To the people who say "Crypto has no use," here's a list of Colleges and Universities offering blockchain and cryptocurrency courses

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One baseless assertion crypto-critics marque is that it has nary use-case, is simply a ponzi scheme, and a blockchain is simply a less-efficient database. However, erstwhile top-ranked colleges and universities connection courses connected blockchain and crypto, it leads maine to judge there's thing determination worthy exploring.

According to this study from 2018 (surely the fig is higher currently), 42% of apical 50 universities connection a people successful blockchain oregon cryptocurrencies. Here's a database of schools offering courses successful crypto that I cognize of oregon was capable to find with a speedy search, successful nary peculiar order. If you cognize of immoderate more, delight remark and I'll adhd it to the list.

  • MIT

  • Harvard

  • Cornell

  • New York University

  • Princeton

  • Columbia

  • Stanford

  • Carnegie Mellon

  • Duke

  • Georgetown

  • UC Berkeley

  • U Illinois

  • Cal Tech

  • UCLA

  • U Texas-Austin

  • UPenn

  • John Hopkins

  • Northwestern

  • University of Sydney

  • University of Edinburgh

  • National University of Singapore

  • Universidad Europea de Madrid - Spain

Obviously, this is rather a agelong list. I deliberation it's lone a substance of clip earlier we spot an detonation of adoption successful this space.

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