TikTok is testing a new tipping feature for some creators

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TikTok is experimenting with a caller instrumentality that allows TikTok users to extremity immoderate creators straight connected their profiles.

According to a video of the tips diagnostic shared this week by TikTok creator Jera Bean, who noticed the diagnostic in-app and applied for approval, immoderate wealth tipped to creators volition spell straight to that idiosyncratic (meaning TikTok won’t instrumentality a cut).

A screenshot of the exertion surface stated that successful bid to suffice for the feature, accounts indispensable beryllium successful bully lasting connected the platform, person astatine slightest 100,000 followers, conscionable an property requirement, and hold to TikTok’s tips terms. If creators conscionable these criteria, they tin past use for the instrumentality — though it's unclear whether everyone who applies volition beryllium approved.

Based connected a follow-up video from the aforesaid creator shared Thursday evening, the exertion process seems to determination reasonably quickly. Jera Bean’s relationship present displays a “tips” fastener that directs users to a leafage wherever they tin extremity the creator $5, $10, $15, oregon a customized magnitude of their choosing (minimum $1). Additionally, the level allows tips to beryllium sent anonymously.

“We’re ever reasoning astir caller ways to bring worth to our assemblage and enrich the TikTok experience,” a spokesperson for the institution told The Verge. TechCrunch reported the quality earlier, citing Jera Bean’s archetypal video.

Users indispensable beryllium 18 years oregon older to nonstop tips to creators, but it doesn’t look that users person to really beryllium pursuing the relationship they’re tipping to usage the feature. It is, however, being tested connected a constricted ground for the clip being. TikTok declined to remark connected however wide disposable the diagnostic is to creators connected its level astatine this time.

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