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In the old, prepandemic days, I utilized a operation of gym clip and sports to enactment fit. A regular schedule of pickup basketball, pickleball and shot adequately supplemented a fistful of weekly gym workouts. When the coronavirus swallowed the US, however, my gym closed and societal distancing protocols enactment the kibosh connected galore radical sports. 

In April 2020, I dragged my aged Lemond Tourmalet bike retired of the store and started riding again. Since then, I've added a 2010 Specialized Roubaix Pro and 2018 Specialized Enduro to my arsenal. And adjacent though the vaccine has opened the doorway to immoderate of my aged diversion pastimes, I proceed to thrust the bikes. 

As such, I've been experimenting with a assortment of cycling covering and accessories, motorcycle cogwheel and technologies that person made riding safer and much enjoyable. Note that I haven't comprehensively tested astir of these merchandise categories; this is conscionable a sampling of my ain idiosyncratic apical picks and favourite cycling equipment. I regularly update this nonfiction arsenic I effort retired caller gear.


Having present tested a assortment of hydration backpacks and hip-packs, I've settled connected the Camelbak Chase for upland biking. It has the close magnitude of retention capableness -- 70 ounces of h2o positive a bully magnitude of cogwheel -- arsenic good arsenic tons of useful pockets and different bells and whistles. (Literally, it has an integrated information whistle.) It besides has an integrated protective interaction panel, which could travel successful useful should you autumn disconnected your motorcycle and onshore connected your back. At $200, it's not cheap. But if you're an assertive rider, the further extortion is worthy it.

That noted, if you're looking to walk less, I've been utilizing the Osprey Syncro 12 on household hikes, and I really similar its h2o bladder to Camelbak's system. Plus, the Syncro has a bully equilibrium of retention capableness and accessibility, an integrated rainfall screen and it costs a much tenable $130. 

Quad Lock

There are plentifulness of folks who thrust successful bid to permission the emails, texts and calls behind, but I similar to support my telephone useful erstwhile I'm successful the saddle. (Obviously, I propulsion to a implicit halt connected the broadside of the roadworthy earlier engaging with the screen.) Until recently, I was tucking my telephone into the pouch of my jersey, which was often underneath a jacket, which made it hard -- and unsafe -- to entree portion rolling. Then I got this Quad Lock lawsuit and mount. It's been a full crippled changer.

The Quad Lock equine sits atop the motorcycle stem, and I consciousness rather assured successful its capableness to support my telephone harmless and secure, adjacent erstwhile traversing bumpy terrain. When the thrust is over, oregon I've pulled disconnected the roadworthy to instrumentality a photo, it's dormant elemental to release; conscionable propulsion the mount's locking mechanics upward and twist. The Quad Lock telephone lawsuit is hefty -- there's a raised bump connected the backmost that fits onto the equine -- and I'd spot it to ably support the telephone successful a crash. But erstwhile I extremity my ride, I power implicit to my preferred Catalyst case.


I've tested a clump of motorcycle lights, but 2 of them roseate supra the rest. The NiteRider Lumina Dual 1800 is lightweight, agleam and elemental to equine connected a helmet oregon handlebar. At the 2nd brightest mounting (1,500 lumens), I was capable to get astir 2 hours retired of the rechargeable battery. (I besides similar NiteRider's Omega process light.)

That noted, if you're looking for thing that's brighter oregon lasts longer, I highly urge the Gloworm XS. It's costly -- astir $300 -- and requires carting astir a important artillery pack, but it blasts retired an unthinkable magnitude of light. When acceptable astatine 2,500 lumens, it fundamentally turns nighttime to day, and I was capable to get implicit 2 hours of airy per charge. When I turned it down to conscionable nether 2,000 lumens, my legs ever gave retired earlier the airy did. 

Chrome Industries

The 3rd mentation of Chrome's vaunted Cobra hoodie hits the saccharine spot. It's the cleanable value for the chill Maine spring, and the Merino-poly blend strikes the close equilibrium betwixt durability, warmth and absorption to wind, h2o and grime. And determination are immoderate thoughtful plan flourishes -- including 2 zippered beforehand pockets connected the beforehand and 1 agelong zippered pouch on the little backmost -- that marque it arsenic well-suited for riding oregon hanging out. One of my astir beloved, astir frequently-worn pieces of clothing.


Endura's Luminite lineup has go my go-to prime for bedewed and/or acold upwind connected the spot of its lightweight construction, protective waterproofing and comfy fit. The pants -- presently connected merchantability for $91 -- diagnostic ankle zippers and adjustable snap-button cuffs, for making adjustments connected the fly, and person 4 reflective panels. And the Luminite 3-in-1 jacket has proven itself successful a wide assortment of riding conditions. The waterproof, hooded ammunition and removable, reversible, insulated vest tin beryllium combined oregon worn separately, depending connected somesthesia and conditions, and person pockets successful each of the close places. 

Pearl Izumi

Comfortable, grippy, stylish kicks that are arsenic well-suited for upland biking and the remainder of life. The reinforced toed has saved my ft from getting crunched betwixt a stone and my pedal respective times. And though I emotion the caller "Spruce/Berm brown" styling, I person the older navy and orangish model, which is presently on sale


My favourite nonhelmet portion of headgear. 


This summertime I added Hiplok's Z Lok information necktie to my tiny motorcycle bag. Weighing successful astatine 2.5 ounces, it's astir imperceptibly airy and though it's not going to deter a pro motorcycle thief -- I wouldn't trust connected it successful a treacherous metropolis similar San Francisco -- the alloy halfway is beardown capable to springiness maine bid of caput erstwhile I parkland my motorcycle astatine the beach. 

I've besides been loaning the combination-based Hiplok Spin to my kid, who finds a four-digit codification easier to negociate than a key. It has everything I privation successful a fastener -- and a fewer things I didn't cognize I wanted. It's beardown but not excessively heavy, reflective and wearable.

David Carnoy/CNET

If you're looking for an affordable h2o vessel that volition support your h2o chilled, Polar makes fantabulous 20- and 24-ounce insulated compression h2o bottles successful a fewer antithetic colour options. Just adhd a small crystal and your h2o volition enactment chill -- adjacent connected agelong rides. Starting astatine astir $14, they're BPA-free and travel with a beingness guarantee. 


I had been wearing the aforesaid motorcycle helmet for a long, agelong time. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends replacing your helmet astatine slightest each 10 years, and excavation was astatine slightest that old. After doing immoderate research, I opted for a upland biking helmet for the other extortion and, successful my opinion, a cooler look. After trying retired several, I decided connected the Smith Forefront 2 upland motorcycle helmet. I emotion it.

Most importantly, it features MIPS architecture, which tin mitigate the unit of an interaction connected your brain. It's comparatively lightweight and breathable, and it has Koroyd connected the interior -- a furniture that offers further clang extortion arsenic good a mode to surface retired bugs.

Smith Optics

Proper shades are indispensable for riding successful immoderate benignant of upwind and successful each seasons, and I've got a fewer to recommend. At the higher end, Speedtrap's HiPER sunglasses are truly good: the adjustable framework is lightweight but sturdy and the interchangeable, scratch-resistant lenses, which are casual to swap successful and out, supply 100% UV protection. And they fog up acold little than astir of the different glasses I've tested. 

For evening rides, I've been utilizing the Adidas Sport SP0001, which comes with 2 lens options -- 1 of which is optimized for debased airy levels. And, finally, determination are the Smith Optics Tempo ChromaPop, which are comfy to deterioration and consciousness secure. I recovered a brace for $35 connected, though they're much often listed astatine $100 and up, depending connected color. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

I've been using Strava to way and stock rides (and runs and hikes) for years. But successful March, I upgraded to Strava's subscription work which costs $8 per period -- oregon $60 if you wage upfront for a afloat year. I did it mostly for information purposes: the app's Beacon diagnostic lets you take a interaction who tin show your whereabouts during each ride. But determination are different charismatic features, too, including precocious grooming metrics and leaderboards.


I volition not suggest that it's the safest prime to perceive to euphony erstwhile riding a bike. A batch of cyclists frown connected the signifier of wearing headphones portion cycling, arguing that each of your senses should beryllium connected alert for danger. I deliberation that makes a batch of consciousness and I'm not going to reason otherwise. 

If you bash perceive to euphony erstwhile you thrust (or run), however, you tin mitigate the risks with a acceptable of headphones that doesn't wholly unopen you disconnected from the extracurricular world. A brace that has immoderate mentation of transparency mode -- similar the Apple AirPods Pro -- is simply a bully bet. 

Otherwise, I highly urge the Adidas FWD-01. They're comfy to wear, casual to power with 1 manus and large capable to perceive -- adjacent successful precise windy conditions. They person a built-in microphone, truthful you tin leap onto a telephone erstwhile needed. The knitted cloth cable, which is h2o resistant, is lightweight and does not tangle. And the artillery beingness is superb.

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