These MacBook deals still offer great prices on latest Pro and Air models

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MacBook deals are continuing to save you money well after the Cyber Monday sales have ended, and that's great news if you're in the market for a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Whatever side of the pond you're on, there are still big savings to be had in these MacBook deals, with prices on the latest releases even hitting below £1,000 in the UK. Meanwhile, the US can enjoy savings of up to $450 on high-performance MacBook Pro deals. 

If you're looking for a MacBook deal to see you through power-intensive projects that require high-performance apps and large downloads, we'd recommend a Pro model. It's got a bit more going on under the hood and is built for Apple's power users. If you're just after a nice laptop that can handle anything you'd need to throw at it in an everyday capacity, you might be better off saving even more cash with a cheaper MacBook Air deal. This slimline, portable laptop saves its value for a long battery life and scaled-down design perfect for throwing into a backpack. 

There's still time to get in on the action as many US and UK retailers are yet to raise their prices after the seasonal sales. We've combed all the listings for the very best MacBook deals still sticking around today and you'll find them all below. 

The best MacBook deals still live after Cyber Monday

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