Today only: Don’t miss these epic Black Friday SSD deals

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Amazon Black Friday SSD deals

A solid-state thrust (SSD) is simply a large mode to support offline backups of your files and transportation enactment betwixt devices. Solid-state means nary moving parts and faster transportation times, and SSDs tin beryllium some portable oregon internal. Amazon presently has a Black Friday sale connected immoderate of the champion SSDs connected the market, though the sanction is simply a spot misleading — these deals extremity astatine midnight tonight. If you negociate to drawback them though, you tin save yourself arsenic overmuch arsenic 60% connected your caller device. There are immoderate bully HDD deals too.

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One of the astir unthinkable deals successful the merchantability is connected the SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable SSD, which is astatine an all-time debased terms of $184.99 ($275 off). This is the caller procreation of the USB-C device, offering accelerated transportation speeds of up to 1,050Mbps.

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SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable External SSD

Up to two-meter driblet extortion and IP55 h2o and particulate absorption mean this pugnacious thrust tin instrumentality a beating.

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