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Looks similar Frito-Lay pressed the Patriots' mascot into service.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I would similar to person been successful the country erstwhile a selling guru pitched the thought of digging up ungraded from NFL stadiums, mixing it into fields successful Texas, and increasing potatoes to marque limited-edition bags of team-specific Lay's murphy chips. Because it's kinda brilliant.

Lay's Golden Grounds chips spell done a mean farming and chip-making process, with the added gimmick of knowing the potatoes successful the container touched ungraded that your favourite players astir apt ran across. Can you sensation the cleats and sweat? Unlikely. These chips are much astir mystique than the terroir of NFL stadiums. 

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Lay's announced the chips earlier this week, saying limited-edition bags representing 29 teams volition beryllium disposable for fans done a Twitter sweepstakes. It requires fans to make tweets utilizing a bid of hashtags. Full rules are disposable connected the Lay's Golden Grounds web page.

But wait, you say, determination are 32 teams successful the NFL, truthful wherefore lone 29 antithetic chips? Sorry, Browns, Bengals and Broncos fans: nary dirt-chips for you. I don't cognize why, but I've reached retired to Frito-Lay to ask.

A making-of video goes into immoderate details of the instauration process. You'll beryllium gladsome to cognize that ungraded from rival teams was kept separated successful the murphy field. That means Chicago Bears Soldier Field chips won't beryllium besmirched by Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field soil. 

Frito-Lay brought connected shot fable Jerry Rice arsenic the spokesperson for the chips. He described the San Francisco 49ers snacks arsenic tasting similar "three Super Bowl wins, 22,895 yards, 1,549 receptions, 208 touchdowns and 13 Pro Bowls." 

I'm guessing the Chicago Bears chips would sensation similar the fading refrains of The Super Bowl Shuffle and the ghosts of Mike Ditka's blistery Polish sausages. Delicious.

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