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The caller iPhone 15 models are astir present -- preorders started connected Sept. 15 and the phones volition deed Apple stores this Friday, Sept. 22. If you're not upgrading your iPhone this year, however, you mightiness privation to optimize your artillery usage truthful that your existent iPhone feels a spot much similar new.

Most iPhone artillery issues tin beryllium prevented by taking a fewer elemental steps -- usage "optimized charging," avoid overheating your iPhone and don't fto the artillery drain to zero.

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However, on with those iPhone artillery champion practices, determination are a fig of different battery-saving tips for iOS 16 and iOS 17 that are little evident but tin assistance you support your iPhone's artillery live longer.

In this story, we'll screen 2 features successful iOS 16 and iOS 17 that some enactment a strain connected your iPhone's artillery successful varying degrees, and however you tin crook them disconnected to assistance sphere artillery life. Here's what you request to know.

And if you privation immoderate much artillery savings tips and tricks, cheque retired how to halt inheritance apps from refreshing and how to regenerate your iPhone's artillery (cheaper than Apple).

Remove widgets from your iPhone fastener screen

All the widgets connected your fastener surface unit your apps to automatically tally successful the background, perpetually fetching information to update the accusation the widgets display, similar sports scores oregon the weather. And due to the fact that these apps are perpetually moving successful the inheritance owed to your widgets, that means they continuously drain power.

If you privation to assistance sphere immoderate artillery connected iOS 17, the champion happening to bash is simply debar widgets connected your fastener surface (and location screen). The easiest mode to bash this is to power to different fastener surface illustration -- property your digit down connected your existing fastener surface and past swipe astir to take 1 that doesn't person immoderate widgets.

However, if you privation to conscionable region the widgets from your existing fastener screen, property down connected your fastener screen, deed Customize, take the Lock Screen option, pat connected the widget container and past deed the "—" button connected each widget to region them.

How to delete Lock Screen widgets connected  iOS 16

If you're already debased connected battery, it's champion to conscionable power to a wallpaper that doesn't person fastener surface widgets.

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Turn disconnected your iPhone's haptic keyboard feedback

Surprisingly, the keyboard connected the iPhone has ne'er had the quality to vibrate arsenic you type, an summation called "haptic feedback" that was added to iPhone with iOS 16. Instead of conscionable proceeding click-clack sounds, haptic feedback gives each cardinal a vibration, providing a much immersive acquisition arsenic you type. However, according to Apple, the precise aforesaid diagnostic whitethorn besides impact artillery life.

According to this Apple enactment page astir the keyboard, haptic feedback "might impact the artillery beingness of your iPhone." No specifics are fixed arsenic to however overmuch artillery beingness the keyboard diagnostic does drain, but if you privation to conserve battery, it's champion to support this diagnostic disabled.

Fortunately, it is not connected by default. If you've enabled it successful yourself, spell to SettingsSounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and toggle off Haptic to crook disconnected haptic feedback for your keyboard.

Haptic feedback mounting  for keyboard connected  iOS 16

Every azygous clip you type, you'll consciousness a flimsy vibration for each cardinal you hit.

Screenshots by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

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