"Unsupported" Windows 11 Machines Will Get Updates After All---For Now

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Oct 14, 2021, 12:36 p.m. EDT | 1 min read

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It’s nary concealed that determination are strict hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11, but backmost successful August, Microsoft confirmed users could manually instal it connected “unsupported machines.” The lone problem, though, is that those devices would not get bundle oregon information updates.

Some users received a pop-up model portion moving the OS asking them to motion a waiver acknowledging imaginable damages to their PC owed to a deficiency of compatibility with updates. Microsoft states thing akin successful its support leafage documents. It’s a messy situation, but we person bully news.

This week connected Tuesday, October 12 (Patch Tuesday,) Microsoft released the archetypal authoritative Windows 11 spot and a slew of updates, and everyone got them. That includes each those “unsupported” laptops and PCs that manually installed the update, according to MSPoweruser.


It looks similar this archetypal afloat patch had updates to Microsoft Defender Antivirus, the .NET Framework, and the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool updates, and astir users received it. This is decidedly bully news, but don’t get excessively comfortable, and don’t instrumentality this quality arsenic being harmless to instal Windows 11 connected an unsupported device.

There’s nary warrant that aboriginal updates volition beryllium disposable to unsupported devices. This could beryllium the archetypal and lone 1 sent retired since it’s the archetypal large patch, oregon there’s a bully accidental Microsoft hasn’t figured retired the champion mode to forestall updates from going to unsupported systems.

What this could mean is that Microsoft volition proceed sending retired updates similar usual, but unsupported systems aren’t guaranteed to get said updates. Either way, it’s bully quality to spot each Windows 11 machines getting the archetypal circular of updates, but we’ll person to support an oculus connected the concern and spot however things advancement with aboriginal releases.

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