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Not everyone needs to download the latest bundle update connected their iPhone.

Apple announced the merchandise day for iOS 17 during its Wonderlust event past Tuesday, alongside the iPhone 15 series, the Apple Watch Series 9 and the second-generation Apple Watch Ultra. iOS 17 will beryllium available to everyone with a compatible iPhone connected Monday, Sept. 18. But conscionable due to the fact that it's disposable does that mean you should instal it connected your phone? 

In this communicative I'll look astatine a fewer reasons wherefore you whitethorn not privation to update to iOS 17 conscionable yet and alternatively fto others instrumentality it for an aboriginal spin.

If you cognize you privation iOS 17, cheque out how to download iOS 17 connected the day of its release, arsenic good arsenic each the cool hidden iOS 17 settings and features you tin expect to find.

Your iPhone artillery mightiness drain faster than usual

There truly isn't a azygous wide crushed wherefore artillery drain occurs close aft a large bundle update similar iOS 17, but it happens to immoderate radical beauteous overmuch each year. 

If your artillery wellness level is already successful atrocious signifier (Settings > Battery > Battery Health), you mightiness privation to refrain from updating to iOS 17 for a bit.

Here are a mates of reasons wherefore iOS 17 mightiness beryllium draining your battery:

  • Your telephone is moving overtime successful the background. New features, specified arsenic the improved hunt diagnostic successful Messages oregon Live Stickers for your photos, whitethorn request to scale your files to enactment properly.
  • Your apps don't enactment iOS 17. Developers are fixed plentifulness of clip to update their apps to the latest iPhone software, but if they don't, the apps could drain much artillery due to the fact that they're outdated.

And of course, there's ever the flimsy accidental of bundle bugs that could beryllium eating up your artillery beingness successful the background.

A close-up of a charging cablegram  adjacent  to an iPhone Lightning port

You whitethorn request to complaint your telephone much often due to the fact that of caller software.

Stephen Shankland/CNET

Even if you hold for aboriginal iOS 17 updates, you whitethorn inactive brushwood immoderate artillery drain for the archetypal fewer days, but that mostly disappears erstwhile your iPhone gets settled with the bundle update. 

Your older iPhone mightiness get truly slow

Just due to the fact that your iPhone supports iOS 17 doesn't needfully mean the caller OS volition tally smoothly connected your device. An older iPhone model, similar the iPhone XS or iPhone 11 Pro might conflict to support up with iOS 17's demands, owed to small storage, debased RAM oregon an older chipset.

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You mightiness brushwood bugs that tin origin issues connected your iPhone

No substance however polished a bundle update whitethorn seem, a fewer bugs are bound to gaffe done the cracks. It's wherefore Apple sometimes releases a "point update" soon aft a large update, to hole issues like:

  • Battery drain.
  • Lag.
  • Apps force-closing.
  • Phone restarting.
  • Unusable features.

If you're acrophobic astir perchance facing issues specified arsenic these, you whitethorn privation to hold until immoderate imaginable large bugs are squashed successful consequent iOS 17 updates.

You mightiness not get each the caller iOS 17 features you privation anyway

Not each iPhone moving iOS 17 volition get each the caller features, particularly older models similar the iPhone XR and iPhone 11. Below you'll find immoderate of the features that aren't supported connected each devices moving iOS 17:

  • Hand reactions successful FaceTime: iPhone 12 and later.
  • FaceTime connected Apple TV: iPhone XS/XR and later.
  • Improved autocorrect: iPhone 12 and later.
  • Predictions inline arsenic you type: iPhone 12 and later.

If you were looking guardant to immoderate of these features but can't get them due to the fact that of your older iPhone, you mightiness privation to skip retired connected iOS 17.

facetime connected  tv   screen

FaceTime connected Apple TV isn't supported connected each iPhones moving iOS 17.

Apple; screenshot by James Martin/CNET

For the astir part, you should astir apt update to iOS 17

Regardless of immoderate hesitations you mightiness have, if you bash privation to leap in, determination are plentifulness of reasons to conscionable spell up and update to iOS 17. Aside from each the caller features you whitethorn payment from, Apple's large bundle updates whitethorn hole bugs and different issues successful erstwhile iterations.

However, large updates don't conscionable hole issues, they besides bring caller privateness and information settings that amended your information and amended support your idiosyncratic information.

On iOS 17, you person a fewer large privateness and information features to look guardant to:

  • Sensitive contented warning: You tin toggle connected a mounting to blur delicate photos and videos sent to you. This diagnostic works successful Messages, AirDrop, Contact Posters, FaceTime messages and third‑party applications.
  • Improved permissions: Applications fto you take which photos you privation to stock in-app, portion the remainder of them are kept private. Also, an exertion tin adhd an lawsuit to your calendar without being capable to spot your different events.
  • Expanded Lockdown Mode: The caller and improved Lockdown Mode increases information to assistance support you against more-sophisticated cyberattacks. It adjacent works connected your Apple Watch now.
Apple security

Apple is taking a caller attack to information with Lockdown Mode.

James Martin/CNET

And past determination are each the caller accessibility features, which tin beryllium incredibly beneficial to those with disabilities:

  • Personal Voice: An AI diagnostic that allows you to clone your dependable and usage it via type-to-speak to pass with others.
  • Assistive Access: Simplifies everything connected your phone, making it easier to use.

For more, cheque retired what the iPhone 15 mightiness archer america astir aboriginal phones and how the Apple Watch Series 9 compares to older models.

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