Toshiba UK31 4K TV (43UK3163DB)

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The Toshiba UK31 is simply a good 4K TV astatine this terms constituent – it won't sound your socks off, but you arsenic won't beryllium embarrassed erstwhile you big the adjacent movie night, particularly if you tin boost its audio with a soundbar.


  • Solid representation performance
  • Sleek design
  • Budget-friendly


  • Middling audio
  • TRU Flow tin ruin non-sports content
  • Unimpressive OS

The Toshiba UK31 is simply a good 4K TV astatine this terms constituent – it won't sound your socks off, but you arsenic won't beryllium embarrassed erstwhile you big the adjacent movie night, particularly if you tin boost its audio with a soundbar.


  • + Solid representation performance
  • + Sleek design
  • + Budget-friendly
  • +
  • +


  • - Middling audio
  • - TRU Flow tin ruin non-sports content
  • - Unimpressive OS

One-minute review

The Toshiba UK31 is simply a sleek-looking 4K TV that, astatine its £379 terms tag for a 43-inch display, offers much than capable bang for its buck.

As you'd expect from a TV of this price, its audio show is thing to constitute location astir – truthful we'd urge nabbing a dependable barroom if you tin spend it – but the representation prime much than makes up for what it lacks elsewhere.

Toshiba's TRU Picture Engine bundle alongside Dolby Vision and HDR enactment ensures this acceptable delivers a crisp, creaseless representation with decent opposition that is definite to heighten your viewing acquisition adjacent clip you binge a TV show.

Though if you similar watching the latest hits from Disney Plus oregon Apple TV Plus marque definite to drawback a streaming instrumentality archetypal (such arsenic a Chromecast oregon Fire TV Stick) arsenic the UK31's astute level is lacking respective cardinal services.

Gamers whitethorn besides privation to shy distant from this TV arsenic the HDMI 2.0 ports are the champion this TV offers meaning the representation prime output from your favourite console volition beryllium capped astatine conscionable 4K/60fps adjacent if your high-end rig tin bash better.

Price and availability

The Toshiba UK31 is connected merchantability close present successful the UK – and it comes successful some 43-inch oregon 58-inch sizes.

We tested the 43-inch mentation which costs £379, portion the 58-inch mentation sells for £529, however, we've already seen it sold for less. During the 2021 Black Friday income we did spot this TV driblet down to £329 / £449, truthful if you're not hopeless to upgrade your location cinema close present you mightiness privation to hold for the adjacent income play and nab this TV astatine a bargain.

If you're successful the US you mightiness alternatively privation to cheque retired the Toshiba C350 - portion it doesn't travel with identical specs, you'll find galore comparable features astatine astir the aforesaid terms constituent arsenic this UK31 set.

Toshiba UK31 distant    control

(Image credit: Future)


  • Sleek design
  • Wide foot
  • Annoying powerfulness light

The Toshiba UK31 has a sleek framework and plan that doesn’t springiness disconnected the content this is simply a fund TV – though determination are inactive a fewer issues with the set's appearance. 

It's supported by a azygous ample basal that provides much than capable support, but the transportation betwixt the surface and basal is simply a small flimsier than we'd like. While we've had nary issues the acceptable tin beryllium rocked successful spot a spot excessively easy leaving america disquieted it mightiness travel escaped from the base.

Additionally, the basal isn't peculiarly tall. Generally, this won't beryllium an contented but if you program to usage a soundbar you mightiness find it volition get successful the mode of the surface unless you tin elevate your TV a small much – oregon simply wall-mount it.

The main gripe we person with the TV's design, though, is the greenish powerfulness airy astatine the basal of the screen. While we did yet larn to disregard it, the airy is agleam and much eye-catching than we would similar during use, particularly if you similar to crook down different lights successful the country to heighten the interaction of your TV screen.

Toshiba UK31 broadside  profile

(Image credit: Toshiba)

As for ports, you'll find 3 HDMI 2.0 ports that enactment 4K astatine 60Hz. One of these ports supports eARC for connecting a dependable bar. You'll besides find an Ethernet, a integer optical output and a USB larboard truthful you link a multitude of devices.

The distant power is thing to constitute location astir but volition get the occupation done. It has a modular array of buttons to transportation retired the TV's functions arsenic good arsenic shortcuts that volition springiness you speedy entree to the Prime Video and Netflix streaming services.

Smart TV

  • Easy to usage interface
  • Amazon Alexa dependable adjunct built-in
  • No autochthonal Disney Plus oregon Apple TV Plus

The Toshiba UK31’s OS is decidedly the country wherever this acceptable performs weakest.

While the TV's interface is casual to navigate a large contented you'll announcement retired of the gross is that immoderate cardinal streaming apps are missing. You tin entree Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, but there’s nary Disney Plus oregon Apple TV Plus (and euphony lovers volition announcement that Spotify is absent arsenic well).

Given that these are immoderate of the astir fashionable services retired determination offering large shows similar The Mandolarian and Ted Lasso, it’s not conscionable disappointing but astonishing that you can’t entree them natively done this TV.

On apical of that, the Alexa integration isn’t overmuch to constitute location about. If you are heavy successful the Amazon ecosystem, you should get immoderate further functionality by connected to compatible Alexa products. However, the built-in Alexa enactment for the UK31 isn't rather arsenic polished arsenic successful much premium TVs, the dependable adjunct often reacting adjacent erstwhile we haven't said ‘Hey Alexa’. You can, however, crook the astute adjunct disconnected entirely.

Toshiba UK31 TV connected  show  successful  a surviving  country   surrounded by modern   furniture

(Image credit: Toshiba)

Picture performance

  • TRU Picture Engine boosts performance
  • Crisp 4K image
  • TRU Flow is large for sports, but not everything else

Thankfully the Toshiba UK31 does good wherever it counts – it’s representation show is fantabulous erstwhile compared to different budget-friendly sets.

This TV’s 4K representation is crisp and clear, and acknowledgment to this set’s Dolby Vision and HDR10 codecs the colors are agleam and vivid. The middling brightness means the UK31 can't vie with higher-end sets, but you're getting a coagulated representation output for the price. 

This is simply a inexpensive 4K TV, but 1 that does negociate to upscale lower-res contented admirably, portion Toshiba's TRU Flow exertion ensures smooth, judder-free images for fast-paced sports matches and the like.

Lastly, TRU Micro Dimming lends a manus astatine improving this TV’s contrast. While you’ll get a overmuch amended show retired of OLED screens – which excel astatine delivering chiseled achromatic levels – the UK31’s Micro Dimming tech does amended the depiction of acheronian scenes, beyond what you mightiness expect astatine this terms point.

The lone contented we had with the TRU motor is that TRU Flow would crook itself connected excessively often for our tastes – and tin springiness what you're watching a spot of an unnatural feel.

Toshiba UK31 ports connected  its backmost  side

(Image credit: Future)

Audio performance

  • Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio Codec
  • Audio is sufficient, if underwhelming
  • You wouldn't regret buying a soundbar

While you won’t beryllium blown distant by the audio that the UK31 tin produce, the dependable prime of its 20W talker strategy is much than capable to get the occupation done for those connected a choky budget.

Bass is rather light, but the mids and highs clasp up capable to guarantee each country is audible – clear, if not overly impactful. If you’re conscionable looking to footwear backmost and unbend portion watching mundane TV, you’ll beryllium plentifulness blessed with what you get.

But, if you tin spend to splash retired connected a soundbar past you’ll beryllium treated to a large boost successful performance. 

One of the cardinal reasons for this is that this UK31 comes equipped with the Dolby Atmos codec. The autochthonal speakers aren’t susceptible of putting this to bully use, but a half-decent soundbar decidedly tin – giving your TV’s audio show a large measurement up that would rival a much high-end home cinema setup.

Should I bargain the Toshiba UK31 4K LCD TV?

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Don't bargain it if...

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