Ubuntu 21.10 Arrives With a Customized GNOME 40 Desktop

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If you’re an Ubuntu user, oregon idiosyncratic who’s reasoning astir giving it a try, contiguous is simply a bully day. Canonical has officially released Ubuntu 21.10 with a customized GNOME 40 desktop and plentifulness of different features and goodies that’ll marque you privation to download it close now.

There’s a batch of caller worldly successful Ubuntu 21.10, and our Linux adept Dave McKay broke it each down successful a station explaining what’s caller in Impish Indri. The salient diagnostic that stands retired is the customized GNOME 40 desktop, but there’s a batch to beryllium intrigued by.

With Ubuntu 21.10’s mentation of GNOME 40, alternatively of seeing the Activities View erstwhile you log in, you’ll spot your accustomed desktop, conscionable similar erstwhile versions of Ubuntu, which should make a much comfy experience.

Of course, you tin inactive entree the Activities View, which is simply a captious portion of the GNOME 40 experience.

There’s a batch caller successful GNOME 40 that the latest mentation of Ubuntu takes vantage of. For a afloat breakdown of everything caller successful GNOME 40, cheque retired our guide. Overall, it looks similar it makes navigating the OS a cleaner, much streamlined experience.

There’s plentifulness of breathtaking caller worldly successful Ubuntu 21.10 for you to explore. However, our ain Dave McKay isn’t truthful definite that this update is needed for everyone. For users who are blessed with LTS who aren’t having issues, McKay thinks upgrading mightiness not beryllium worthwhile, particularly erstwhile you see that there’s immoderate hazard that comes with updating Ubuntu.

In the end, it’s up to you to determine whether it’s worthy your time. There’s immoderate hazard progressive and the caller features aren’t precisely rewriting the publication connected what we expect from Ububtu, but the update is disposable to download from the Ubuntu Release page close present if you privation it.

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