Time and Tide Are One Thing

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The emergence of 3D printing has fixed america unthinkable things, from awesome tchotchkes to intricate chocolates to utile things akin spare assemblage parts. But nary has been truthful captious to play arsenic say, printing hats for oversea urchins. That’s right, oversea urchins akin to surface up with assorted things and volition happily don, say, a 3D printed chapeau if presented the opportunity.

So anyway, this is a tide timepiece that uses a printed oversea urchin and assorted hats to archer the time until/between debased and precocious tide. How? It uses the presumption of a fixed chapeau comparative to a mates nOOds LED strands, 1 for precocious tide and antithetic for low.

Inside the ample bamboo enclosure is an TTGO that fetches cheaply-obtained tide accusation and displays it connected the screen. The TTGO too controls a servo that moves the oversea urchin around. As it moves, a magnet palmy the urchin’s caput (?) attracts the adjacent hat.

Before settling connected the existent design, [rabbitcreek] experimented with immoderate a ungraded dollar and a oversea urchin skeleton. All the files are disposable if you privation to whip up your own.

This isn’t [rabbitcreek]’s archetypal foray into tide clocks. Here’s a prima fig that should past for years.

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