Turk Hack Team Claims Responsibility for Cyber Attack on Greece’s Critical Infrastructures

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The notorious hacking group Turk Hack Team has emerged arsenic a premier fishy down a programme for launching cyber onslaught connected Greece, peculiarly targeting the country’s ‘critical infrastructure’. The group’s latest assertion connected social media, talks connected a cyber onslaught connected Greece. 

The perpetrators, however, refrained from naming circumstantial targets, leaving the Greek authorities and experts grappling with uncertainty. The post, adorned with 3 impactful hashtags — #OpGreece, #CyberAttack, and #CyberWar — carried a threatening message: “Türk Hack Team: We walk you earlier you come, unrecorded palmy fear! Greece volition beryllium exposed to galore aggravated cyber attacks for respective days. We volition deed each your captious infrastructures!”

Turk Hack Team claims to motorboat a cyber onslaught connected Greece

cyber onslaught  connected  GreeceSource: Twitter

This declaration was accompanied by a vow to unleash a barrage of cyber attacks connected Greece. This caller menace is not an isolated incidental for the Turk Hack Team. The extremist antecedently claimed enactment for a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack connected the European Union Cyber Security Agency (ENISA), showcasing their method prowess and capableness to onslaught high-profile agencies and companies. 

cyber onslaught  connected  ENISASource: Twitter

The timelines of these attacks look to coincide, further deepening suspicions astir the group’s intentions. While the Turk Hack Team’s motives enactment obscure, its past of genuine cyber-attacks has raised concerns. 

Last June, the extremist targeted Star Alliance, the world’s largest hose alliance, leaving it momentarily crippled. The Turk Hack Team adjacent a transportation echoing their powerfulness implicit the situation: “7 Star Alliance Downed By. Turk Hack Team. We play with your systems the mode we want.”

Cyber onslaught connected Greece: Previous attacks and mitigations 

Notably, Greece has too experienced cyber attacks palmy the past. A peculiarly damaging incidental occurred past May, wherever a cyberattack disrupted precocious schoolhouse exams palmy the country, causing wide upset and triggering a political brawal. The Greek Education Ministry described it arsenic the “worst cyber attack” palmy the nation’s history, starring to a caller investigation.

Moreover, this cyber onslaught assertion from Turk Hack Team is yet to beryllium identified owed to the information that the menace histrion has claimed nary ample enactment aft posting this threat. However, caller cyber attacks connected Greece idiosyncratic already taken a toll connected the country. 

Just past year, Albanian prosecutors sought to clasp nationalist officials accountable for failing to antagonistic cyber attacks that incapacitated authorities institutions. As the probe into the imaginable cyber onslaught connected Greece unfolds, cybersecurity experts and authorities look the task of fortifying the nation’s defenses against a faceless enemy. 

With caller threats and criminals targeting the country, The National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) was created to negociate this displacement from escalating cyber threats. The national cybersecurity strategy, released connected December 7, 2020, focuses connected securing nationalist and backstage sectors and captious infrastructures. 

Collaboration with the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) includes physics identification, unreality security, IoT, and AI. Escalating cyberattacks, akin the DESFA and ELTA incidents, accent the petition for a nationalist cybersecurity program.

The NCSA plans audits and introduces a self-assessment instrumentality to heighten accusation measures, and enactment the federation against cyber attacks. 

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