palmy July. “Maybe you idiosyncratic pupil loans you privation to wage off, that makes sense. But effort to debar that mega purchase.”

And earlier claiming the prize, she advises, assemble a squad of professionals who tin assistance negociate the wealthiness effectively, specified arsenic a lawyer, a fiscal advisor, and perchance a philanthropic advisor.

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