Too Much Turkey: 10 Recipes to Use Up the Leftovers

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Nov 29, 2019, 9:00 americium EST | 3 min read

leftover turkey casseroleLauren Sakiyama

Holiday feasting inherently demands excess. And that means the days pursuing Thanksgiving are devoted to leftover gobbler glory. Be it breakfast, lunch, oregon dinner; we’ve gathered 10 large ways to usage up the other turkey.

Turkey leftovers are abundant this clip of year, particularly if you bought a mode bigger turkey than your household could gobble down connected Thanksgiving Day. While it’s ever amusive to vigor up a blistery sheet of leftovers and conscionable recreate the repast itself, it’s adjacent much amusive to remix your turkey into caller meals altogether.

Turkey for Breakfast

Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Casserole: You’ll request immoderate other stuffing connected manus to marque this one, but the results are worthy it. And, due to the fact that it’s a casserole, it’s an fantabulous enactment for serving a crowd. That mightiness travel successful useful if you find yourself with leftover guests too!

Get the Recipe: Tastes Of Lizzy – Breakfast Casserole

Turkey Breakfast Burrito: We’re suckers for a tasty meal burrito. This one’s filled with each the unused Thanksgiving fare: mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and of course, turkey!

Get the Recipe: Food 52 – Breakfast Burritos

turkey meal  skilletMarina astatine

Leftover Turkey Breakfast Skillet: For the fried ovum aficionados, this is the post-thanksgiving meal dreams are made of. We emotion that look calls for crisping the leftover turkey too. Tt’s a large mode to adhd a small texture to the plate.

Get the Recipe: Marina Makes Blog- Turkey Breakfast Skillet

Turkey for Lunch

The classical leftover turkey sandwich is ever an option. But if you’re seeking thing special, effort a crockery oregon soup. Soups and chili lend themselves exceptionally good to freezing. And that’s a triumph successful our publication because, really, however overmuch longer bash you privation to unrecorded disconnected turkey leftovers?

Turkey Noodle Soup:  For the champion spirit possible, usage your turkey carcass to marque banal for the crockery first. Just dump the bones successful a slow-cooker overnight with 4 quarts of h2o and immoderate rootlike remnants you person connected hand. The adjacent morning, spoon disconnected the fat, strain retired the veggies and play to taste. It’s acceptable for soup!

Get the Recipe: Dinner At The Zoo’s Turkey Noodle Soup

Leftover Turkey Salad: Dare we accidental this beats the classical chickenhearted salad? Well, turkey tends to beryllium much flavorful, moister, and much tender. So. yeah, we’re saying it.

Get the Recipe: Just A Taste’s Leftover Turkey Salad

Leftover Turkey Chili: If turkey noodle crockery is excessively bland, effort retired this spicy chili for luncheon instead! Chances are you already person astir of the ingredients successful your pantry, making this an casual choice.

Get the Recipe: LIttle Broke’s Leftover Turkey Chili

Turkey for Dinner

By the clip you get to meal the time aft Thanksgiving, turkey whitethorn person go a dreaded noun. With capable creativity, though, you tin rework the vertebrate into a assortment of caller flavors and functions.

J Kenji Lopez - turkey carnitas tacos from superior   eatsJ Kenji Lopez Alt.

Leftover Turkey “Carnitas” Tacos: Because plain leftover turkey tacos would beryllium boring. This look crisps up your leftovers and seasons them with orangish and onion, creating the eventual successful turkey tacos.

Get the Recipe: Serious Eats Turkey Carnitas

Leftover Turkey Jambalaya: Zesty, spicy and afloat of flavor, this crockery is successful crisp opposition to the accepted Thanksgiving flavors.  And that’s good, due to the fact that however galore much turkey-cranberry-sage stuffing combos bash you truly privation to eat?

Get the Recipe: Spicy Southern Kitchen’s Turkey Jambalaya

Shepherd’s Pie with Turkey: If you person leftover mashed potatoes, this is the cleanable time aft Thanksgiving dinner.

Get the Recipe: Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

One-Pot Leftover Turkey and Rice Casserole: The past happening immoderate of america privation to bash aft a food-heavy vacation is much dishes. Which means it’s a cleanable clip to propulsion retired the one-pot recipes!

Get the Recipe: Leftover Turkey Casserole

The days aft vacation feasts are made for lazy lounging and casual leftover-made meals. You bought an extra-large vertebrate for a bully reason, present enactment it to use! Soup, chili, casseroles, and tacos are each large ways to makeover your turkey. So prime a look and propulsion retired the leftovers. Who knows? Your turkey mightiness beryllium adjacent amended the 2nd clip around!

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