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TinkerHost is simply a escaped and reliable web hosting platform, but it doesn't person the champion lawsuit enactment available.


  • +

    Fast and bully website uptime

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    Beginner affable interface

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    Allows you to instal third-party CMS

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    All 100% free


  • -

    Limitation customization

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    Not suitable for websites handling immense web traffic

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    Poor lawsuit support

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When it comes to choosing a hosting supplier for your concern oregon idiosyncratic website, determination are countless options disposable online. 

One of those options is TinkerHost (opens successful caller tab), a hosting supplier that promises to connection accelerated and reliable work astatine 0% fees. 

But is TinkerHost worthy it? This reappraisal volition instrumentality an in-depth look astatine TinkerHost and spot if it’s the best web hosting (opens successful caller tab) supplier for you. 

What is TinkerHost? 

TinkerHost is simply a free web hosting (opens successful caller tab) work supplier that offers unreality hosting services. At its core, TinkerHost offers an innovative cloud-based hosting level that uses the latest instrumentality technology. This exertion offers respective advantages; it makes it easier to deploy, scale, and negociate your website, arsenic good arsenic amended the wide hosting velocity and performance.  

 What features does it offer? 

One of the features I was excited to trial was TinkerHost's FTP access. TinkerHost provides escaped FTP entree that is casual to usage for some web developers and non-technical users. The FTP entree is reliable and fast, making it imaginable to negociate files easily, particularly erstwhile creating oregon editing a website. What I emotion astir astir FTP entree is the flexibility that it offers erstwhile uploading aggregate files to the server from my section machine.

As idiosyncratic who loves moving with antithetic databases, I was funny astir what TinkerHost had to offer. TinkerHost provides fantabulous tools for managing databases, including MySQL and PHPMyAdmin with user-friendly dashboards. The interface is precise intuitive, and I was capable to negociate my information with ease. I indispensable accidental that the awesome velocity of TinkerHost's services made it easier for maine to entree these tools, reducing the clip I would person different spent waiting for the pages to load.

The information of a website is of utmost importance, and TinkerHost recognizes this. That is wherefore it offers escaped SSL certificates to its clients, which provides extortion against online threats. The certificates are casual to instal and renew and connection HTTPS extortion for users' websites, which is simply a immense plus. I was impressed to find retired that determination were auto-installable SSL certificates available, which made the installation process speedy and much convenient.

One of the things I loved astir TinkerHost is its convenient, user-friendly subdomains feature. This diagnostic lets you make further websites with ease, allowing you to entree subdomains successful the power panel. This diagnostic tin beryllium utilized to make websites connected antithetic topics oregon niches, a diagnostic that I emotion since it makes it imaginable for businesses to person chiseled websites for antithetic departments, products, oregon services.

TinkerHost provides a magnificent publication installer that has implicit 300 scripts. The installer is intelligent, making it casual to instal and negociate website applications that person antithetic requirements including WordPress. The interface is user-friendly, making it casual for anyone to use, adjacent with minimal method knowledge.

The redirect and IP blocker features of TinkerHost are outstanding. The redirect diagnostic is astonishing since it allows you to redirect postulation to a circumstantial URL oregon leafage to support your tract against hackers oregon different web-based attacks. On the different hand, the IP blocker diagnostic protects websites from unwanted traffic, adding an other furniture of security.

TinkerHost provides an exceptional Softaculous (opens successful caller tab) app installer that provides entree to hundreds of applications. What impressed maine astir astir this diagnostic was however you tin automatically instal WordPress successful little than 5 minutes. Additionally, TinkerHost offers a backup diagnostic that provides regular backups of your websites, and you person entree to reconstruct points successful lawsuit of server nonaccomplishment oregon hacking attempts. Additionally, I recovered it utile that the backups are stored connected a abstracted server, making it easier to debar information loss. On apical of that, the restoration process is elemental and instant, which is useful if you ever look immoderate issues with your website's backup. 

SSD retention is different diagnostic that TinkerHost offers. SSDs are faster and much reliable than accepted hard drives, which tin assistance amended website show and speed. Last but not least, TinkerHost besides provides a website builder feature, which tin assistance you make a professional-looking website without needing to cognize however to code. The website builder is designed to beryllium user-friendly and intuitive, truthful you tin make a website rapidly and easily.

TinkerHost dashboard

(Image credit: TinkerHost)

Performance tested 

TinkerHost's cPanel dashboard is comparatively straightforward and casual to navigate. After creating a escaped account, I received an email with a nexus to activate my TinkerHost account. On the website's login window, you are required to participate your password and username. Once you log in, you volition find menus similar Account > Cert > Ticket. You should click connected Account to make a domain name. Once you make an account, the adjacent model volition amusement your cPanel. On your cPanel, you volition find options similar FTP, PHPMyAdmin, ETC. 

During the investigating of TinkerHost, my trial website performed exceptionally well. Installing themes and plugins via TinkerHost cPanel is accelerated and straightforward - each I had to bash was scroll down and click connected the Softaculous app installer. The cPanel interface is beginner-friendly, which is large for beginners who are not acquainted with the tech broadside of moving a website.

Another awesome facet of TinkerHost's show is that you tin easy edit and modify your tract via the cPanel dashboard. You don't person to beryllium acquainted with coding oregon prosecute a developer to transportation retired modifications oregon customization. 

Speed and uptime

First, let's speech astir uptime. TinkerHost claims to connection 99.9% uptime guaranteed, which is impressive. During my investigating period, I monitored the uptime utilizing third-party tools and was delighted to spot that TinkerHost delivered what it promised. There were nary noticeable downtimes oregon work disruptions during my investigating period.

On to velocity testing. Site velocity is important to the idiosyncratic acquisition and besides a important SEO ranking factor. TinkerHost promises accelerated loading speeds, and aft moving respective velocity tests connected my website, I tin corroborate that it delivers connected its word. The website load times were impressive, and I didn't acquisition immoderate slow-loading pages. Furthermore, TinkerHost uses SSD hardware, which contributes to its speedy performance.

TinkerHost premium pricing

Although TinkerHost is free, it does person premium packages that comes astatine a outgo (Image credit: TinkerHost)


Creating an relationship and hosting domains connected TinkerHost is escaped of charge. However, the escaped mentation has its limitations, specified arsenic constricted retention abstraction and bandwidth, and constricted customizations. The escaped mentation besides does not let you to usage .com, .org, .net domain extensions. So if you privation to unlock the afloat imaginable of TinkerHost, past it's worthy considering the premium plans.

TinkerHost offers 3 premium packages - Super Premium, Ultimate Premium, and VPS Server. The archetypal premium bundle disposable connected TinkerHost is the Super Premium package, which costs $4.99 each month. In this package, you get super-fast SSD servers, 250GB of bandwidth per month, latest vendor cPanel, and unlimited hits. This bundle is cleanable for tiny oregon medium-sized businesses that person high-traffic websites and request much resources and customization than the escaped mentation offers.

The Ultimate Premium bundle costs $7.99 each period and is champion suited for larger businesses oregon individuals who necessitate adjacent much resources. It includes super-fast SSD servers, unlimited bandwidth, the latest vendor cPanel, and unlimited hits. With this package, you tin make a afloat customized website to conscionable your circumstantial needs, and you don't person to interest astir bandwidth restrictions oregon dilatory leafage loading speeds.

The 3rd enactment disposable connected TinkerHost is the VPS Server, which costs $9.99 each month. This bundle is the champion prime for radical who privation basal entree to their server and much power implicit their website's resources. With this package, you get 30GB of RAID-protected storage, 125GB of bandwidth per month, accelerated Apache server, and afloat basal access. The VPS Server bundle is perfect for those with ample oregon analyzable websites that necessitate dedicated server resources and customized features.

TinkerHost power  sheet  dashboard

(Image credit: TinkerHost)


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are 1 of the biggest threats to website security, chiefly if your website is handling delicate and idiosyncratic information connected a ample scale. TinkerHost's web hosting work is equipped with cutting-edge DDoS protection. It ensures that its users are ever protected adjacent erstwhile facing a malicious onslaught from aggregate compromised machine systems. With DDoS protection, TinkerHost makes definite its servers enactment up and moving adjacent successful the lawsuit of an attack.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is simply a modular information protocol for encrypting accusation sent betwixt a web server and a user's browser. It keeps delicate accusation similar recognition paper numbers, login credentials, and different confidential accusation unafraid from hackers. TinkerHost provides a backstage SSL, which guarantees that each accusation transmitted betwixt your website and the web server is exceptionally harmless and secure. With a Private SSL, you're assured of the encryption of each information transmission, including payments and login credentials. Also, TinkerHost uses the latest SSL/TSL certificates to guarantee website security. 

SSL/TSL (Transport Layer Security) provides encryption protocols for online transactions specified arsenic recognition paper payments, delicate login information, and idiosyncratic idiosyncratic data. TLS exertion is much precocious than SSL and provides reliable information extortion for your website data. With SSL/TSL, TinkerHost offers amended extortion against imaginable information breaches, resulting successful full bid of caput for its users.

This web hosting work offers an IP blocker that provides an further furniture of extortion from imaginable cyber-attacks. An IP blocker helps you artifact malicious IP addresses and restrict entree to your website. It is simply a useful instrumentality that allows you to power entree to your server’s resources and protects your website from cyber-attacks. TinkerHost offers a broad backup strategy that automatically backs up your information to an alternate location. 

A backup strategy is captious to protecting your website's information successful the lawsuit of a information breach oregon strategy failure. It ensures that your website's information is retained and secured with a regularly scheduled backup process truthful that you tin entree and retrieve your information astatine immoderate time.

TinkerHost enactment    page

(Image credit: TinkerHost)

Customer support 

When it comes to lawsuit support, TinkerHost does not connection the accepted channels specified arsenic unrecorded chat oregon telephone support. However, this doesn't mean that enactment is non-existent. You tin entree its assemblage forums, which are unfastened to everyone, adjacent if you usage the escaped mentation of their service. The assemblage forums are populated by TinkerHost users and progressive unit members. By utilizing these forums, you tin inquire for help, get advice, and larn from different users' experiences.

It includes elaborate tutorials, FAQs, and guides to assistance you larn however to usage the  service. The forum is simply a vibrant assemblage of users, and you tin larn astir TinkerHost from the corporate acquisition of the community. 

The TinkerHost Community Forum is besides an fantabulous spot to larn astir caller features that are being rolled out. The assemblage forums are a spot wherever TinkerHost users tin stock feedback, diagnostic requests, and get assistance from the community.

Final verdict

TinkerHost is an fantabulous web hosting solution for businesses of each sizes. It offers affordable pricing, flexible plans, casual website management, and reliable uptime and leafage load speeds. With TinkerHost, you tin absorption connected increasing your concern and permission the method worldly to the experts.  

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