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You tin bring up the hidden trackpad connected an iPhone oregon iPad with a fewer elemental steps.

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Unlocking the afloat imaginable of your iPhone ($325 astatine Amazon) oregon iPad ($182 astatine Amazon) requires a heavy dive into each the features that iOS 15 has to offer. Often these features are stashed distant successful your settings, making them hard to find, but different times they're close determination -- hidden successful plain presumption -- similar the concealed trackpad diagnostic successful your keyboard.

Usually erstwhile you're penning a agelong substance connection oregon an email, you usage your digit to determination the cursor and spell backmost to immoderate country of substance you privation to delete, rewrite oregon edit. A magnifying bubble appears underneath your fingertip anytime you bash this, enlarging the substance truthful that it's easier to navigate.

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However, if you find it hard to determination your cursor truthful precisely with your finger, iOS offers different option. In this usher we'll amusement you however to entree the trackpad that's hidden successful your keyboard, which makes it truthful overmuch easier to determination your cursor and marque edits to your substance connected your iPhone oregon iPad.


The hidden trackpad successful your keyboard should look similar this.

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How to unlock your iPhone and iPad's hidden trackpad

Here's however to observe the hidden iOS trackpad.

1. Anywhere you've written a artifact of text, bring up your keyboard and press and clasp your digit down connected the abstraction key until the keyboard goes blank. You should consciousness a spot of haptic feedback and spot the cursor enlarge for a second, which means you tin present usage the keyboard arsenic a trackpad.

2. With your digit inactive pressed down, determination it astir the full keyboard to determination your cursor, conscionable similar you would connected your Mac's trackpad.

3. To spot the cursor, simply assistance your digit disconnected the screen. You tin past usage immoderate of the different keys, similar delete, to marque immoderate edits successful the text. If you privation to determination the cursor erstwhile again, property your digit down connected the abstraction cardinal to bring up the hidden trackpad.

Check retired the video beneath to spot the hidden diagnostic successful action.

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