Twitter’s closed caption toggle is now available on iOS and Android

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Twitter has announced that a fastener to toggle captions for its video subordinate is present disposable for everyone connected iOS and Android. The button, which shows up successful the top-right country of the video if it has captions available, lets you take whether you privation to spot written descriptions. Twitter started investigating this diagnostic successful April, but it was lone disposable to a constricted fig of iPhone users.

For years, whether subtitles amusement up oregon not connected your mobile instrumentality has been determined by a assortment of factors, similar if you’ve turned closed captions connected successful your phone’s accessibility settings, oregon if you’re watching the video with your dependable off. While those are inactive taken into account, present you tin easy crook them connected oregon disconnected whenever you want, conscionable similar you already could connected Twitter’s website and galore different video platforms.

The prime is present yours: the closed caption toggle is present disposable for everyone connected iOS and Android!

Tap the “CC” fastener connected videos with disposable captions to crook the captions off/on.

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) June 23, 2022

If you privation to spot an illustration of the toggle, you tin cheque retired The Verge’s tweet with a trailer for our Netflix show, which has a captions record attached. Staff members present were capable to spot the toggle connected some iPhones and Android phones, though it could beryllium a spot glitchy — sometimes captions simply wouldn’t appear, and pressing the fastener occasionally froze the video.

What if we could look into the aboriginal and spot however exertion volition alteration everything — from raising pets and houseplants to however we dress, eat, date, and adjacent however we die. Our caller docuseries The Future Of is premiering connected @Netflix connected June 21st

— The Verge (@verge) June 13, 2022

In an email to The Verge, Twitter spokesperson Shaokyi Amdo said the fastener “will lone amusement up connected videos with captions already available, and is not related to the automated caption system.” Hopefully, the toggle being disposable to everyone volition promote anyone uploading a video to Twitter to see adding captions.

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